EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Generator Review

Not only is this the most versatile and powerful battery that can run almost anything you want to plug in, but it’s also got a 4.9-star average customer review rating and is on sale for the lowest price I’ve ever seen. I’ve been using the Delta Pro for over three months, so I’ll answer some of your guys’ top questions and share the positives and negatives of this insane battery.

First, I want to be honest with you guys and let you know that we get an insane amount of companies that want to send us stuff, and I’ve personally said no to most of those because their products are not good. But when EcoFlow reached out and they wanted to partner with us, and I looked into what they offer and how much better it is than stuff that I have personally bought, I said, all right, let’s go ahead and check it out, see how well it does.

Battery Capacity & Longevity

Overall, it has blown away my expectations. I’ll explain starting, one of the most important things is this battery’s longevity because if you spend money on a portable generator, you want it to last, and you want it to last a long time. Most brands don’t want to talk about this because theirs don’t.

You can completely drain this Delta Pro every single day. You can charge an iPhone 14 about 300 times on one charge or a MacBook Air about 70 times on one charge. And after draining it every single day for ten years, you will still have about 80% of the original capacity remaining, which is about seven times better longevity.

Then most other large-scale batteries like this are on the market, and after 20 years, you will still have about 50% of the original capacity. That is insanely good, and that’s because EcoFlow is using the same LPF Battery tech that Teslas use, which is way more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Because of how long they last, some people are using them not only for home backup but to save on their electricity bill since they can charge while the electricity is cheaper during off-peak hours and then use it when they would be billed more.

How and What We Use It For?

Before I give you all the features and the specs, I want to tell you how and what I have used it for. First off, I really wanted one of these for camping. We absolutely love going out camping with the family. Our trailer makes it easy and convenient for our kids, especially with skin issues.

Being outside in a tent with dust makes it, so we don’t go camping, which we haven’t done for many years now—some of the spots we go to don’t have power hookups. You’re off-grid, and this thing has a full-size RV hookup impressive because we can run something like lights and turn on the heaters.

It can also run something like the microwave and even the air conditioner, which won’t run off the trailer batteries and drain exceptionally quickly. The Delta Pro has made it, so we don’t have to worry about going outdoors and having the power to run things we need. You can use the app to see everything, and I’ll talk about that in just a bit.

The Delta Pro can actually charge your Tesla or another EV with the correct adapter, which is absolutely crazy. I previously tried the Delta II, a smaller-scale battery that is powerful, but it does not have that 30 amp, so it can’t do things like the AC, which works great.

We could move it, make waffles, boil a kettle, and all that kind of thing. And, of course, the EcoFlow Delta Pro can do all of that, but it has a much bigger capacity, which we’ll talk about now. Some of the other uses that I’ve been doing with this other than going camping is at my house.

I’ve been working on the playground, and my kids are absolutely enjoying that. That thing is about 150 feet away from any outlet. So I have to have multiple extensions tied, then I have to remove them, put them back up, and move the Delta Pro over with its built-in handle is very easy as it has wheels so it can roll.

Lately, I’ve been building up this actual play structure, so I brought out my air compressor. I plugged it in because the air compressor turns on to build up pressure and turns off after a specific time. I can use this thing, just one charge for multiple days of doing work, and it runs everything without any issues or any hassle.

It also has many other ports, so I’m open to what I want to connect to and let you guys know how long this battery is. For a lot of different appliances in just a bit now at home. The other primary reason I wanted it is because it can back up your house if the power goes out.

Outside, I have a hookup for a generator and hooks up to 20 with a switch on my breaker box, hooking up the Delta Pro. I can get off-grid power if it’s out and select which breakers I want to be on. If I wish to have multiple rooms, I want to run lights, my refrigerator, and even my stove.

You can power multiple of these together, which gives you a lot more power, and up to six of them with a smart home breaker kit, saving power and monitoring, which is fantastic.

Design And Build Quality

The build quality is also excellent. You have the plastic case, but it is highly durable. We have many connections in the front, starting with four regular 110-volt ports with 20 amps max. So you can connect any accessories, any chargers, whatever you want. You can run an extension from there if you’re going to plug something in.

And then we also have that very powerful 30 amp connection, as mentioned before, for the RV. We have four USB type A ports. Two are standard, and the other two are designed for smartphones and tablets; because they have fast charging, you can adjust their voltage to maximize that. We also have two USBC ports that offer up to 100 watts of output. That means even with a 14-inch MacBook Pro, you can get fast charging to 50% in 30 minutes with those ports. As I mentioned before, with the empty MacBook Air, you can charge about 70 times from one Delta Pro.

Now hidden on the side, we have a bunch of other outputs. You have a barrel plug, 12-volt 30 amp output at the top, and smaller barrel plugs to hook up different accessories. Then we have some switches and remote control that can plug into here if you want to see everything at a distance if you’re tucking these away.

Charging Options for Delta Pro

There are a lot of options to charge this thing. You also have a ton of options. Of course, you can plug it into a regular wall outlet, which will fully charge in 2.7 hours. That is extremely fast for a battery with this capacity; a standard MacBook takes about that long to charge.

You can actually be in as low as 1.8 hours if you combine different options; for example, you can charge this with solar panels. I’ll talk about the one that I have. You could also charge it from a car. With that outlet, you can combine multiple ones and charge this at an EV station with an adapter you can get from them.

So that is really fast as well. So as far as charging, there is no issue. They also have a dual-fuel smart generator, which you can plug in, and the reason that it’s brilliant is that it will turn on automatically. It communicates with this, so as soon as the battery is low at whatever level you want, it’ll kick and automatically charge it up.

It’ll boost the wattage if you pull simultaneously and then shut it off, and you don’t have to use just gasoline. You can run it off propane, which has a better shelf life. It’s a lot more convenient in many cases, less expensive, and that is convenient because you can have one of these, it won’t die, and you have continuous power.

Delta Pro can be a solar generator as well. I have a 220 Watt bifocal solar panel, which means that it not only has 220 watts of solar in the front, it has 155 watts on the backside, and when you set it up, it can pick up extra power or extrasolar that is lost. And so when it bounces up, for example, concrete works well, but even on grass, it will pick up extra energy from the sun and convert that, which is really cool.

You can hook up a bunch of different solar brands compatible with up to 90% of the solar on the market. With the compatible panels, you could charge the Delta Pro from 5.6 hours down to 2.8 hours, just from free energy from the sun, which is sweet. They also have this insane solar panel mount kit that will move the panel and adjust it to get the optimal energy from the sun.

Battery Capacity

Regarding the capacity, this thing has 3,600 watt-hours of battery capacity. Now, I showed off the Delta two that has about a thousand, and then I expanded it with the second battery giving me 2000.

But this thing has 3,600 watts, and you can reach up to 25,000 watt-hours when you hook—using the complete system and the smart panel to your house. As far as power output, as I mentioned, it has 3,600 watts standard, and with X-Boost, it can go up to 4,500 watts, and it has a surge rating of 7,200 watts if something spikes up. Of course, you can double that if you connect two Delta Pro.

Another question you guys have asked is how long this will last for using various appliances. Well, their website has this cool tool that’ll give you all the info. For example, for a light that is 10 watts, which is quite a bit higher than a standard LED, at about 6 watts, you’ll get 337 hours if you’re connected over DC, which is more efficient. If you have a CPAP machine that will run about 50 hours, to run a TV, you get about 27 hours, and for a coffee maker, you’ll get about 3.3 hours. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot—the same thing with a microwave at two and a half hours. But you will not be microwaving for two and a half hours.

When I was using a kettle, it also uses a lot of power, but you’re done in just a few minutes when you’re drawing that power because it’s efficient and speedy. So, if you’re going camping, you’re running things like a blender. It will last multiple days because you only have it on sometimes.

So even with just one Delta Pro, it does last a long time, and you guys should go and read the reviews about how some of these professional people are using this for a saw and a jackhammer. They have very, very good points and experience with it.

EcoFlow Delta Pro App

I also want to review the app because it is compelling and convenient, which matters if you buy one of these Delta Pro. You can go ahead and add Delta Pro to the app. This thing has both Bluetooth and WiFi. So even if you’re somewhere where you don’t have WiFi, you’ll still be connected and be able to get all your info on the homepage, such as the capacity of the Delta Pro, the temperature, and complete information for the input.

We can see all the different charging methods and a little graph for the outputs. I can toggle the AC ports on and off from the app. Also, I can see what wattage they’re outputting for the barrel plug, the other output on the side, and all of my USB ports. It is so nice to see that.

We can go into the settings, and I’ll briefly go through all of the settings. I can adjust the discharge level, so if I don’t want it to charge more than 80% or lower than a certain speed, I could do that with the AC charging.

I can also bump that up to 1800 watts. We have our car input, the screen brightness, and the smart generator when you want that thing to kick on to recharge it. You have full adjustability with the app, which has been extremely handy. I opened it up while in the RV at night. I can see the charge’s level and shut it off without going outside.

I can save power if I don’t need to charge the batteries or run anything. I can turn it on remotely as well. It has. It has been fantastic. So overall, this thing has been amazing, but what are the downsides? Well, first off, it is costly. Now. It is priced better than the competition while having better features, high-speed charging, and, uh, the longevity that this thing will last a very, very long time.

EcoFLow Delta Pro has a ton of storage capacity, so it is heavy. It’s about 99 pounds, and you have the handle and wheel to pull it easily. I even pulled it through the grass. Um, that was not an issue. So I’m happy they added it. If it were just the handles themselves, it would be a pain if you had to get into the wagon.

However, when it comes time to lift it, be aware that this is less light than the Delta II I mentioned previously. Other than that, I really have no other complaints, as you guys saw, based on the reviews. People absolutely love these. It’s a lot of value. If you’re looking for something that can power an RV, back up your home, and even charge an electric vehicle just in case you run out of power. I would take a look at one of these.

So there, you guys, some review for the EcoFlow Delta Pro for the previous three months I have been using it. Go ahead and check out the links and the description