AIPER Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Pool Vacuum with

Inside the box, you can find a bag that contains the manual or instructions and a little floating handle which you can tie this string to the cleaner and then the handle will follow the cleaner. Then when it’s time to get the cleaner out of the pool, you just grab that and pull it yourself instead of having to get in get wet, and you know to get the cleaner, so that’s pretty handy. Then, we got a charge cord in here. We will have to charge this thing before we get it out in the pool to start cleaning.

Besides the cleaner itself, we have a brush that will attach to the bottom of it, and then, of course, we have the rockstar itself, the Apier Smart Robotic Cordless Cleaner, and that is it inside the box.

I want to show you guys how you charge this. There is a little cap on top that you just pull off, and then you get your power supply here, and you line up the little ridge there, and you just push that in and then, of course, you need to plug it into a wall.

If you reach on both sides of it and kind of pull out, feel these little clamps, and it just lifts off, you’re going to be taking that off, and you’ll notice a filter there. You can remove this lift up and remove the tiny filter screen, and this is where all your leaves, bugs and dirt and all that stuff in your pool that you don’t want. You can just dump it out, and then you’d put the filter back on. Then you’d put the body back on, charge it up, and then it would be ready for the next go-around. Turn it ON and get a good little snap in there. That’s how you are sure that it is back on now.

The little brush that I showed you in the picture above is where it goes; you’ll turn this over, and then you’ll notice this little ridge with these tiny holes. Then if you look on the bottom of your brush, there are these parts that will fit into that spot and that just kind of snaps in there nice and neat. It’s removable, so you could take it out, clean it off, and then put it back on, but you need to make sure you have this brush on when you run your pool cleaner.

Before turning this Apier Smart Robotic Cordless Cleaner ON, you’ll notice that you get a couple of swing plates, and we need to install them. So you just push it right here, and then you’ll hear a slight pop little click, and now your swing plate is successfully installed.
Another thing we need to make sure we do before you launch it in the pool; on each end, we have a nozzle, and according to the instructions, it’s saying that you want to set it depending on the size and shape of the pool. So, you’re going to want to put one of them at 20 per cent and leave the other one at 0, and what that does is this is what propels what pushes the water to make the to make it go and so by turning it to 20, you’re always going to get a slight 20 angle turn. That way, it is sure to you know not just go in straight lines back and forth. So, it’s kind of experimental if you have like a round-shaped pool, you might want to set one on 20 and the other on 20. So, you have to play with it as far as these nozzles go, and you will get it figured out.

Then, turn the Apier Smart Robotic Cordless Pool Cleaner upside down to see the bottom of the suction area to where the leaves and dirt, bugs and stuff like that will get sucked into the bottom of the Apier Smart Robotic Cordless Cleaner. Just make sure the component is intact and placed firmly.

Let’s get outside and get it to cleaning so now we can test whether this robot can clean the poo. Beside the charge socket, there’s a tiny nozzle, and you’ll notice when you look closer, it says ON and OFF. You will see a blue light when you flip the switch to ON. Now we’re going to grab it, and I’m just going to let it sink in the pool, lower it slowly until it is on all four wheels at the bottom of the pool. You will see that the robot cleaner will start moving and hopefully collect many dirt, bugs and leaves. It is best to let it clean for one hour or so.
I forgot to mention that this thing will run for 90 minutes, aka an hour and a half, for a full charge (3-4 hours) which is pretty impressive.

This thing isn’t wasn’t made in mind for big old huge swimming pools. They made it kind of for, you know, small to mid-sized swimming pools. So I would categorize my pool, as you know, medium-sized swimming pool and let’s open it up and to see how much you know dirt leaves or bugs or anything like that is in it.

One other thing to that I wear a white silicone wedding band, and when I was swimming, it fell off. I don’t have any goggles, so I can’t see if I can find them. There may be a chance that this thing picked it up, so I saw some dirt and stuff inside the filter when I opened it up. Amazingly, it found the silicone band proving an excellent automatic pool cleaner robot. if you uh maybe if you lose some small jewellery or something and you can’t find it the Apier Smart Robotic Cordless Cleaner may just find it for you.

I find the floating handle is handy as whenever I get home and grab this handle that, as you can see, floats, and then he can pull the vacuum up to me without having to get in and get wet. It does a great job of just picking up that annoying little dirt, bugs, leaves, and all that unwanted debris in your pool, and it’s straightforward to use, so I would highly encourage you to pick it up at a very affordable price.

After a month of using it, I will update this posting to see how it performs, mainly on the battery performance and cleaning efficiency.