Devoko Patio Furniture Sets 6 Pieces Outdoor

I will review an outdoor furniture set that I purchased back in June last year. This is because of covid-19 everybody’s been staying home and making their backyards a bit more of an oasis where they can hang out and feel comfortable. They’re on vacation a little bit, such as I did.
So let’s take a look at the furniture set that I purchased. This is the Devoco furniture six-piece outdoor sectional rattan sofa. It’s a six-piece set that does include the coffee table. I bought this at $499 back in June. As the Covid-19 was getting worst, I think more people were starting to redo their backyards. This ran out of stock when it returned, which wasn’t for several weeks. It went to $599; then it went to $699 recently. It dropped back down to $499, and if you look at the price now, it is only $399. so if you’re interested in this and the market for it, and you like it, I recommend this set and get it for $399.

Click on the link above here, and you’ll be taken right there, and go ahead and purchase it while you still can. So right now on Amazon, the rating for it is 4.2. We’ll get to the rating and the pros and cons of what I liked and didn’t like.
The package comes in six pieces, and they’re individualized, so they’re not tied together. There’s nothing really to hold them together with other than just pushing them together and, of course, the coffee table. The nice thing about the patio set is that you can set it up in many different ways, which I liked about it. So, you can separate the chairs, or you can push it all together to make a light, lovely long conversational couch. Also, you can kind of break it up and move the sets to different sections of the yard. You can use the patio set indoors or outdoors, so it’s got a lot of different designs to it, which I love.
Regarding the height, they sit a little bit low, but nothing horrible, I mean; unless you’re six-three or six-four, it may be uncomfortable. Other than that, these are fine. So my fire pit is three and a half, and they’re a little bit under three and a half feet high. So even when you’re sitting down, it’s just lovely height. It’s slightly above lap height, where you can put your coffee cups down, and it works out perfectly. I just threw the coffee table in front of it. It does come with cushions, and it also comes with red accent pillows.
Recently, I just built a tiki bar deck in one of the back corners of my yard. The nice thing about this patio set is that I have a little room on the tiki deck where I might take a couple of these pieces and move them up here while still keeping the other set on the lower deck. So again, there is a lot of versatility to it and many ways you can split it up.
To take one or two of the sets of chairs and just put on the tiki bar so that two people can sit there and have a little cocktail table when I have parties. Some people are sitting at the tiki bar, and others sit at the other deck and enjoy the chairs. So it’s just got a lot of uses for it.
Let’s go ahead and take a look at the man scale score. Overall it gets a 4.3 on amazon. I told you before; it gets a 4.2, but I gave it slightly higher than that; as you all know, I take the bullet they provide you on Amazon, and I rate them here. What we call the man scale is we take all those numbers we divide it up, and that’s where we get the 4.3, so

  1. The first bolt they had was six separate pieces, and you can create a lot of different layouts. With that, they got a 5.0 for that because it did precisely that.
  2. For the seat comfortability, they get a 2.0 as it’s not extremely comfortable. The cushions are three inches and made with solid foam inside, and they’re reasonably comfortable. I sat on them for an hour or so or a little bit more and didn’t have any problems with them. It can be a better seat for that price.
  3. The pe wicker frame is durable, which makes it very sturdy and very steady. I gave that a 4.8, almost a perfect score because it says it takes up to 330 pounds of weight. I don’t know if it would take that, but I think it would come close. I believe it would probably handle up to 250 to 280 pounds with no problems.
  4. Then, soft and washable cushions with high-density foam. I gave them a 5.0 because it’s exactly what they said. They are washable, and it is a good density foam.
  5. The glass coffee table is perfect for drinks and more. It sits a little bit lower than the seats, and you could fit several plates on there and several coffee cups. I’ve had candles on there, a couple of plates at night, and a couple of drinks and stuff, so it works out well.
  6. The glass on the table, too, is pretty thick, and it’s not chintzy. I gave this a 4.9, not a perfect five, because the glass has suction cups that hold it to the table. Those suction cups don’t work. I’ve wet them. I pushed them down the glass still slides back and forth on the table.

The Devoko Patio Furniture Sets 6 Pieces Outdoor is also easy to assemble, so I gave this a 4.3 because it wasn’t all that easy; I had to figure it out and take quite some time. All these pieces have labels with letters on them, and it comes with one Allen key. All the screws for this patio set are the same size, so it’s not like you have to look at know size screw for this chair and size screw for that chair. They’re all identical, so that made it easy to put together. You have to use the Allen key by hand as you really can’t fit a screwdriver or anything in there.
Finally, when I got the patio set, it didn’t come with a cushion cover, so I got the cushion cover for around $30. I bought the large outdoor patio cover for this, and it worked out great. It kept the dust off, the dirt and, you know, pollen, bird crap, leaves, and tree sap. They keep everything off of it, so if you’re getting this set, I highly recommend buying the cover.