Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

I will review the Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. I did purchase this product myself, and any opinion expressed in this review is strictly my own. That said, the link is below if you are interested in this product or want to learn more about it.

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What’s In The Box

The Lefant M210 comes in a retail box and packaging with its logo and branding on the back. First, we have the instruction guide and manual walking us through everything we need to know about the Lefant M210, from what’s included to a nice product diagram for the unit and the docking station dustbin remote control. Then we have the setup instructions to prep our area before use, followed by some quick-start options, making sure you have everything set up correctly.

It takes anywhere between three and a half and four and a half hours to charge this robot vacuum fully. Next, we have our mobile app instructions you through, the QR code, and how to download the mobile app, or you can search for the Lefant Life App on iOS and Android app stores.

We have our programming and setup instructions there for the mobile app, walking you through everything you need to know step by step and how to use all the different cleaning modes and features for the Lefant M210. Then we have scheduling options, maintenance tips and tricks, and dustbin cleaning instructions.

The indicator light and alarm sound chart are in the manual, as additional troubleshooting at the back, and some product specs and warranty information. Next, we have the remote control and AAA batteries for the remote control. An extra air filter is also included. We have four side cleaning brushes. Two will go on the unit, and we’ll have two spares.

As for the charging dock, we have an indicator light that you can see from the back or the other side. We have four nice feet giving us great contact at the bottom to keep it in place so it won’t move and slide around. Lastly, we have the robot vacuum itself.

Lefant M210 Design

Firstly, you can see six simple steps to set up the vacuum cleaner on top. We can gently peel off that sticker, and you can see the rest of the vacuum from the top with the power button and their logo and branding.

We can open up the cover to reveal the dustbin and can also easily remove the dustbin. After you remove the dustbin, you can see the air filter, and we can easily clean and replace them as needed. On the top of the cover inside, we have additional information on some of the lights and indicators that the vacuum.

It is convenient to have that information right there. Next, we will describe it from the side. We have our IR sensors, and please pay attention that there’s no bumper like many other robot vacuums have. This robot is just going to navigate with the sensors.

Next, we move to the bottom, and you will see the spring-loaded omnidirectional wheels and the part where our side cleaning brushes will be installed. They’re marked left and right for you. We have our charging contacts, three cliff sensors, and some additional product information.

Lastly, you may notice that Lefant M210 has no main brush roller or anything like that. This robot will use those side cleaning brushes to sweep the contents to the middle, then suck up everything through the small channel. You only have to install the side cleaning brushes, and you are good to go.

They’re not color-coded or labeled or anything like that. So you can use either one brush on either side. You need to line up the squares, gently press, and it will snap right in place, and you need to do the same thing on the other side.

Mobile App Setup for Lefant M210

After we get the vacuum set up, let’s go ahead and get the mobile app set up. Firstly, you need to download the Tuya mobile app on your phone. It was as simple as scanning the QR code at the robot’s top and creating an account. Next, sign in, and you’ll be at the home screen, where you are ready to add new devices.

Lefant M210 uses the Tuya smart app, so if you are already a smart life app user, you can add the vacuum right from within that app. You can download the Tuya app if you want to. So, on the home screen app, we can select add the device by choosing the vacuum; it’s the M210.

Next, we’re prompted that we need to go ahead and enter our WiFi information. Make sure at this step you’re connected to a 2.4 gigahertz WiFi network, and then go ahead and select the next button. After you do that, we’re prompted to reset the device, so make sure the vacuum’s powered on. It took less than 20 seconds, and everything was successfully set up.

After that, you can see the M210 was added to the app. You can edit the name right there and select done. Let’s look at the vacuum settings in more detail. So first up, in the top right-hand corner, we can view and edit our device settings. It’s the little pencil icon, so you can select that and change the device’s name.

We can view our device information tap to run in automation settings third-party control options. This feature will work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We can receive an offline notification and share this device with friends or family. Then you can see we can create a group; you may have multiple smart devices you want to run simultaneously.

Then we go to the device network setting and have update options. This feature offers the ability to update the robot vacuum firmware within the mobile app. You also can see cleaning time and current battery level. You can see the control options at the bottom. So, we have the power, standby, smart clean, and return to charging base options.

Lefant M210 can do what they call zigzag cleaning, which will be row-by-row cleaning. That’s probably what that’s supposed to say. Then we have our Edge Mode that will go around and do a perimeter clean. We have our spiral mode, which will allow us to do a spot clean in one area. Then we also have our manual controls where we can drive the vacuum ourselves.

And lastly, you can see in the settings that we can adjust the suction level to low, medium, or high. Remember, the stronger the suction, the faster the battery will deplete, but the better cleanness you’ll get. Then we have the feature to seek the robot. Once activated, it’s going to beep for us.

Lastly, we have the timer or schedule options to set a schedule for this vacuum. So you can choose the hour, minute, AM, PM, and which days of the week you want it to repeat. You can choose to receive a notification when it’s completed the clean. You also have the ability to leave a note to remind you something about this schedule, and then you can choose what you want to have happen as well.

Cleaning Modes for Lefant M210

First is the smart auto mode, where it will just navigate freely. It’ll move in a random pattern. It won’t make sense to us as it randomly navigates around the house. So you can see it’s just going to go around and move freely as it sees fit to clean.

Next up, we have it in the zigzag navigation mode. The vacuum goes back and forth. You’ll see that it will follow a consistent pattern and honestly make rows. So it will just come down one direction and then follow that line back down the opposite direction. In our test, it went from a hard surface to our rug; no issues there at all.

It can navigate freely on the carpet, turn around, and continue with the zigzag pattern. Also, you can see in the mobile app it’s completing the rows without any problem on any surface. That’s cool. It may go back and forth the whole way, depending on where you started. But check that out. It creates a real-time visual indicator for the cleaning progress going back and forth row by row.

Next up, we have the vacuum edge cleaning mode. So it’s going to follow around the perimeter of the room, and it’s just going to follow the edge of the room and all the baseboards and give you a nice clean in that specific area and just following around the perimeter and outline of your whole house.

Next, we have spot clean mode. So it’s true to its name; it will spiral around and around in one spot, giving you a nice clean in that area. So you can see it starts small and continues to get larger and larger before working back in on itself, and it finishes just cleaning that specific area.

After some time, you may notice the pattern is getting smaller and smaller again. That indicates it is getting closer to having the spiral mode finish, and when it does, it’ll stop and emit a couple of beeps. After the cleaning is finished, it will make its way back to the charging dock.

Last but not least is the manual mode. You can see with this mode, we have a couple of options. The first option is to press the arrow on the mobile app and drive the vacuum as we see fit. And what’s fun about this is when you hold the arrow, It’ll turn forever as long as I’m holding it down. There’s no backward mode per se. It will change the direction for you before it goes forward, so you don’t have to hold it down to have it go forward.

Next, we move on to the suction level adjustment and the sound it produces. We experimented while it was cleaning on the carpet. We adjusted the suction from medium to high setting. There is a noticeable difference in the volume level. As we would expect, when we increase the suction, the vacuum will be louder, and it’s definitely noticeable.

If you want it quieter, we can put it in low mode, and you can see it’s reasonably quiet. You can choose the suction strength depending on the surface. If you’re cleaning on a hard floor surface, do a lighter suction setting, and if you have a carpet that you’re cleaning. You want to ensure that it’s getting the best cleaning possible, then turn it up to that middle or high setting, helping to lift anything trapped in your carpet.

So remember, when the vacuum’s finished cleaning or needs to recharge, it’ll make its way back home automatically. If you want to activate it yourself, you can do it within the mobile app or with the included remote control.

Cleaning Performance for Lefant M210

Let’s look at the result by looking at our dustbin. We picked up some tissue debris and a lot of pet and human hair. Also, we saw a lot of crumbs in there. I saw really fine dirt, dust, crumbs, grass clippings, and the tissue we sucked up in there too. It looks like pet hair, human hair, all that good stuff. The inside looks great, and there are no tangles, as expected since we don’t have a main brush roller.

The side cleaning brushes don’t have any tangles, maybe a little bit of human hair. So occasionally, check your unit and make sure every component is in tip-top shape, and if you have any tangles, remove them and cut them away as needed.

But you will only get as thorough or deep of a clean with a unit like this with the main brush roller. But with that being said, it’s more capable of going over thick shag rugs and things like that, where it won’t get stuck, and you don’t have to worry about as much maintenance.

My Verdict on Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum

The first question you should ask yourself is whether you want a vacuum cleaner or a robot sweeper. Lefant M210 operates more like a robot sweeper. If you have hard floors and surfaces, Lefant M210 will be able to get the job done for a majority of people.

If you want to clean the carpet daily, this will clean your carpets, but it won’t give you as good of a clean, whether it’s carpet or hard floors, as a Shark, a Roomba, Roborock S7 Plus or just about any other robot vacuum because it doesn’t have a main brush roller cleaning system.

Again, Lefant M210 operates mainly like a sweeper. Bring in the crumbs and suck them right up through the little mouth. That’s what you have to ask yourself and what features can or can’t live without. Do you need a self-emptying base, mapping capabilities, mopping attachment, 3D vision for obstacle avoidance, etc? If that’s important to you, then this isn’t going to be the unit for you.

But again, bare-bones, it works with iOS and Android devices and your favorite voice assistant; set a schedule and forget about it, just cleaning hard floors and surfaces, then this stands a real chance for you to enjoy using a vacuum like this.

For a couple of bucks more, it’s worth checking out systems with a better cleaning solution for you at the bottom with those main brush rollers. They will do a better job. Not that this can’t clean or won’t clean, but it just won’t clean as thoroughly. So remember, you get what you pay for.

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