How to Post Product Review

Please read this before posting a product review! Treat others with respect and remember to always be civil. Do not use this platform for direct sales or self-promotion. You are free to share your products reviews and get others reviews on the same product. :+1:

To post a product review please follow the steps below:

Setting Up Your Account

  1. You need to Sign Up an account before you can post a product review or reply to other product reviews. You can Sign Up either with your Email, Google, Twitter, Discord or Amazon.
  2. After you Sign Up you can upload your own profile picture.

Posting a Product Review
Note: To make sure your post is approved by us, please make sure your product review is minimum of 500 words and use the product name at least 5 times in the review. Use only your own picture for the product and if you are using other pictures from Amazon or Google, your review will not be published.

  1. On the homepage, you will see the “+ Product Review”

  2. Expand the Editor by dragging the purple line upwards

  3. Please fill in The product name in Title Box.

  4. Select the category that is suitable for your product.

  5. Upload a minimum of 5 your own pictures/photo for the product. (No Amazon/Google photos)

  6. Select the uploaded images and click the tiles icon on the editor taskbar to turn the pictures into a nice gallery. You can see the image gallery in the preview on the right.

  7. Put your Amazon Associates link below the </div> tag and select the link, then click the hyperlink icon.

  8. It will open a pop-up to insert your link and Click OK.

  9. Proceed writing your product reviews (minimum 500 words and ideally 1000-1500 words) and you are recommended to upload pictures in the article as well.

  10. Tips for writing good product review:

  • Describe the product in details (weight, physicals appearance, color etc.)
  • Lay out the Pros and Cons for the product
  • Use it for at least 1 week before you write a review.
  • Edit your review after 1 month/ 3 months / 6 months after use and how the product performs during all this time
  • Do a comparison with previous product you have used for the same purpose.
  • Suggest any improvement if any that you like for the product
  • Explain whether do you recommend the product to others
  1. After finishing your review, click the “+ Create Topic” at the left bottom to submit your product review for moderation. Your product review will be published in 24 hours if approved and you will be notified via email.