Binxy Baby Hammock for Shopping Cart

This is one of the favorite baby product reviews that I will do. By the title of this review, it will be a review on the Binxy Baby Hammock for Shopping Cart, one of my favorite baby products. So, a little back story, I had put this product on my baby registry when we were expecting, and I had many people. It was funny, too, because people who were not moms commented on how interesting a product looked, like a shopping cart hammock; who really needs that.

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Besides the baby crib and car seat, it is the third most used item in our home for baby products. We had used this shopping cart hammock so frequently when my baby, Cooper, was a newborn. He’s 14 months now, but Dan was an infant. I needed to go to a supermarket or the pharmacy and pick up medication because I had just given birth. I needed to pick some groceries up at the store, and it was our first time bringing a baby into a store before, and we both got out of the car as if nothing had changed—no big deal.

How many times in our lives have we walked into a store, you know, and ran this errand, and we went to go open the door to the car where Cooper was, and we stopped dead in our tracks, and we looked at each other. And as first-time parents, we said, what do we? Put him in. We instantly realized that we could keep him in his car seat and bring in the stroller. But if I’m alone, I’m going to be pushing around a shopping cart and the stroller at the same time. And then we knew it wasn’t safe to take the car seat and put it on top of the car. Kind of like you see as parents do. Sometimes it’s just not a safe thing to do. It’s become increasingly dangerous and like a no in the mom world.

Do you ever put your car seat on top of the shopping cart? We know where the car seat is, so that wasn’t an option. And then we thought, OK, well, we could just put the car seat inside the main basket of the shopping cart, but you can fit maybe one item, one to two things in there. And if you need toilet paper, water bottles, or paper towels, you’re out of luck because you’re not getting it. After all, your baby will be taking up all that space. So it was like this moment where we just kind of stood there and didn’t know what to do, and we ended up bringing his big baby jogger stroller into the store. There’s Dan with the cart and me pushing the stroller.

When you’re out and about with your delicate baby, you want to be comfortable and safe. A baby shopping cart hammock is a great way to keep them happy and secure during your grocery shop.

There are some critical differences between the Binxy Baby hammock and baby stroller that you should consider before deciding.

Benefits of Binxy Baby Hammock for Shopping Cart

  • It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around while shopping at the store

  • It has a large storage area underneath where you can store your items while shopping

  • You can easily pull out the bottom section of the hammock if you need more space for groceries or other items when at home

-The Baby Shopping Cart Hammock is a safe and comfortable way to keep your baby secure while grocery shopping.

  • It’s super easy to install. Just pop it over the shopping cart handle and secure it with the safety strap. It takes less than two seconds!

-It has a sturdy frame that attaches easily to your shopping cart, keeping your baby secure and safe while shopping.

-The hammock is made of breathable mesh that keeps your baby cool during hot days of summer or cold winter days when you take them with you on errands.

-It’s easy to clean. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth or mild soap and water.

-Holds up to 50 lbs of weight, so it’s perfect for your baby.

-Can be used with any shopping cart.

-It comes in multiple colors to look good with any outfit or style; plus, there’s no need for additional accessories like covers or pillows because it works as both a seat cover and pillow!

It just didn’t work, and I remembered that I had put this item on our baby list, and I instantly went home when Hooper was like three weeks old; I purchased a Binxy baby hammock. It was the best purchase I ever made. Watching our daily blogs lets, you know that we are constantly out and about. Let’s face it; there’s nothing glamorous about shopping with kids. We get it by the time you load up the shopping cart with a bulky baby carrier and possibly another TOT or two. There’s little room left for your prize; groceries and chocolate.

The baby shopping cart hammock is a must-have for any parent who shops with their little one. With this handy baby hammock, you can put your baby in the shopping cart to save space in the shopping cart. Binxy Baby hammock is ideal for parents who are always on the go and need to fit all their groceries into one place.

The hammock is made from 100% cotton and features a safety belt that keeps your child falling. The hammock has a strap on either side to attach it securely to any shopping cart handle. You can also use it as a standard seat cushion for your baby or toddler at home or outdoors when they’re playing in their stroller or car seat.

And we can set up the comfy Binxy Baby hammock quickly and easily clip onto most shopping carts. It hangs elevated, so you have plenty of room for groceries, then roll up to fit in your purse or diaper bag. It provides your baby with a space-saving, safe, and comfortable seat to lounge blissfully while you scratch through your To-Do List without breaking a sweat.

There are clips at the edge, this is a hook right there, so it fits perfectly onto the edge of the shopping cart, and you just clip it on, and you then take the Velcro, put it around the shopping cart, and then you can put the baby directly in there. It has a belt for safety. Please make sure you always use the safety belt because you know babies are wiggly no matter what age they are, so always be safe and make sure you have them buckled in. The baby hammock also has a clip to attach the car seat to it, so you can also use this with a car seat.

The Binxy Baby hammock holds up to 50 pounds, so it would be the car seat and the baby that came in handy because Cooper was born in September, and it got cold fast, and I didn’t want to take my newborn baby out of the car seat and then put blankets on him. So, all we had to do was just take the car seat out and put him right into the Binxy Baby hammock. I’ll be honest. I first thought placing a car seat on the Binxy baby hammock was iffy. It just didn’t seem like it would hold. I promise you it is so secure and structured, and the strap and the car seat will anchor on both points of the shopping cart. So, you have a very firm base and flat base and then the strap right over it. It perfectly really just fits in there, and it’s very secure.

This is what you do to fold it, so you start at one end that doesn’t have the bucket part, and you just roll, and you just let this fold and roll, then you just take the elastic key part and put it over the fold and then it is finished. So, the Binxy baby hammock can be used for a child from birth to when they can sit up unassisted. So that’s kind of the age range. I know that’s different for everyone, and it’s meant for carts that are 20 to 24 inches, so you don’t want to use them in mini carts. It’s unsafe if the baby doesn’t lay correctly, but it fits Target’s carts. It fits all carts, except just the really tiny ones. It’s so fun to walk around with this product.

Because of the number of people who stop you and tell you that it is the coolest thing they have ever seen, I can’t tell you how many people I talk to every time in a store with other moms who are a bit older who are children are kind of, you know, outgrown baby stuff. They’re like, where was that when I was having babies? Why can’t they come out with this stuff earlier?

My Final Verdict on Binxy Baby Hammock

This product is one of those products that change your life like it’s just life-changing as a mom; getting out of the house when you are a brand-new mom with a newborn is just like so vital for your health and your wellbeing. Binxy Baby hammock made it possible to get out and know my baby was safe. It made those early stages of parenting and motherhood just so manageable. So, thank you, Binxy Baby, for making this product, and I highly recommend Binxy Baby hammock for that new mom who likes to go out and go shopping.