Braun Series 9 Versus Braun Series 7 - You will not expect this

Can you believe it’s two years ago since we pitted head-to-head the Braun Series 7 versus the Braun Series 9? I’m a guy that takes time to do things, and this takes two years in total. But there is a winner and the victorious shaver, which I kept and threw away the loser.

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My History with Braun Series 7

Braun Series 7 shaver, which has been my shaver for the last eight years, has been fantastic, and that is why I’m upgrading to the new Series 9. So Series 7 has been my shaver of choice for nearly the last decade and has done an excellent job of it. I’m not a daily shaver, but we remove that stubble every few days.

I recently got a new foil for the Braun Series 7 shaver, which still holds a reasonable charge. The shaver is still really powerful, but with nearly a decade of use, it’s starting to look tired. By upgrading to Series 9, I will get more power in the shave and a better cut than Series 7.

So far, Braun Series 9 has been outstanding. Initially, I got the cleaning dock from which I had to buy the cleaning cartridges, but I’m not too fond of the hassle. There’s no specific reason I went for the Gold Edition, but it looks nice. Braun Series 9, however, does not require the cleaning dock and the cartridge. You can rinse this under the tap and get a clean on it. The gold trim on the shaver gives it that extra premium-quality look.

What You Get in the Box for Braun Series 9

They do come in quite premium quality boxes, as always. You will also get the charging dock and a leather carry case in the box, but this one has no cleaning module. When it first came out, the original retail price of this on Amazon was about 300 UK pounds.

In the box, we have the shaver in a leather case made from premium-quality leather. And, of course, in the box, you get the dock, which is also gold trimmed and quite lovely. I’m in the UK, so I also got the UK charging adapter.

Features of Braun Series 9

(1) SyncroSonic Technology

This technology claimed to produce sonic vibrations at the foil head to help the shaver glide smoothly on the skin without direct contact with the skin. This feature helps minimize skin contact, thus helping to reduce irritations for those having sensitive skin.

(2) 100% waterproof

Then you’ve got, of course, the wet and dry option. You could be in the shower or the bath and still use this. I prefer dry shaving, a precision trimmer, and a protective skin guard. You also can clean the shaver easily by running it under tap water, and Braun claimed that this shaver could be submerged in up to 5 meters of water.

(3) Battery Life

Braun Series 9 has the quick charge, which it’s currently doing, five minutes for one shaving session. The battery will be fully charged in 1 hour and can be used up to 60 minutes.

(4) AutoSense Technology

The Series 9 shaver has a sensor that will detect the hair or beard density to adjust the power so that you can shave without any problem and save battery for more prolonged usage.

Braun Series 9 Comparison to Braun Series 7

Braun Series 9 is the same size and dimensions as the Series 7, but the gold trim sets it off. It is a nice-looking shaver. So, weight-wise, it’s identical in terms of weight as well to Braun Series 7.

The heads on Series 9 are better than Series 7. So the foil looks like a much bigger cutting surface in different directions, and it does review a lot better than what the Series 7 does.

According to the manual, getting a 50-minute cutting charge only takes five minutes. So, it’s got a nice little blue indicator light; when that fills up to the top, we are good to shave.

I had intense stubble growing properly for the test for cutting performance between Braun Series 9 and Series 7 for the last few days. I started with Series 7 shaver, but it’s hardly cut even after a few goes.

It’s still cut and okay, but it takes a few years before properly shaving. Let’s bring in the brand-new Braun Series 9 and see how good that is. For the record, I went about ten times up and down with Braun Series 7, and Braun Series 9 will be better.

After three or four goes there, I got the same results as the Series 7. It also feels a lot more comfortable on the skin. From that little test I did, I feel really smooth in the section for Series 9, while in the area Series 7 did, it still feels a bit grainy. So, I have done a full shave test for both, and the result is below.

So I’ve shaved for six or seven minutes with Series 9 and 7. The Series 9 does not give me the close shave that Series 7 does. After seven minutes of shaving, I still got a lot of hair that hadn’t been picked up, so that’s a little disappointing.

Then my final analysis of Series 9, I’ve now had a full shave with it, which is a good shaver. Braun Series 9 is more excellent on the skin than Series 7, but my Series 7 is nearly a decade old. Had I known what I know about the Series 9 before buying it, would I have upgraded from the Series 7?

Probably not. The Series 7 is still a good shaver, and mine is nearly ten years old, and if I pick one of these up now off Amazon for about 150 UK pounds. The Series 7 I own is a bit battered, so I felt the need to upgrade potentially upgraded to another Series 7, probably for the cost.

Suppose you pick up the limited edition gold one off Amazon for about 200 UK pounds, but it’s an excellent shaver. However, it may not be worth the upgrade; you’ll decide based on cost or looks. The Series 9 shaver looks nicer than the original Series 7, which is still one of the best shavers you can buy.

So there we have in the original review that, so which shaver do you think I kept, and which one do you think I threw away? The best of the two?

2023 Updates Braun Series 9 Versus Braun Series 7

After extensive testing and going back in two, from Series 7 to Series 9, I have the winner, the Braun Series 7. It’s just brilliant, and mine is over a decade old but is the best razor of the two.

Here’s the reason why. It’s just really good at cutting. I also love the trimmer functionality on Series 7, which is brilliant. If you want to do your side, I didn’t have that on the Series 9. It was wishy-washy and had this little plastic thing that was scooped up, and it’s well-made.

Another good thing about Series 7 is that you get the lemon cartridges and plunk them in the machine, and it cleans it, and it always feels nice and fresh every time I use it. So that is the winner, and the Series 9, which I bought previously, was sold on eBay, and somebody did buy it.

It’s excellent to take care of some pretty hefty stubble, and it’s getting through nicely. Then it’s just absolutely taking it out. It out nice and clean.

Again, the winner, my battered 10-year-old Braun Series 7, absolutely tranced the Series 9 in my extensive test. If you’ve got one, keep onto it. Don’t upgrade because you’ll be doing yourself an injustice, and you’ll find yourself a couple hundred quid out of pocket.

Thanks for reading my review, and I always appreciate it. If you want to purchase the Braun Series 7 or Braun Series 9, please find the link for the Amazon down below:

Buy Braun Series 7 for $159.99
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