Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer Review

I am diving into the Kat Von D Good Apple lightweight full-coverage concealer. So, I’ve had this concealer in my collection for a while, and I’ve worn it many times. So, I know exactly how I feel about it, and I wanted to do a full review and share my experience with you guys. So let’s dive right into it.

General Info on Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer

This Kat Von D concealer retails for $28 and comes in 32 different shades. It is an extreme long-wear crease-resistant concealer with the same hydrating, lightweight, full-coverage as the KVD’s beauty, iconic Good Apple foundation. They claim it to be full coverage natural finish, and it does have raspberry stem cells, which provide deep moisturizing benefits for all-day comfort and hydration.

And it also has the apple extract in rich antioxidants to help nourish the delicate eye area. I’ve worn this many times, and I know exactly how I feel about it. I was excited about this concealer because I like the Good Apple foundation.

How to Apply the Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer

It all depends on how you apply it; if you use too much of this, it looks terrible. But, on the other hand, Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer does not forgive if you get heavy-handed. In fact, I will typically dip into this about twice, and I will spread it as far as I can before I even think about adding more. Because if I apply it the right way, blend it out very evenly, and push it into the skin with a sponge, I’ve done the lightest amount because it is such full coverage.

It lasts all day and looks so beautiful on my skin, but if I get heavy-handed, it’s like, it’ll go from being one of the prettiest foundations to one of the worst foundations very fast. So I was excited to see this new concealer from Kat Von D and very curious.

Before we jump into the application, I want you to know my age, skin concerns, and what I like and dislike about concealers. I feel like you need to understand what I like and dislike.

When they’re reviewing makeup, especially complexion products, we all have different skin types and different skin concerns. Of course, we all have different needs from our foundation and our concealer. So, I feel this information is crucial for you.

My Skin Info Concealer Preferences
40 years old Natural
Dry/Normal skin Medium to full coverage
Acne prone Lightweight
Hyperpigmentation Soft matte or radiant
Visible pores Non cakey
Dark circles No crusty undereyes

I am wearing the medium 152 for medium to tan skin with a neutral yellow undertone. And it matches me to perfection. So I will swatch this shade next to other concealers. So you guys can look forward to that in this swatch in the comparisons section of the review, but for now, we’re going to go ahead and jump into the application.

Application for Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer

I will apply it on the undereye and then do a midday daylight check-in. So, I will go outside and zoom in real close so I can see how the concealer looks on the under-eye out in natural daylight, which I feel is so important. These beauty lights do make things look better.

So, I feel like you guys need to see it in natural daylight, and then I will do a 12-hour check-in, and I will see really close to see how it’s looking on the skin and how it wears throughout the day. After the 12-hour check-in, I will get into my final thoughts.

I’m looking a little funky at this moment, but the reason for that is I’m reviewing another eyeshadow palette. Typically, what I like to do is to kind of have everything underneath clean. So I want to do the eyeshadow on the upper lash line, clean it up, put some concealer on, and do the lower lash lines.

So, I bought this Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer in two shades. The shade medium 152that I purchased is absolutely perfect. So, this is not the first time I’ve worn this concealer, and I’ve worn it several times. The other shade I have is tan 161, which is a little too dark, but I feel that this tan 161 will match me perfectly during the summer.

The one thing that I really like about this concealer is I love the dough fit applicator. The doe-foot is fabulous, and it’s like the best doe-foot applicator ever. You get quite a bit on the applicator, and I like to wipe off the concealer on the applicator. I do with my concealers to ensure I don’t use too much.

And then I like to use what’s on the sponge to kind of blend it out. So, I’m not applying a lot, even though it looks like I might be. So, I usually apply the concealer at each end under the eye. I’ve wiped off the applicator, and I’m just using what’s on the sponge. So, then I like to take a brush and blend that out. I’ve worn this concealer more than ten times, and I’ve been testing it. I’ve worn it with little makeup, and I’ve worn it with a complete phase of makeup.

I wore the concealer the other day when I went to a funeral, and I was crying and impressed with how it held up through the tears. It didn’t look gross, which I was happy about. This is a very smooth concealer. It’s soft yet hydrating at the same time. I will go over it with a sponge and kind of push it into the skin.

Next, I’m going to go to the other side and do the same thing, clean up the line. I do the wiping of the applicator and all that because I like to bring my concealer down in the cheek area. That is the only reason why I do it. If I didn’t get my concealer down in that area, I would do like everybody else put on a couple of dots and spread it out.

But I like to bring it down, and wiping off the applicator ensures I don’t apply too much on my ageing under eyes. And I don’t think anyway it is right or wrong. It’s just what works for you. So, when I did the review, it was 10.46 in the morning. So I will go ahead and finish the rest of my makeup and go about my day. I will be doing a midday daylight check-in, so I will go outside and see how it looks in natural daylight.

How the Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer Perform

And for the 12-hour wear test, I will come back later this evening and see how it holds. So after seven hours, I can see the concealer still looks so good and natural on my under eyes. It doesn’t look dry, and it looks excellent. I’m so, so impressed with the way that this Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer performs.

So I have worn this Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer for 12 hours. I think the concealer is holding up quite well for being on for 12 hours. But it’s starting to get a bit of creasing. It’s starting to get a little patchy around the eye area.

I mean, it’s gotten a little crusty, but it has worn so beautifully all day. It is 12 hours, and I feel like from afar, I feel like this concealer looks pretty good for being on for 12 hours. I don’t know if anybody will get up too close to see the patchy area, but I think this concealer looks suitable for being on for 12 hours.

My Final Verdict on Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer

I love this concealer and think it is such a great one. And like I mentioned before, I did wear it at a funeral and of course, I cried. That’s just what happens, and I felt like this concealer was so forgiving for crying.

I was able to kind of dab it and kind of dab it out, and I felt like I was still maintaining some coverage. I lost the full coverage, but I almost got the medium coverage. This is an excellent concealer. Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer will be a part of my regular rotation, and the same goes for the doe-foot applicator.

I love the shades, and I love the way it makes my under eyes feel. I feel it’s very hydrating on the under-eye area, and I also love the coverage. When I had COVID, I had darker circles than I was used to when I got sick, and my under eyes were much darker.

After some time, they’re starting to go back to normal. So as I got back into makeup and I was getting better, I didn’t have to reach for a color corrector using this Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer with my other concealers. I was using a color corrector to correct before going in with a concealer. But because this one has such great coverage, I don’t feel the need to do that.

On a scale of one to five, I’m giving it a five because I like that it’s hydrating and long-wearing. So I can give it that as long as it’s lasting six to eight hours without creasing.

So, I’m delighted with this concealer, and I’ve loved it every time I’ve worn it. So, hats off to Kat Von D for creating a fantastic full-coverage lightweight concealer. That’s the key here. It’s full coverage, but it’s lightweight. Natural feeling concealer with some hydration, but it’s not too much hydration to the point where it emphasizes every wrinkle.

That was my biggest complaint with the Tom Ford shade and Illuminate concealer, which I used the two shades I have from that. That was my biggest complaint with that concealer, as it was too hydrating. And because of that much hydration, it emphasized every wrinkle I had.

It was almost like putting a highlighter on there. It just highlights too much as hydration can highlight. This is the right amount of hydration, where it gives the under-eye a little teeny bit of a glow. Still, it’s not too much hydration emphasizing every wrinkle, but it’s also a natural finish and kind of melts into the undereye.

It doesn’t set on top of the skin and with a concealer. That’s very important because our under-eye area is such thin skin, and you do not want a concealer setting on top of it. You want it to kind of melt into the skin. So this Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer does a great job. It melts into the skin and makes it look natural throughout the day.

I personally love this Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer. So, if you guys have been in the market for a full-coverage concealer, I suggest trying this one because I love it. So that’s it for the review, and thank you so much for reading my review on Kat Von D Good Apple Concealer.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I will see you all in my following review.