Crucial X6 1TB Portable SSD

In this review, I will be explaining everything the portable crucial x6can do and how it can help you. I’ll show you how it looks and what comes out of the box. I’ll test it. I’ll also show you comparisons with other SSD drives, and then I’ll give you my final thoughts and how this has helped me or not and if this is a good product for you.

So the portable Crucial X6 SSD has a tremendous capacity. You can pick between two terabytes and one terabyte and just read off what Crucial had said themselves. It can hold over 10,000 photos, 50 hours of video, 3000 songs, 200 gigabytes of documents, and much room to spare. It is fast and can go up to 540 megabytes per second. I will be doing some tests to show you some comparisons between other SSD drives on my computer and the hard drives that I got.

It is very tiny and lightweight. It’s super thin and very lightweight, like a super lightweight. I would say it is lighter than your car keys, and it fits right between your fingertips. It’s super lightweight, but it can resist falls, so if I drop it right now, I don’t want to do it, but if I were to drop it by accident, it’s strong enough to withstand that. It has broad compatibility, which means it works with the pc, mac, android, iPad pro 8, ps4, Xbox one.

Inside the box, you have the Crucial X6 Portable SSD. It’s actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be. We got that plus this USB adapter for USB type c to USB type a.

As I said, you get this little tiny USB-C to USB. It’s really nice and sturdy, so if you want to connect this and keep it connected, it’s probably not going to slip right off. There is also a short instruction manual in the box for your reference.

I was thinking about using this not only as a portable SSD, but I might use this as a standard normal regular SSD as the permanent one. I might just put this into my computer and keep it there because it has one terabyte capacity that I need.

If your computer already has a USB-C port, you don’t need the adapter. Still, it was handy for other things like my VR stuff that I got because I know VR channel, so if you do want to connect it to like your Xbox one, which I don’t think has a USB-C port, then I would buy this is just plug and play you just plug in the crucial. You can just start transferring files, videos, photos, and whatever you want.

Now can you use this as a fixed as in can you use this as just a regular SSD? You know different software have different games to run on this device well the answer is yes, but I wouldn’t recommend installing this to like using this to boot up your computer or anything like that.

Here are the results when testing the product. They match the description in the box. Here’s a quick comparison between the X8, the X6, and the MX500. The MX500 is a fixed SSD where you put it in your computer and keep it there; you know, with all the screws and stuff. Now the two-tier version of the Crucial X8 compared to the Crucial X6 two terabyte version is 20 dollars more expensive, but of course, the X8 can go up to 1050 megabytes per second, whereas the x6 can go up to 540 megabytes per second.

Suppose you’re looking for an extra SSD for, you know, pictures, games, anything related where you’re not likely to be using editing software on this, and you need to go kind of quick and transfer it to your buddy. In that case, Crucial X6 SSD is a great option. But if you need that extra speed to put up software like I’m just taking, for example, editing software like I added my software, I would need the Crucial X8 because it’s a lot more suitable. It can read stuff a lot faster, like twice as quickly. If you do the math on the read speed, playing 4k video will run a lot smoother on X8 than X6. So, if that’s you and you need all that extra speed and power, I highly suggest you invest those additional $20 to get the X8.

Now, suppose you do need more of like a fixed SSD. In that case, I recommend getting the ones made for it; for example, the Crucial MX500 is around $115 for the one terabyte version. It can go up to 560 megabytes per second, which is slightly higher than the x6 one right here, but it’s also a little bit cheaper, and it is fixed in your computer, and you’re not touching that again.

My final thoughts on this product I got lucky because I needed this product as I was running out of space on both of my hard drives, so this was useful. Still, I would probably get a fixed SSD by Crucial if I decided which one I would get. I would get it by Crucial because I trust them and my family has like four SSD drives by them, and not even one has failed us yet after two years.

Here’s a quick description of what crucial says: it’s reliable and durable, backed by micron, one of the world’s largest flash storage manufacturers.

But if I were on my Xbox, I would definitely get this for the extra space. I just like how it’s so tiny and light. Actually, I’m using this as a fixed SSD because I can just have it back in my computer, and it’s kind of like hanging off the cord, but it’s excellent for me because it’s so light it’s not bending anything. It’s not breaking anything, and it’s terrific.