Camp Chef Everest 2 Two Burner Stove Review

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My name is Sai Naikmoto and welcome to my review and a quick comparison test of the Camp Chef Everest 2 Two Burner Stove.

So I was looking for a new two-burner camping stove because what I have currently is just a Coleman Signature Series grill stove combo, which is an excellent unit. But it’s just a little bit too bulky and a little bit too messy to clean up. When you’re out camping, I think it’s a pretty good unit for like tailgating, let’s say, but for car camping, for me, it just was not cutting it.

So I was looking around for a new one to replace it. I did a bunch of research and looked at what was available. So, I was able to find this for $90. You can see the original camshaft Everest on Amazon at the same price.

So to me, I figured I might as well pay the same price. Get this new one. I think the most significant differences are size. This one is a little bit smaller, and this one comes with metal hinges instead of plastic hinges, which was one of the very few complaints about the old unit that people had that I could save.

Still a pretty big unit, but that’s okay. This one has the metal hinges that I was talking about. The old one had two pieces of plastic, so those metal hinges feel pretty nice and sturdy.

There’s a little slot in there that actually slides into, and then from there, you take the hinges that close the top and actually clamp those down, so they don’t move around. And that’s something that I didn’t really like about Coleman’s signature grill stove combo that I have is they move around quite a bit.

For the propane connector, I would definitely advise either may be hanging on to this, which is what I might do or getting some kind of towel or something to both wraps this in as well as these. Cause it looks like this just sort of flop around in here, which is going to be pretty noisy while you’re driving. Um, besides that, though, um, looks pretty nice.

That’s something that I was curious about was the size and the dimensions. Uh, it was a little ambiguous online. You can see the dimensions that I found here. The cooking area is 21 and a half inches by 10 inches. And the overall dimensions are 25.2 inches by 12.7 inches, which makes it much longer than the original Everest and even longer than my Coleman signature grill stove combo that I have, which is a little unfortunate.

I went with the camp chef compared to some of the other units that I was looking for the heat output that these things put out for this two-burner stove. Ordinary camping stove put out 10,000, 11,000 or 12,000 BTUs per burner, but this stove put out 20,000 BTUs per burner. So this is going to heat water a lot faster. It’s going to cook your meals a lot faster. So, that was worth just a little bit extra weight and a little bit more significant dimension.

One of the other reasons that I liked it based on some of the reviews of the original model is that it has extremely high heat output and really good simmer control.

So I want to do just a quick comparison test. Uh, just a basic water boil test. Unfortunately, I only have one propane, so I’ll have to do one. And then the next one just for kind of environment right now, I’m in Michigan. So pretty close to sea level.

Uh, it’s maybe about 50 degrees outside. So, everything is pretty conducive to a very fast water boil. So, we’ll just see an A to B comparison.

So, you have the two of them. You can see that the Camp Chef is maybe about four inches longer from side to side and front to back; they are pretty similar. The Coleman might be just a tiny bit wider or deeper. And then height-wise, both Camp Chef and Coleman stove are very similar. However, the Camp Chef might be just a little bit taller when they’re both folded up.

So, for me, that’s a little bit unfortunate. Part of the reason I was looking to change from this Coleman was to get a little bit smaller, the lighter footprint for my car camping two-burner stove. But there are still some other things that I like about Camp Chef that will make it worth making the switch.

One of the biggest ones is this, the clean-up of this Coleman; as I said, in the beginning, this thing is really messy to clean up, especially when you are out car camping. I could see the advantage of this type of layout for tailgating or something like that. But when you’re out in the bush and just trying to clean up after yourself after meals. This thing is pretty dirty to clean up, and obviously, we haven’t taken the greatest care of it.

So I’m really looking forward to that, and you really get that with any sort of traditional two-burner stove instead of the grill griddle or the grill stove combo. So that will be an advantage, and the auto ignites and the dimmer control on the Camp Chef will be very nice compared to this Coleman stove. Many times, we would try to bring the temperature down to more of a simmer, and it would turn it off. So having the auto-ignite and really good simmer control will be the second thing that I’m really looking forward to using this Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove. The third thing is the wind guards. So they don’t stay on super well on this Coleman. They kind of flop around, and especially if it’s really windy, we’ve definitely had them fall over on us before. So, the latching on the new camp chef will be really lovely.

You have this handle that you have on the camp chef. There is a little lip at the bottom of the stove where you can hook your fingers around. So, it’s not just kind of sliding off. But further in there, you can actually hook your fingers around and carry it. So you can see it’s still kind of angles, just because of the weighting of this thing, but still relatively easy to carry. I think they say it’s about 12 pounds. So that’s not too bad. You don’t want this to hike a mile or something to your campground, but I’m a little bit of a walk from either the parking lot, or a short distance wouldn’t be too bad.

And then I was thinking about the differences between the original Camp Chef Everest and this Everest 2, and just kind of wondering why they didn’t change the overall dimensions that much, but they still made the cooking area smaller. I think it’s probably to sort of be able to tuck in these knobs so that they’re not protruding when you’re trying to pack it away.

So, if you can look at this, these are pretty much flush with this outer edge before it sinks down. And so. I would guess that will really help protect these knobs from wear and tear and maybe getting a hit or damaged. So it should just help with kind of the durability of those. So I think that’s probably why they did it.

And I think that’s pretty smart. So anyway, that is my quick review and comparison of the new Camp Chef Everest 2. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Or maybe like a longer-term review after I use it a little bit camping; let me know in the comments below.

I would appreciate that, and I would love to do that for you if that’s something you want to know.