How to Register Free Amazon Associates Account

We strongly recommend all our members to register for Amazon Associates account so that you can generate commissions for your product reviews. Amazon typically pay 3-4% from item value for any product purchased on Amazon after they clicked on your Amazon Associates link. Some of our members are generating around $40-$50 per product review posted on

You can register for Free by following the tutorial below:

  1. Click here to go for Amazon Associates Sign Up

  2. Fill in the information needed as below and click “Create Your Amazon Account”

  3. Solve the authentication process to proceed

  4. Check your email for OTP from Amazon

  5. Add mobile number to your account.

  6. Enter the Payment Details and click “Next”

  7. You need to have a blog for the account approval so you need to create a free Blogspot blog. Follow this tutorial to create a free blog. Put your blog URL into the box and click “Add” and then click “Next”

  8. Tick the “No” and click " Confirm"

  9. Follow the image below to fill in the details (click to enlarge) and then click “Finish”

  10. Alright, your account is created and you are ready!

  11. You can fill in your Payment & Tac Information by clicking the “Now” button or you can come back later to complete it.

  12. To get the Amazon Associates link for a specific product follow this tutorial.