CHI Spin N Curl Hair Curling Device Review

Today I will review the CHI Spin N Curl, which includes a 1-inch ceramic rotating curler, and it also has a free cleaning tool that is kind of cool. So, we’re going to attempt to curl my hair. OK, so it says that it has an open chamber.

Easy to release your hair while protecting your skin from getting burned. Oh, OK, hey, I already like one thing about it. The base where the court is rotates. That is where I usually end up damaging my hair. If the base does not spin, it ends up fraying.

OK, so I like that it also is like a bit of Velcro cord keeper. OK, so this is like really top-heavy, super top-heavy. It will be more comfortable holding it way up at the top. There’s a whole bunch of buttons. So, let’s plug it in, and we’ll get started here.

The cord is sturdy and long, so we should be good with this. I have my hairbrush, and I have some clips to hold my hair out of the way. This is the only product I used for hair heat protection. It’s by Alterna caviar anti-ageing restructuring bond repair and heat protection spray that strengthens and protects hair up to 450 degrees. This hair curling device only goes up to 410 degrees.

We’re going to have our best success if we read the instructions. That’s how I feel. CHI Spin N Curl had three different suggestions for heat, like the lowest that says 15 second warm up time. It was for fine hair; the medium was 17 seconds, and the course was 19 seconds.

Select the desired temperature by using the plus, minus, or set by pressing the M button to use low, medium or high preset temperatures. OK, so when you turn it on while it’s blinking is when you need to adjust the temperature. I’m going to go with 390 degrees, so it’s for medium hair to use the pre-selected ones for low, medium or high. Or you can select your own, but it will still tell you in the window if it’s suitable for low, medium or high.

This device seems relative, like you could just put it down and not worry about it touching other things since these entire outer cases are cool. Ooh, I kind of like that. Yeah, because usually, when I put my one down on the counter, I’m moving everything out of the way so I don’t melt something else.

So CHI Spin N Curl has an open chamber, making it easy to release your hair while protecting your skin from getting burned. It is easy to control the direction of your curl, so making it barrel creates a perfect curl for hair longer than 4 inches, and even at the hottest, it takes only 19 seconds to heat up.

Take a section of hair and insert it into the opening of the curl chamber at a 90-degree angle and then hold down the button in the desired direction of your curl, and the hair will automatically be pulled into the heating chamber. When the hair strand is entirely in the chamber, release the button. The rotating will stop. You’ll hear four beeps once the curl is set, and then you gently remove the hair from the tool.

Do you know what’s really cool about this? It left the end straight, which I typically go in with a small hair straightener. When I’m done curling my hair and straightening the hair ends, it gives you more of a Beachy look. And then it doesn’t look like I don’t know. I feel like it looks more finished when it’s straight like that. OK, it didn’t get that close to my head, though. I don’t know if maybe I didn’t do it tight enough or like I didn’t hold it tight enough or close enough to my head I was.

I was holding it pretty close to my head. Maybe I should; I’m going to like push it all the way up against my head. It looks cute, would it? How is this going to be doing like the back of my head? I’m not really going to see where I’m putting it, but if you can see inside there, I’m resting it right on this right there. So, I’m sliding it in, and It doesn’t pull or tug at all. Yeah, it works perfectly; they’re so cute. These curls are such cute girls.

When it’s in the back of my head, I have a hard time finding the buttons, so I’m just going to like touch the button before moving it back there. So far, so good. All right. I’m going to do the rest of part of my head.

OK, so out of curiosity because I want to test this in many different ways. If I take just a massive chunk of hair, like my whole side part and stick it in there, I just want to see how it curls. Some seem to be winding slightly tighter than others, and I haven’t quite figured out why. I feel like I’m holding it right on my head for everyone, and I can’t manoeuvre it. It does it, but it’s also very messy right here.

So, if you put too much hair in it, I think you’re going to get this weird crimp. I don’t love that. OK, so stick with smaller sections for sure. Yes, see, that makes it a lot better right there. Also, its weight was very noticeable when I took it out of the packaging, but now that I’m holding it in the center point, it’s not too heavy at all. It’s not like a hairdryer where it’s top-heavy; you feel like you have to hold it awkwardly. It’s really comfortable to hold.

So I’m trying to figure out how to get the curls consistent. They’re pretty consistent, they’re not like absolutely the same, and I think it could be two parts. It could be the amount of hair that you’re putting in because of the more hair, the looser the curl. You could like to experiment with that to determine what kind of curls you want. But also, like, I whip that one around a bunch of times, so I don’t know if it like just helped push it closer to the barrel. But it seems like it might have. We are already on the last one so far. It has taken me about 25 minutes to curl my entire head.

I may be a little bit faster for you if you have more delicate hair or shorter hair. Of course, if it’s coarser or longer, I feel like 25 minutes to curl my entire head is reasonable. I’m so surprised that I love this as much as I do. There’s no chance of me burning myself like anywhere I can. I literally cannot burn myself with this.

So awesome, so this is something that I will use on my daughters, mainly because I always tend to like nearly burn their ears. They want their hair curled every once in a while; the entire time, they sit there like covering their ears. And like when saying that I’m going to get too close to them. I didn’t feel any heat on my head, my scalp, and then this one. I also saw on the box here that it has a one hour shut off.

So even if you accidentally leave it plugged in and you have that kind of anxiety about it being plugged in and leaving the house, it auto shuts. Off after one hour, so you don’t have to freak out too much about it. I have a little hack about it because I freak out about my hair tools being left on or out. Also, is putting them away, and I know you can’t put them away when they’re hot, but when you get is, just as little like heat protector sleeves. There were like $10 or something for two, and they’re pretty significant, and you just put it in the heat sleeve, and you just put it away right away. Just put it away, and then you won’t be freaking out, but with this, at least it has like an auto shut off after an hour.

My hair texturally feels perfect, like it doesn’t feel like it burned or crisped up any sections. I think I like it. Usually, at this point, I would have a little bit of oil in my hair as I’m separating it, but I didn’t grab that, so I’m not going to do it again. I don’t want to mess with my hair too much.

I might have too many curls for my typical liking, but I like how these end. I like what the back looks like. So, see, I just dropped it on my carpeting, and it didn’t melt. I really do like this CHI Spin N Curl.

They’re just like off from one another. Enough where it’s not creating like one big wave. I tend to have that problem a lot. I highly recommend this is really cool. OK, so yeah, I guess that’s everything I have for you guys today.

Thank you so much for reading my review for CHI Spin N Curl. Please click the link above to check it out or purchase it on Amazon.