Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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We have the Durgod Taurus K320 Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard here. Alright, so how about the name they’re using right there? First off, the Taurus, right, the Zodiac sign you’re talking about. Steady, persistent, solid, trustworthy, and tasteful. And yes, it covers all of them right here.

Overview and What Do You Get?

I think it’s pretty stinky sharp. Again, it’s kind of minimalistic, but it gets it done. You can either use it in the office or on your gaming destiny really suit both situations just perfectly right there, but as far as in the box, you’re going to get the keyboard, and they’re going to give this little Velcro tie, and then a sticker right here as well.

They’re going to give you a USB-C to USB-A. The cables are a little bit different here. The USB-C is quite a bit short compared to the USB-A, and I’m sure the USB-C is shorter because they figure most people are probably using this on Mac, which is honestly where I use it most of the time well. And, of course, it plugs right into the back of the screen right there on your desk, so you don’t need the gigantic long cable right there. It’s pretty nice. I really appreciate this being a lot shorter than that one, so I don’t have this big bulky cable right where my Mac is.

Also, a couple of quick things about the K320 got some white caps with some very light Gray ones. It also comes in a black variant with some dark Gray and then black caps on the outside. It also comes in a black one with a white backlit.

The one I bought is not RGB, but it also comes in an RGB version, which is entirely black with RGB underneath, and the price varies. The one I have with no RGB and the black one with no RGB is priced at $9, while the RGB one is $130. If I get the option to save some money and cut out the lights, I’m going to save some money, and that’s honestly where I think this boy shines again. You’re talking $100, but you’re getting every penny’s worth. You’re not buying any fluff. You’re not spending extra money for fluff. Yeah, I’m sure the RGB one looks fantastic and crisp. And if you’re into RGB, you have that option. But for me again, I’d rather spend the $30 on a mouse.

What I Like About Durgod Taurus K320

You got a crisp solid board here, and talking about this board being incredibly well built. As you can see, the frame is pretty thick, and it is very thick. Plastic with just about no flex whatsoever. You have the metal base right underneath there. Still, the cool thing about it is that it’s not just straight across like a lot of the boards we see, and where the plastic pops up inside there, that metal base comes up within it as well, which prevents any of that flex right there again, it’s just sturdy on every single side right there.

No flex whatsoever. You know this is what that Ant Pro 2 needed. So that goes along with the rest of the board. I mean, it is solid. You got some excellent way to this thing.

It doesn’t feel chintzy by any means. Again, no flex whatsoever, just really, really solid. It feels incredibly durable and goes through the keycaps with Double Shot PPT keycaps in these things are solid, and they feel absolutely fantastic on these fingers. By the way, this keyboard uses a Cherry MX style. I have a cherry MX Reds, so any of them fit if you want to change out your keycaps. Yeah, but honestly, there’s no need to change the keycaps on this thing cause these keycaps feel fantastic.

So as far as that sound test, right? There sound solid. It sounds crisp, an excellent combination with the thick Double Shot PBT keycaps. There’s not a tinny, tinny sound within this board. It’s more like a bell sound, like a low pitch, and radiates through.

Now. I’m not too sure if it’s, that’s because I have the non-RGB version, and it can radiate through the switch right there where that light should be. Or if it’s because the keycaps are raised a little bit out of the frame, if we can catch it right there, you can see them coming up just a little bit, so I’m not sure which combination it is. But again, it’s not a really high-pitched Ting Tinny sound. It’s more like a shallow-pitched bell sound that kind of radiates through it.

I like this Durgod keyboard because we have mock switches for the stabilizers and every key. Whenever you press it anywhere, it goes down, and it feels even no matter where you press, where there be in the middle of the side, so we’ll push the side, and you can see there’s just about no give on the other side.

Another cool thing I like is that we have our light indicators right there above the arrow keys as far as cap lock, number lock, Windows lock, etc. I really love their location because, honestly, whenever I’m typing or working, or gaming, some keyboards, we’ve seen them up towards the top or right above the homepage and all that stuff. I really like them because I’m just working, and I can see it right there, and it’s just a convenient location.

As far as building as you see on the bottom, you get those five rubber feet, but I honestly wish there was one in the middle somehow. I don’t know because they got the USB right there; there was one day to bounce it out a little bit. Again, I said there’s just about no flex in the board, and it isn’t because I got to lean really hard in this thing to get it to go down right there in the middle where that one foot is missing. So yes, I wish there was one right there. Just kind of bounce it out, but again. It never affects you.

You really got to put your whole body into it to make it even flex-back there. So, I guess it doesn’t matter. But I would have liked it to be balanced out. Now it’s on the bottom of the board. As you can see, you have two pop-up feet right here to suit your preferred angle. Honestly, I never use any because you have that built-in angle as it raises a little bit on the bottom, and it’s lovely. The keyboard has a perfect ergonomic feel right there, sitting flat. Also, touching the bottom board is the USB little slot where you can tuck your cable in, and it’s going to whichever side of your desk you prefer. I wish every keyboard.

Then one other really cool thing I love about this keyboard is the notches within your USB-C port on the bottom of the keyboard. It’ll slide right into their clip it in, staying perfectly secure there. That is the best I have seen on any keyboard yet. That is super cool.

So we move on to dirt Durgod Zeus software for the K320 keyboard. Now one quick thing is a real stinker. As you all know, I’ve been loving my Durgod Taurus K320, which uses the Durgod Harris software to adjust that and everything. So why not make them both use the same? The K320 has used Zeus. The Hades has to use the Harris, so why not make them both use the same? That’s a stinker right there.

The software is really cool because it shows a spitting image of the keyboard. Then, you can select your key and customize it to whatever you want right there, such as your macros and whatnot. It’s straightforward to use. I love how they give you a spitting image of the keyboard. I love that it’s big and bold, and you know what you are using, but I think that’s a stinker again. Is how the Hades and then this one used two different ones. Let’s have one basic Durgod software that controls everything.

What I Don’t Like About Durgod Taurus K320

Now the one stinker about that software, in my personal opinion, I wish there was a quick option to switch this keyboard over to a Mac variant where I get my command and options key and everything. Sure, I go into my Mac computer and adjust everything, but I wish there were just a quick option to have my Windows variant, and then I can switch right over to my Mac because, honestly, I use this thing primarily on my Mac.

One thing that upsets me or I don’t like about the keyboard. You can see we got the grey keycaps. The white keycaps as I’m like, where’s Waldo? It’s almost like an off-white or a little bit of a faded white. I’m not sure if that’s how they meant it to be, but I would have preferred the whole frame to be crisp white, just like the keys right there, because again, it looks like you got three different colors right there. I usually keep this right on my back right there, and I like my keyboards and mice to be white when I’m using my Mac, but I wish that frame is crisp white, just like the keycaps.

My Verdict on Durgod Taurus K320

My take on the Durgod Taurus K320 keyboard; I really like it coming in at $99. I feel it is an excellent keyboard with Tenkeyless and everything Double Shot PBT. This thing is heavy-duty, and It’s perfect. You had a couple of variations you could choose from. I stated that black or black with the white LED or the RGB one is priced around $140. I like how I really like how Durgod is kind of giving us these options. And honestly, every keyboard I have used from Durgod so far has been phenomenal.

You need to try, and because again, from the Hades to Taurus, I mean they’re both jaw-dropping, durable, solid products. I’m excited to see what else Durgod can bring us, but thank you for stopping by and reading my review of the Durgod Taurus K320.