G-Technology 1TB G-DRIVE ev RaW SSD Portable SSD


Today we are taking a thorough look at the G-Tech Portable SSD, and we are going to find out how it performs compared to all the other storage devices I have tested so far.

We get with the G-Tech are serious mobile SSD. the moment you take out the drive of its packaging, you will notice that the build quality is outstanding. Also included in the packaging is one USB-A to Micro-B cable and one USB-C to Micro-B cable.

These drives are certified ip67, which means you could submerge them within the water. Still, since they lack a rubber plug for a USB-C connector on the back, I would not recommend you do so. The drive’s housing is reinforced to take a load up to 5,000 kilograms before it gets any damage. You even can drop the drive from a height of 3 meters without any issues.

Performance-wise, G-Tech is very well balanced. In the Blackmagic speed test, you can see that we are achieving the right speed somewhere around 470 megabytes per second and read speeds around 510 megabytes. These are excellent values, especially if you consider the results from the amorphous disk mark; we can see here that we are achieving a sequential read and write speed between 460 and 480 megabytes per second. Those are really great values for just a regular SSD to give you. I’m setting a baseline with the hub of the WD internal drive and the Samsung x5 thunderbolt free drive. This is the fastest drive we have ever had in our benchmarks.

First up are the results from the photocopy test. We’re copying a folder containing 32 gigabytes of photos from one drive to another in this test. As you can see, the WD blue drive has a hard time keeping up with the bunch, and it is the slowest drive in the whole competition. The G-Tech SSD is reaching correct speeds around 300 megabytes and reads around 380 megabytes per second. These results are only topped by the Samsung x5 fundable free drive, which is also the most expensive.

Now let’s take a look at the results of the video copy test. We’re copying a folder with 130 gigabytes of video files from one device to another in this test. Here you can see why the cheat egg our series drives are so unique. They can keep up a high performance when it comes to photos and keep up the performance of video files. We achieve write speeds around 410 megabytes per second and read speeds around 550 megabytes per second. These are exceptionally great values if you consider that this drive has a tiny footprint, and also, you can take it everywhere with you, so it does not matter where you’re working. This drive will always fit into your pocket.

Another thing I should point out is that G-TECH comes in a piece of software with this drive. If you take it out of the box, it is formatted in HFS+, meaning it is meant to work with a Mac-based system. If you want to use it under windows, you can do so. Suppose you install the piece of software on the second partition of this drive. In that case, this one will enable you to interact on a Windows system with HFS+. However, there is a caveat cause these drivers are only working with G-TECH drives, so if you have any other Drive formatted in HFS+, it will not be recognized by Windows.

So, my overall say about G-TECH is an excellent portable SSD drive. With this drive, you’re getting a pretty good return on investment. This drive delivers fast read and write speeds and can take quite a punch since it’s rugged.