JumpSport 350 Pro Fitness Trampoline Review

I’ve been teaching rebounding classes for over 7 years. So today, I am here to review the JumpSport 350 Pro and compare it with JumpSport 550 Pro and Darchen Fitness Trampoline.

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1.0 What is a Fitness Trampoline?

A fitness trampoline is a type of exercise equipment used to burn calories and improve fitness. It is also known as an exercise trampoline or jumping board. The primary purpose of this equipment is to provide a way for people to exercise at home without going to the gym. This means that it can be used by people who are too busy, disabled or simply unable to leave their homes to get some exercise.

1.1 Exercise on Fitness Trampoline

Benefits of exercise on fitness trampoline:

  • It helps you lose weight and get fit by burning calories. The fitness trampoline burns more calories than most other types of exercise. You can burn up to 100 calories per minute on it!

  • It improves your overall health by strengthening your muscles and bones.

  • It makes you more robust and more flexible.

  • Increased flexibility and coordination.

  • Improved cardiovascular health.

  • Lower back pain relief.

  • Improved bone density.

1.2 Features

It came in a box, fully assembled other than the legs. I just had to put the legs on. They are arched legs in that, and why they have arched legs? The arched leg design is much more efficient in preventing tipping than straight legs.

The price base, not tax, will run around $329. You’re going to have 510 square inches of a bounce area. Now when we say workout area with the skirt. So the skirt is right on end. The skirt and the bounce area are 915 square inches, so you’ll have about 32 inches or so of bouncing space elastic cords. The weight rating for the JumpSport 350 Pro is up to 275 pounds.

The unit is made in China, and some of you will care about that. So, the assembly was straightforward. It came almost fully assembled other than you have to put the legs on, and they give you a hex key. You put the legs on, and that’s simple. So, I’m going to get on the rebounder, and I’m going to talk about the balance. It’s a very quiet rebounder. Bungees are known to be very quiet and have a nice, smooth bounce. It’s smooth, and it has a lot of giving here. It’s not super firm, and it’s not super soft. I need to tell you here. There are three settings of firmness level. So, what I’m going to show you, I’m going to try to bring the rebounder, and I’m going to show you what I mean by the firmness.

And then you have this setting so you can set your firmness. So, you get three settings in the cords to select your firmness. So, I do like that feature about this rebounder. I find the balance is smooth. I’m 128 pounds, and this is the perfect bounce for me.

1.3 What I Don’t Like

What I do not like about it is that it’s a minimal bounce space, so I feel constrained with the exercises I can do, and I feel super cautious because I want to ensure that I’m landing my feet on the mat surface. It’s such a small surface that I think many moves are minimal.

So overall, the construction of the elastic in the mat is perfect, but I’m not so big on the tiny space. So if you don’t mind the small bounce space at $329, this will be a great rebounder. So that’s what I would say to you. The balance is smooth, you get to pick three settings and high-quality construction, but if you want a bigger bounce space, then this rebounder would not be the one for you. So that is what I will say with that.

1.4 Customer Service

Customer service. It is quick, and they are very responsive. JumpSport is a responsive company getting back to you. I do like that about JumpSport. You’ve got to sit and think, are you OK jumping on this minimal mat surface? If you’re not, I would consider the JumpSport 550 Pro.

The customer service is terrific. They get back to you quickly, and when you order, it comes in quickly. So it’s a great company in my opinion.

2.0 JumpSport 350 Pro and JumpSport 550 Pro Fitness Trampoline Comparison

2.1 Bounce Area

So let’s go ahead and talk the bounce area of the JumpSport 350 Pro is 510 square inches, and the bounce area of the Jumpsport 550 Pro is 729 square inches. So, you can tell if you want a bigger bounce space, you will go with the JumpSport 550.

2.2 Elastic Cords and Setting Variability

There are 30 elastic cords on the JumpSport 350 Pro model; on the other hand, JumpSport 550 Pro model, there are 36 elastic cords. So you’re going to get three firmness levels on the JumpSport 350, and on the JumpSport 550, you will get seven settings from soft to firm. So let me explain to you what the settings are? Because I asked the same questions before.

They have the springs and two knots on the elastic cords, and the settings will move the spring’s tension. You can move them from firmer to softer with the bungees, and this is how they’re set up. So that’s what they mean by the settings, and you can play with the settings to fit what you like. Again, the 350 will give you three settings, and the 550 will provide you with seven.

2.3 Weight Rating and Assembly

So let’s go to the weight rating. The JumpSport 350 Pro will hold an individual up to 275 pounds, and the JumpSport 550 Pro will hold up to 325 pounds. Now, if you are concerned about weight, being able to pick it up, get in and out and stuff like that. The 350 model is approximately 21 pounds, and the 550 model is around 26 pounds.

Both rebounders have arched legs. The difference is the 350, you got to get a hex key to take off the legs, and the 550 they have like a pot pen and screwed knobs, and you can just take it off quickly. These models’ design and functions may matter to you, so choose wisely.

They’re both straightforward and effortless to assemble. The 550 comes up, and when you get it, it comes folded, and you unfold it. You put some of the bungees on and the legs on. Super simple, and you need only ten minutes to complete the assembly.

For the 350, the legs are off and come fully assembled in the box. So, you take it out and just put it on the legs. I want to say that the assembly of the 350 and the 550 are very basic, very straightforward, and one individual can do it, and it does not take a lot of time, so I was very impressed with that feature. So, you don’t have to worry about assembling or putting it together.

So, suppose you’re in an apartment or have minimal space, definitely 100%. In that case, I will say the 550 pro folding is the way you want to go because it can easily be put together and disassembled, put underneath your bed, or put in the corner of a closet, and I do like that feature.

2.4 Balance

During testing, I have the JumpSport 350 Pro on my right and my left, and I have the JumpSport 350 Pro series, so I’m going to get on both and test which one fits me best. In the JumpSport 550 Pro, I am on a bigger bounce space, and I prefer that the bounce is firmer. I am 128.00 pounds, and I work out intensely, and I can tell because I wear my heart rate monitor, which is good on this JumpSport 550 Pr. I’m lightweight. I have it set on the softest bounce, and even on that, the bounce for me will be a little firm. I don’t mind getting a lot of work out on that.

Now I’m going to come on the JumpSport 350 Pro. I’ll be honest with you; I love the bounce of the 350. It’s not ultra-firm, and it’s not ultra-soft; it’s just suitable for the weight of my body. But I don’t work as hard as I do on the 350, and if I’m going to work out, I will choose the 550 due to a more extensive bounce area.

Usually, I am more confident in having a larger space if I’m doing jacks or air jacks and doing another exercise. I like the larger bounce space, so my review is the comparison between JumpSport 350 Pro and JumpSport 550 Pro rebounders.

2.5 Which Models to Choose?

You have to ask yourself some questions before you make your choice. For example, do I have a small space? Do I need to fold it up? If so, the 550 is really the way to go if you don’t mind the small space.

Suppose you want a little bit for your smaller frame person like me and a smoother bounce, not so firm but not so soft. Then, the 350 is the way to go. But, if you want a bigger balance space, I just got to say the 550 is the winner.

So, if you’re going to ask me, personally, which one would I buy? I’m going to buy the 550, and it’s not going to be because it folds and saves me space. It’s going to be because I love that extra balance space, and I know I will get a phenomenal workout because I wear my heart rate monitor, and I’m pushing a lot more due to the firmness. So, it’s not ultra-firm, but it’s firmer than the 350.

JumpSport 350 Pro is like more play fun for me, and it takes a lot more to get my heart rate up because the bounce is a little bit easier on my body, if that makes sense. So in this bounce, it’s not necessarily more manageable, but I’m working harder because it’s firmer, so my reactions when I’m going down with that G-force I need to work more.

So I hope this has helped you guys. I think JumpSport is a great product. I don’t think you will go wrong with either one you choose. You just got to sit and ask yourself what I want to do. Do I want a bigger bounce space? Am I OK with that smaller bounce space? Do I need something that folds? Do I want a softer balance? Do I want a firmer balance? You have to answer these personal questions before you get one, so I hope this review helped, and I don’t feel you can go wrong.

My mom bought a Darchen fitness trampoline from Amazon, and I will compare it to my JumpSport 350 Pro below. Darchen is a much cheaper alternative to JumpSport 350 Pro, and you can see a lot of difference in quality for these fitness trampolines.

3. JumpSport 350 Pro Versus Darchen Fitness Trampoline

I’m going to talk about the JumpSport 350 Pro that I use almost daily, and I will compare it to the Darchen from Amazon. I know that you know, I do it myself. So if you’re going to buy something, you go, well, maybe I can get it on Amazon.

So, if you’re thinking, you know, maybe you don’t want to spend the money on, JumpSport right now. And you’re thinking, perhaps I should go to Amazon and see what I can get. There are many options on Amazon, but at the end of the day, nothing is as good as the JumpSport. So, I’m going to go over why that is and show you the differences.

The Darchen rebounders from Amazon are rated well, you know, pretty well, 4.7 out of five. So you might be asking yourself. Why does the girl who’s always on a JumpSport trampoline even have a Darchen from Amazon? And the reason for that is that my mom got into rebounding a little bit as well.

She wanted to have her rebounder. She likes to go for walks, but if it’s raining, she tried just to be able to do some light exercise on a rebounder, but she wasn’t ready to make the total financial commitment. So if she was just going to be doing little, you know, health bounces or walking on a rebounder.

So, she did, just like we all do as consumers, and she went to Amazon, found this Darchen and ordered it. And I was excited because as soon as she did, I knew I would review it and compare it with the JumpSport 350 Pro.

3.1 Price Difference

So, let’s get started. The JumpSport 350 Pro is $329 on Amazon, while the Darchen is priced at $119.99. This was a big difference between the JumpSport 350 Pro and the Darchen. So the JumpSport 350 Pro comes almost fully assembled. All the bungee cords are on. Everything’s good to go. All you have to do is put the legs on.

3.2 Assembly and Installation

So, with the Darchen, you must assemble the whole thing yourself. It comes in all of the pieces, and honestly, it gets dangerous. My mom, when it got here, and she and my dad were both sitting on the floor with their feet on the thing, holding it, pulling the bungees. I was scared it was going to snap. It was almost dangerous. It was tough to set up.

My mom did know when she read her reviews a lot that it said it was very hard to assemble. So, she expected it already, but it takes quite some time to assemble all the parts.

3.3 Arched Leg Versus Straight Leg

The shape is round for both JumpSport 350 Pro and Darchen, but the legs are different. So, on the Darchen, you have a straight leg, and on the JumpSport, you have an arched leg.

They did that on purpose. Having that arched leg, obviously, aesthetically, I think it looks better. Having it arched is for safety reasons, and it’s easier to stack, but the best thing about it is the safety reasons. So, JumpSport 350 Pro is designed to be no tip. You never want to be bouncing on the far over, and I know I’m not going to tip.

While on the Darchen, I’m scared to stand on the edge. It hurts my foot. So the arch legs are a huge feature of the JumpSport 350 Pro as the fitness trampoline, and it is an essential feature.

3.4 Rebounding Surface Quality

Another difference is the rebounding surface. You can definitely tell the quality difference between the rebounding surface for JumpSport 350 Pro and the Darchen.

The rebounding surface size for JumpSport 350 Pro is a little bit bigger than the Darchen, and they’re a little bit thinner, and you can just tell by touching it. However, it is really stretchy, and when I compare it with Darchen, I can barely stretch it.

3.5 Bungee Cords and Tension Settings

With the JumpSport 350 Pro, you get 36 bungee cords with seven tension settings. So that means you can make it have more tension if you want it to; you can make it looser. While Darchen only offers you one setting, and that’s it. So you cannot mess with it.

3.6 Weight Capacity

One of the main things people talked about in the reviews of the Darchen on Amazon was that its weight capacity is 450 pounds. However, with the JumpSport 350 Pro, the weight capacity on this particular one is only 300 pounds.

However, JumpSport has JumpSport 550 Pro series trampolines, and I do have one of those. I would have the comparison for JumpSport 350 Pro and JumpSport 550 Pro above if you missed it.

3.7 Rebounding Effect

The most significant difference between these two fitness trampolines is that there is no comparison regarding the rebounding effect. So, when I get on my JumpSport 350 Pro and do a little health bounce, I feel I’m bouncing very comfortably. I could do this all day long. It feels good.

When I bounce, you can see that my knees are coming up. It’s not hard for me. It’s not hurting me. It’s very low impact. And that’s what rebounding is supposed to be. I can high bounce, and that mat just helps, you know, rebound me back up.

So, on Darchen, completely different story. I can use my feet to propel myself up, but it’s not comfortable. It does not feel good. I don’t feel good. So here’s my balance on this one. It’s so hard and like you feel it in your shins, and I don’t even want to stand on it. But you want to ensure that you get the best product for your health journey.

3.8 My Conclusions

And that is always by far the JumpSport 350 Pro fitness trampoline. If you’re thinking about doing an Amazon trampoline, you can do it, but you will regret it. And you’re always going to wonder, would the JumpSport 350 Pro have been so much better? And the answer is yes, I’m telling you.