EGO Power+ LB5302 3-Speed Turbo 56-Volt 530 CFM Cordless Leaf Blower

In today’s review, you’re going to be blown away. Excuse the cliche because this really is going to blow your socks off. The brand-new Ego 530 CFM (cubic foot per minute) cordless blower is. So let’s get started.

The little box contains the body; you get the tube, which just clips on like that. And then you get a brand new two-and-a-half-amp battery that just clips onto the back, and you get a regular charger. Or if you have some of the other Eagle products, like I have the string trimmer and the lawnmower. And the lawnmower came with the quick charger; you can actually use that.

So, the regular charger will take 50 minutes to charge up this two-and-a-half-amp battery. With the quick charger, 50 minutes turns into 30 minutes, which is a lot faster. And if you already have it, why not? Also, you can use your other batteries from your other systems as well. Remember earlier when we talked about the actual lawn mower?

You’re buying into a system, so you get the lawnmower; you get a string trimmer if you want the chainsaw. All the batteries are interchangeable. Some are bigger than others. They also have a huge seven-and-a-half-amp battery now for their self-propelled mower. But today, we’re just going to concentrate on the battery that comes with this, which is the two-and-a-half-amp battery.

So, 530 CFM is the second blower that Eagle makes. They make a 480 CFM model as well. So why buy this one when you can just get the 480 when the 480 is less money? It was about $80 cheaper.

Well, if you ask me, why not? Why wouldn’t you want more power when you’re using it to blow things? Second, compared to the old team, this unit is a lot smaller. You can tell it’s not as bulky, it’s very ergonomic, and the entire thing weighs just over 7 pounds. That includes the battery as well.

This is the most powerful cordless blower, hands down at 530 CFM. I went online, did some research, and yeah, there are some more powerful gas ones, but you’re getting into those where you have to have a backpack on, and you have to mix gas. This is no hassle now; if you’re going to be using this for heavy-duty landscaping, maybe not the best option.

You have a variable lever on the top of the handle here. You can go from around 200 CFM up to about 400. And so, under the lowest part, it’ll run for 75 minutes. Go to the higher it will run 30 to 40 minutes.

Of course, that will reduce your time, but there’s also a turbo button. The turbo will kick it up and bring it up to 530 CFM. So why do you need that much power? Well, you might be lazy like me and not get things loose and have something that has been on the driveway for a long time, or this really blows everything out of the water. But under the low, what I like about the low setting, is you can go into corners, for instance, and it’s not going to spray or blowback on you, flower beds, things like that.

And it’s almost like if you’re running a gas version of a blower, that’d be like almost your idol. And so, you can start with your low and then when you need the extra power, you hit the turbo, and it automatically goes all the way up to the top speed. So, let’s check it out. If I hit turbo at 530 CFM, that’s about 110 mph.

So, if you use just the turbo alone, it will probably run you about around twelve to 15 minutes of runtime instead of your 75 minutes. But of course, you are at full max throttle spending at 23,000 pm, and I don’t think you will be using it that much. But as you can see, first of all, it’s a lot of power. It really kicks the whole unit back, and it’s pretty intense for being a blower. I’ve had the chance to use this for about three months before I’m doing this review to get a really good feel of it.

And there really isn’t anything bad I can say about this unit. I used it all around the yard. I don’t have a huge yard but around the garden. I even used it to dry or help dry my cars after washing them, which is really helpful if you don’t have a squeegee. Just take your blower out, it’s light enough, and you can just blow off all that excess water, and it saves a lot of time. If I came up with a couple of negatives, that would probably be the same negatives I had with the string trimmer and the lawnmower on the batteries here.

If you press them there, it does show green. And the beauty of the lithium batteries as well is that they don’t lose power as they wear down. You have about a couple of minutes left when this goes red, and it just dies. I would like to see them have some sort of a bar indicator, maybe like a five-bar indicator, so that you know where you are with that battery. With my small yard, it’s not a huge issue, but sometimes I might forget to charge the battery, and it still shows green, and I’m not sure how much power it really has.

Now my second minor negative, which really isn’t a negative because of this unit. They included a hook to put a strap on this, and that’s handy if you’re doing a lot of, let’s say, you’re in fall. You got a lot of leaves to do, and yeah, it is seven and a half pounds, not a huge amount, but when you have it at full power under turbo mode, it provides quite a bit of a kick since they have the attachments for the strap. It’d be nice if they included a strap, but you can’t have everything. So, would I recommend this 530 CFM ego cordless blower? Absolutely. First of all, I’d get the 530 just because I want more power and like I said, it’s lighter; it’s more compact and more streamlined.

It’s an overall better unit, and you get that bigger battery as well for not much more. But just like I said, with the string trimmer and the cordless lawnmower. This is what the salesman even told me. You can bring it home; you can use it, try it out, see if it has enough power for you and within 90 days, if you’re not happy with it, you just return it. So, it seriously is a no brainer.

Plus, Ego has an extensive warranty, and I have used their customer service once, which has a lot to do with what you’re buying into. First of all, you’re buying into the system, but if it doesn’t have any support on the other end, well, that’s not good either, but I had a problem with my Eagle lawnmower where the handle clip kept on popping loose, and when it pops open, the lawnmower shuts down. As a safety precaution, I phoned the 1800 number. They contacted me back within 24 hours, and two days later, I had the new part. It was that easy.

So anyway, thanks for reading, and click the link above if you want to check out the EGO Power+ LB5302 3-Speed Turbo 56-Volt 530 CFM Cordless Leaf Blower.