Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer 4 Gallon

This Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer that I have been using. I have been using the cheap Harbor Freight backpack sprayer for the past month. It’s a four-gallon sprayer, but it’s not very comfortable if you look at the straps; they’re really thin. Sometimes, it leaks, so you have to watch the nozzle and down the handle. It’s got me through several seasons, and it’s never let me down. I mean, it’s always done the job, so that being said, I decided it was time to upgrade, and I got online did my research. As usual, I always look at reviews and how an item is holding up. Anyways I landed on the Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer. This is also a four-gallon sprayer, and I am doing a little review to point out a few things.

Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer is a professional backpack sprayer, and it’s a no-leak pump. You know that “no leaks” really speak to me because if you’ve ever had a backpack pump and it leaks and gets your back wet or your sleeve wet, it’s just annoying. You can stain your clothes; you know it’s just a mess. So it is a four-gallon sprayer, and it has Viton seals and gaskets. Those are supposed to be great. They’re not supposed to deteriorate and break down. It has four different nozzles with four different spray patterns. This sprayer will deliver up to 150 psi so you can shoot up into trees and penetrate foliage, and it also has a low-pressure regulator that connects to the novel nozzle that brings it down to 25psi, so you have more direct control. The four nozzles include an adjustable brass nozzle, a low volume fan nozzle, a high-volume fan, and then foaming, so those are just a few of the features pointed out.

What’s in the box?

  1. Hose: nice heavy hose, and it feels more like a garden hose than a cheap little plastic hose.
  2. Straps: These are nice thick straps.
  3. Shoulder pads: then got a nice thick shoulder pad. What I’ve been using previously didn’t have much for padding, four gallons of water. A gallon of water is roughly eight and a half pounds plus or minus, so you know you’ve got about thirty-four pounds worth of just the water in the backpack plus whatever the backpack sprayer weight. The previous sprayer weighs around five pounds. Right there, you’re up to forty pounds. That’s a lot of weight carrying on your back and with those thin little straps across your shoulders, and I’m a skinny guy you know those cut in, so it wasn’t very comfortable, and then you get to add that to getting everything spilled on you while you’re trying to use it.
  4. Base plate: It got a nice base plate nice big field cab
  5. Safety screen: Good quality
  6. Sprayer mouth size: Probably the same mouth size as I was using. I think that’s probably pretty standard. That’s about a four-inch mouth, and it’s more than enough to get your chemicals in and water and not make a big mess up.

Well, I have the wand assembled easily and pretty basic. You put the extension on, tightening the nut by using just hand. You can find the little cap to change your tips, so the red one is the high-volume spray I used the most, and then the yellow insert. Inside this cap would be the low volume fan, and then your brass nozzle is a direct stream, so the little spots touching up like so you’re doing dandelion experimentation that kind of stuff, and then there is the little abductor for the foam, and it goes inside there. Then there is the low-pressure regulator, so if you want to regulate this down to 25 psi, you can fix it up on the nozzle.

Also, now on the pump handle, this is ambidextrous so that you can put your pump handle on either side. I’m right-handed, so I’m going to spray with my right hand. Pump with my left, so I’m going to want it on the right side. So what you have are a little bolt and lock nut, and there’s no messing it up that’s either you know it’s pretty straightforward so slide the handle on, put your bolt in, and screws in tightly.

It has a big opening for it, which is excellent, and if you’re putting any chemicals in or things like that. If you’re pouring them in, it has something like a splash guard thing. Because it’s a professional sprayer, you can replace those seals. So, if you look inside this tank, there’s a floating pump that looks like it’s in there as well.

If you’re spraying for, like you know, just spot spraying things in your yard, you’d want to go with something a little bit you know smaller, and if you’re doing something where you want to do like your whole yard spraying for weeds you go with something a little bit bigger.

Actually, you know I sprayed my yard recently, so we had a lot of weed issues last year. We had to basically just scrap our whole front yard, have it tilled up; we had it reseeded. Hopefully, that will work for us, so we’ll be back to sodding it, but let me show you how this sprayer works and why I really like it.

So obviously, this is a backpack sprayer, so it’s got backpack straps on it it’s got a waistband it’s got a chest strap to make it balance on you because four gallons of water in your back you want to make sure you’re balanced out. It’s got all these adjustable straps to adjust it based on your size, you know, so waist straps, things like that, so it’s got plenty of room for that sort of thing.

So the significant benefit of it is two things. You have four gallons on your back; you can spray a large area, so I’m spraying about a seven to eight thousand square foot area with four gallons. It has the fan spray, which I use to treat the yard for anything like weeds and stuff as you have a wide coverage area, so if you’re walking, you can cover an excellent eight to nine feet with it. It allows you to just keep and spray without stopping. You get tremendous pressure the whole time, and I can cover an excellent area for a short period.

So this is Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer, and it costs about $79 to $89 depending on the time. Sometimes, you can get it cheaper, but it depends on your luck. I bought this one from Amazon and got it in two days.

If you’re doing any kind of spraying in your yard, you’re doing bug spraying, spraying trees, or any sort of stuff; this is the sprayer for you. It’s fantastic. It’s quick, and you can load a bunch of chemicals into it and get your spraying done quickly, and that’s what it’s all about.

Excellent review and very informative. I had one of these, but it leaked the same as you. I might try to repair it per your recommendation if I have some spare time.