INZZA D-26 IPL Laser Hair Removal

Hi, my name is Sabrina Sparks. I have tried out the INNZA D-26 IPL hair removal device, and I will share how it goes. I bought this device for myself as an early birthday present from Amazon, and it finally came in the mail. I was so excited, and I’m going to be trying it out for eight weeks because that is what it says on the suggestion as to how long it will take to get permanent hair removal.

So I’m going to be trying it out for the entire eight weeks to see how it perform. I’m letting you guys know whether it’s effective and bringing you along on the journey. So, if you’re interested in this hairless journey, make sure to stick around.

I’m going to be using the hair on my arm as our fixed sample to show you how good the progress is or how bad the progress is. So, this is my arm’s starting length and coarseness before any treatment today, it is January 27th, so I’m going to be using this razor to trim the hair first. My ghost-white arm was shaved and ready to start the IPL. I bet it’s going to turn over the freckle or mole.

So it turned on the power by holding down the pink button. Now there’s some fan going. That is adjusting the strength, and I think I need the maximum strength according to the guide because I have the darkest hair and the lightest skin. This thing is loud. It sounds like a noisy computer or something. So, it says it’s in the manual when you turn it on, and if you hold the button down for two seconds, it should turn it into automatic mode, and you’ll see an A on the screen.

So let’s try that. OK, it is working now. I think I’ll have to hold it up against the skin flat, and it will start working. So, I will hold it up against the skin. It’s sparking. It almost feels like if somebody were to like using Sparkle lighter on your skin. I guess it is warm, and it definitely smells like burning hair. Let’s hope it works. It’s not really painful, even on dark hair, but It’s definitely warm. I’m just currently doing my second application with this. It’s been almost a week since the first one. I haven’t seen any progress yet, which is normal. You’re not supposed to see any improvement after the first session. I guess I will just keep doing this.

[3 Weeks After]

So at this point, I’ve officially been using the IPL for over three weeks, and I was questioning whether it was working, but I have some results. If you look closely, you can see the density of what my hair usually is like, or here on my arm, where it hasn’t taken much at all. But there’s an entirely bald patch there if you look beside it. It’s like a bald there; then it’s hair around it. Now on this arm. It’s kind of similar. There are few bald patches right there, mostly just thinning.

So it is working exactly how I was expecting it to. I was reading online that people were using IPL devices to thin out their hair, and I was like, what if it goes like super spotty and blotchy? And that’s precisely what it’s doing, so I probably wouldn’t recommend this device for thinning out your hair. I would only recommend INNZA D-26 IPL Hair Removal

if you are going for a complete hair loss, but that being said, we still have like five weeks more to go before permanent results.

So I just think it’s interesting because where the hair is not growing, it looks as if it was just stopped growing after I shaved it like the hair is not entirely gone; it just seems as if I just shaved my hair stayed that way.

[5 Weeks After]

There are still hairs growing through those pores. I’m going to use my IPL device a couple more times. As you can see, I am developing a little bit of a tan because it is like the summer sun starting now, and our days are super long. So that being said, we do know, as mentioned earlier in this video, that if you have a tan, the IPL device is not going to work its best, and the darker the tan gets, the less efficient IPL is going to work. So I’m going to use it a couple more times, and then I’m going to probably put this on pause until the fall again when my tan is all gone.

[8 Weeks After]

So it has been a full eight weeks. I gave it the good old college try. I did have to say I do have to say that I used it on my legs only once, and they came out patchy, but literally, there’s complete hair removal from using it on my legs once, so that is crazy. So that was one of the main reasons I bought it is. I wanted to see if it would work on those hairs before I went and tried actual laser hair removal out of the spa.

I shaved my arms the other day in preparation before doing some IPL. I used it once a few days ago. I initially thought that I would use this device to thin out my hair. It doesn’t work for that purpose because it works more efficiently in some areas than others.

So if you’re looking to thin out your hair, this is definitely not the device for you, in my opinion. But if you are going for a completely hairless look eventually or for some permanent hair loss, INNZA D-26 IPL Hair Removal is perfect.

Then I would say that this could definitely have some good results. I’ve seen some significant hair loss compared to when I started. Since I’m not going to be doing any more IPL until next year, I wanted to grow the hair on my arms for a couple of weeks to show you guys the final results.

[After 11 Weeks]

After a few weeks, the hair is definitely super patchy. There are some prominent spots where the hair is slightly more coarse, and there are definite bald patches all over my arm. So if this is something that you’re interested in doing for thinning out your hair, it may work for you. Still, overall you can see that it had significantly reduced the hair volume compared to when I first started.

So overall, I would say that it definitely works. It has substantially reduced the amount of hair on my arms, and although it’s not entirely hair-free or is not entirely even, it is effective. I think that if you have a lot thinner hair than mine and your skin tone is still really light, this might be the perfect option for you and would probably be highly effective.

I think that if I wait until next season, once my tan has faded and I use this again for a few weeks, my arms will be completely hair-free. So, I am definitely in support of this product. Money well spent, in my opinion, but let me know what you guys think down in the comments below.

I purchased this on Amazon, and I put the link above. It was very highly rated and also pretty inexpensive, so definitely a worthwhile purchase, in my opinion, but let me know what you guys think down in the comments below, and I guess that is it for this review. I will come back after some time to update how it goes.