BISSELL 2252 Vacuum: Taming Pet Hair with Turbo Power

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In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a clean home can be challenging, especially for pet owners. But, as any responsible householder knows, cleanliness is crucial for aesthetic appeal and our health and well-being. Enter the BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum - a powerful, versatile, and budget-friendly cleaning solution designed to tackle even the toughest messes. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of this vacuum, shedding light on its features, usability, performance, pricing, and more.

BISSELL 2252 is featured in Best Vacuums for Cat Litter: 2023 Edition


Unboxing the BISSELL 2252 Vacuum

The BISSELL 2252 arrives in a compact box containing the vacuum base unit, handle, crevice tool, dusting brush, turbo brush, extension wand, and manual. The packaging is sturdy, ensuring that the components arrive undamaged. The assembly process is straightforward, requiring no additional tools.

Why I Chose the BISSELL 2252

As a pet owner, I sought a vacuum that efficiently manages pet hair, dust, and everyday messes. The BISSELL 2252, with its powerful pet hair pick-up feature and positive customer reviews, seemed like a promising choice. Plus, the fact that every purchase supports the BISSELL Pet Foundation’s mission to help save homeless pets was an added incentive.

Who This Review is For Pet Owners and More

This review is primarily for pet owners struggling to keep their homes clean from cat litter, pet hair, dirt, and dander. However, the BISSELL 2252’s capabilities extend beyond pet messes, making it a suitable choice for anyone seeking a versatile, high-performance vacuum cleaner.

Features of the BISSELL 2252 Vacuum

Swivel Steering: A Game-Changer?

The BISSELL 2252 features swivel steering, allowing effortless maneuverability around furniture and other obstacles. This feature enhances the vacuum’s versatility, enabling it to navigate tight spaces and corners where dirt accumulates.

The Power of Pet Hair Pick-Up

Pet hair can be challenging to remove, but not with the BISSELL 2252. It boasts a triple-action brush roll and scatter-free technology, which provide powerful, efficient pet hair pick-up on multiple surfaces.

Large Capacity Dirt Tank

The BISSELL 2252 comes equipped with a large capacity dirt tank of 1.0L. This sizeable tank reduces the frequency of emptying, allowing for uninterrupted cleaning sessions. Plus, the vacuum’s Easy Empty design makes disposing of dirt straightforward and mess-free.

Specialized Pet Tools: Do They Work?

The BISSELL 2252 includes specialized pet tools to tackle pet hair and messes on various surfaces. Based on my experience and numerous customer reviews, these tools live up to their promise, effectively dealing with pet-related messes that many other vacuums struggle with.

Usability and User Experience

Assembling the BISSELL 2252: Easy or Complicated?

Assembling the BISSELL 2252 is relatively straightforward. The instruction manual provides clear, step-by-step guidance, making the process quick and hassle-free even for those not particularly handy.

The Vacuum in Action: My First Impression

Upon its first use, the BISSELL 2252 impresses with its powerful suction and efficient cleaning. Its swivel steering allows for easy maneuvering around furniture, and its specialized pet tools prove effective at picking up pet hair. The vacuum is also reasonably lightweight, making it easy to transport and use.

Long-Term Use: Does it Stand the Test of Time?

Even after months of use, the BISSELL 2252 performs effectively, maintaining its powerful suction and efficiency. The vacuum’s components are durable, and the large capacity dirt tank continues to offer the convenience of less frequent emptying.

Performance and Efficiency

How Well Does It Pick Up Pet Hair?

The BISSELL 2252 excels at picking up pet hair on various surfaces, from carpets and rugs to hard floors. Its specialized pet tools and powerful suction ensure thorough and efficient pet hair removal, leaving your home clean and hair-free.

Handling Larger Debris: Cheerios Challenge

I conducted a ’ Cheerios challenge ’ to test the vacuum’s ability to handle larger debris. The BISSELL 2252 efficiently dealt with this task, picking up the Cheerios without clogging or losing suction. This demonstrates its capability to deal with larger debris, a crucial requirement for any household vacuum.

Multi-Surface Cleaning: From Hardwood to Carpet

The BISSELL 2252 is capable of cleaning multiple surfaces effectively. Whether it’s hardwood, tile, or carpet, it delivers consistent performance, efficiently removing dust, debris, and pet hair. Its multi-level filtration system also helps trap fine particles, ensuring a cleaner home environment.

Pricing and Value

Breaking Down the Cost: Is it Worth It?

The BISSELL 2252 offers excellent value for its price. Considering its features and performance, it’s a cost-effective solution for pet owners and those seeking a capable, versatile vacuum. Its low maintenance cost, owing to its bagless design and washable filters, further enhances its value proposition.

Comparing BISSELL 2252 to Other Pet Vacuums

Compared to other pet vacuums, such as the Dyson Ball Animal 2 or the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum, the BISSELL 2252 stands its ground. While it might lack some of the high-end features in these models, it offers comparable performance at a fraction of the price, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers.

My Verdict: Value for Money or Not?

Given its impressive performance, ease of use, and affordability, the BISSELL 2252 offers excellent value for money. It’s a reliable, efficient vacuum that can handle various cleaning tasks, making it a worthy investment for any home.

Customer Support and Warranty

My Experience with BISSELL’s Customer Service

They were responsive and helpful in my interactions with BISSELL’s customer service. They quickly addressed my queries and assisted me, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Understanding the Warranty: What’s Covered, What’s Not

The BISSELL 2252 has a limited warranty covering material and quality defects. However, it’s important to note that this warranty does not cover consumable parts such as filters and belts or damage caused by neglect, misuse, or unauthorized repair. It’s always advisable to read the warranty terms carefully to understand what’s covered and what’s not.

Pros and Cons

What I Loved about the BISSELL 2252

There is much to love about the BISSELL 2252. Its powerful suction, efficient pet hair pick-up, swivel steering, and large capacity dirt tank make cleaning a breeze. Its specialized pet tools prove effective at tackling pet messes, and its ease of assembly and use contribute to a positive user experience.

Where the BISSELL 2252 Could Improve

While the BISSELL 2252 is an excellent vacuum, there’s room for improvement. For example, its cord length, while adequate, could be longer for added convenience. An automatic cord rewind feature may also be necessary for some users.

Ideal Users for the BISSELL 2252

The BISSELL 2252 is ideal for pet owners, thanks to its pet-specific features and powerful performance. However, it’s also an excellent option for anyone seeking a versatile, efficient vacuum cleaner for their home. Whether you need to tackle dust, debris, or stubborn pet hair, the BISSELL 2252 is up to the task.

Alternatives to the BISSELL 2252

Similar Vacuums You Might Consider

If you’re exploring alternatives to the BISSELL 2252, consider models like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional for its advanced HEPA filtration or the iRobot Roomba i3+ for a more hands-free cleaning solution. Both these models offer excellent performance, although at a higher price point.

Comparing Features and Prices

When comparing the BISSELL 2252 with alternatives, it’s crucial to consider both features and prices. While high-end models might offer additional features, they come with a heftier price tag. The BISSELL 2252, on the other hand, offers excellent performance and essential elements at a more affordable price, making it a compelling choice for budget-conscious consumers.

What These Alternatives Offer that BISSELL 2252 Doesn’t

While the BISSELL 2252 offers excellent functionality, certain features in alternative models must be included. For instance, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional features advanced HEPA filtration, and the iRobot Roomba i3+ offers automated cleaning with smart home compatibility. If these features are crucial for you, consider these alternatives.

Final Thoughts

Summarizing My Experience with the BISSELL 2252

Overall, my experience with the BISSELL 2252 has been overwhelmingly positive. From its impressive performance and ease of use to its value for money, it ticks all the boxes for an efficient, reliable vacuum cleaner. Its ability to efficiently handle pet hair and other messes makes it a standout choice for pet owners. Still, its capabilities extend beyond that, making it an excellent option for any home.

Should You Buy the BISSELL 2252?

If you’re in the market for a powerful, versatile, and budget-friendly vacuum, the BISSELL 2252 is well worth considering. It delivers excellent performance across various cleaning tasks, providing great value for your money. While it may lack some high-end features in pricier models, its impressive cleaning capabilities and user-friendly design make it a worthwhile investment.

Who I Believe Will Love the BISSELL 2252

The BISSELL 2252 is likely to be a hit with pet owners, thanks to its pet-specific features and powerful performance. However, anyone seeking a reliable, efficient, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner will likely appreciate the BISSELL 2252. Whether you’re dealing with dust, debris, pet hair, or more giant messes, the BISSELL 2252 is ready to perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions I Had Before Buying the BISSELL 2252

Before purchasing the BISSELL 2252, I had several questions:

  • How effective was it at picking up pet hair?
  • Whether it was easy to maneuver?
  • How well did it clean different surfaces?

I’m pleased to say that the BISSELL 2252 exceeded my expectations in these areas, offering powerful performance and versatile cleaning capabilities.

Q: How do I empty the dustbin on my BISSELL 2252 vacuum?

A: First, remove the dustbin from the unit to empty the dustbin on your BISSELL 2252 vacuum. Then, open the lid and dispose of the contents. Close the lid and reattach the dustbin to the team.

Q: How often should I clean my BISSELL 2252 vacuum filters?

A: It is recommended to clean the filters on your BISSELL 2252 vacuum every three to six months, depending on usage.

Q: How do I adjust the suction power on my BISSELL 2252 vacuum?

A: Use the power control button on the handle to adjust the suction power on your BISSELL 2252 vacuum. Press the button to increase or decrease the suction power.

Q: Can I use my BISSELL 2252 vacuum on hardwood floors?

A: You can use your BISSELL 2252 vacuum on hardwood floors. Use the Hard Floor Tool attachment for best results.

Q: How do I replace the battery on my BISSELL 2252 vacuum?

A: To replace the battery on your BISSELL 2252 vacuum, first, remove the old battery. Then, please insert the new battery into the compartment and secure it.

Q: How long does the battery last on my BISSELL 2252 vacuum?

A: The battery on your BISSELL 2252 vacuum can last up to 30 minutes, depending on usage.

Q: What attachments come with the BISSELL 2252 vacuum?

A: The BISSELL 2252 vacuum has a crevice tool, dusting brush, and Hard Floor Tool attachment.

Q: How do I clean the brush roll on my BISSELL 2252 vacuum?

A: To clean the brush roll on your BISSELL 2252 vacuum, turn off the unit and unplug it. Then, remove the brush roll and clean it with a brush or cloth. Reattach the brush roll and plug it into the unit.

Q: Is there a warranty for my BISSELL 2252 vacuum?

A: Yes, the BISSELL 2252 vacuum has a two-year limited warranty.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter any issues while using the BISSELL 2252, the first step is to refer to the user manual, which provides comprehensive troubleshooting advice. For more complex problems, BISSELL’s customer service is readily available to assist.

Keeping Your BISSELL 2252 in Top Shape

Maintaining your BISSELL 2252 in top condition is straightforward. Regularly empty the dirt tank and clean the filters to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, periodically check the brush roll for any tangled hair or debris and remove it as necessary.


And there you have it - a comprehensive review of the BISSELL 2252 vacuum cleaner. We’ve covered everything from its impressive features and performance to its value for money and user experience. Whether you’re a pet owner or simply seeking an efficient and reliable vacuum cleaner, the BISSELL 2252 is a standout choice. Remember, a clean home looks excellent and contributes to a healthier living environment.

With its powerful suction, specialized pet tools, and large-capacity dirt tank, the BISSELL 2252 ensures that no pet hair or mess goes unnoticed. Its swivel steering makes maneuvering around furniture a breeze, while its multi-surface cleaning capabilities cater to various flooring types.

The BISSELL 2252 offers an excellent balance in terms of pricing and value. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of higher-end models, it more than makes up for it with its performance and affordability. Plus, every purchase supports the BISSELL Pet Foundation, helping to save homeless pets.

When considering alternatives, such as the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional or the iRobot Roomba i3+, weighing the features against the price is important. The BISSELL 2252 holds its own in terms of performance and essential elements, making it a compelling choice for those on a budget. Overall, my experience with the BISSELL 2252 has been exceptional. From its efficient pet hair pick-up to its ease of use and maintenance, it has exceeded my expectations.