Adidas Women’s Kaptir Super Running Shoe Review

Today we will review the Adidas Women’s Kaptir Super Running Shoe. We make the judgment on eight different criteria.

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Level of Comfort for Adidas Women’s Kaptir Super Running Shoe

Let’s begin with criteria number one; comfort level. To test the comfort level of all the boots and shoes that I reviewed, I do a three-mile run nonstop and then a five-mile walk nonstop, with no pauses. And then, I continue wearing the shoes for the rest of the day so that the total wear time is about 8 hours, and overall, I do like the comfort level of these shoes. There are a few pluses, and there are a few minuses, but let’s start with the first factor contributing to the comfort level that will be the weight.

This is a size ten, 10.8 ounces; pretty good weight. So, if you are looking for something lightweight, you’re looking for stuff that is under 20 ounces. Whenever it comes to running shoes, something under 15 ounces, I would say around 10 to 12 ounces is excellent.

A few other things contribute to the comfort level: the flexibility of the outsole, and it is highly flexible. It is highly adaptable, but it also creases in a perfect spot. The fabric is super soft, so you don’t actually have any pressure points forming at the top when running. It definitely contributes to the comfort level.

Let’s move on to the inner sole. If you remove it, you can see the cloud foam inner sole they use on many of their running shoes, and it’s excellent. Actually, it’s very soft, very pleasant to the touch, and spongy. There isn’t much. There is no arch support or heel support or heal bed. Not a big deal, but once you remove the inner sole, you have another layer of that jelly.

The material is outstanding overall; however, whenever it comes through to the whole padding, there isn’t much, and that’s a little bit of a downside. There isn’t really no padding in the shaft. There’s a little bit of padding at the back of the heel support, which is pretty good, but there isn’t much padding in the tongue and throughout the whole shoe.

Although this material is very soft, comfortable, and slightly on the stretchy side, some people like it, and some don’t like it. It really is up to your very personal preferences so that I will leave my opinion. I’m not a fan of the stretchy like that material because you have a little bit of the wobble. It’s just a little bit easier to get off balance. But again, as I said, it’s a personal preference. So overall, on the comfort, it is pretty good.

Proofing and Protection

Let’s move on to criteria number two; proofing and protection. These are not waterproof. There isn’t really any protection. Don’t drop anything as you don’t have any ankle coverage and no heel protection. And I mean, from the bottom, you do have a little bit of protection with the outsole, but it’s so soft that if you step on anything sharp, it will go right through. Be careful; hopefully, you’re running in just safe spots in the city on a nice paved trail. That’s really what it is for. Nothing off-trail. Nothing that risks that you can step on something sharp.

Quality and Design Features for Adidas Women’s Kaptir Super Running Shoe

Let’s move on to criteria number three; quality and the design features. Usually, I talk about the lacing system. I am not a fan of the lacing system here. I do like the thick round strings, but they don’t make sense here, in my opinion. Also, the hooks are supposed to work like a pooling system, but it does not. It just adds resistance when you’re tightening the shoe.

It’s a pain to tighten the shoe properly. It constantly switches. You have to retighten the top part and retighten until the bottom. It’s a little bit weird, and this is my biggest complaint about the lacing system.

Traction and Stability

So if you’re running in the city streets or paved trails, you will be fine. Anything other than that, you will be in trouble. Usually, I test my sneakers, shoes, boots, whatever on various services such as tarmac, grass, rocky road, and marble tile. It is very slippery on the wet grass and slippery on marble and tile. City streets and paved trails are fine; you are in trouble with anything else. These are not designed to be anything other than excellent paved city trails in the parks or something like that.


These are not waterproof and not insulated. These are running shoes, but they are pretty breathable whenever it comes to hot temperatures. But keep in mind they do run a little bit on the warmer side just because of the fabric itself because it kind of creates that feel you were wearing a wool sweater or something like that, so keep that in mind.

Probably be suitable for Spring or Fall, but I would not want to wear this on hot summer days, and I would not want to run in this.

Shoe Sizing for Adidas Women’s Kaptir Super Running Shoe

OK, let’s move on to the criteria number six; sizing. Yes, these are true to the size and fit nicely. Let’s move on to criteria number 7; survival suitability.

Survival Suitability

So if this really was your survival sneaker. Something terrible happened, and you put that on. Or maybe you were already wearing it as you were running. You were doing your run somewhere in the park in the city, and something terrible happened. I don’t know whatever your imagination is like during the war. It sounds kind of probably already happening, but anyway, and you were surviving right now, you had to run nonstop. I’m no longer freaking tired because I have all this adrenaline, and I have to run to my fiancé and pick her up because she’s like by herself, so I don’t know, please use your imagination.

Would this be good? If you’re running through the city streets, you have to run as far as possible. This will be obviously pretty good on the city street, but anything on the trail. Keep that in mind. Adidas could have done a better job with the shoe’s outsole. They could have done it a bit friendlier with anything other than asphalt, concrete, and tarmac, but it is what it is. These are running shoes, so I guess I can’t complain that much.

Price Point

The very last criteria here is criteria number eight; the price. Currently, Adidas Women’s Kaptir Super Running Shoe is priced at $69 on Amazon. I have another complaint because you can get a much better sneaker with a much better outsole with a much better everything else from Under Armour for like $50. It’s going to be a way better running shoe than this. The price dropped from around $99 when it was launched and fell to $69 when I wrote this review.

My Final Verdict

For $69, I recommend the Adidas Women’s Kaptir Super Running Shoe for those actively running in the city, but if you are more into trail running, I would not recommend it because it is not designed for the trail.