Logitech Combo Touch Versus Folio Touch - Which one should you buy?

We are going to be comparing two keyboards for Ipad from Logitech. The first will be the Combo Touch, and the second will be the Folio Touch. Let’s see which one will be right for you, and this comparison will help you purchase the best keyboard suited for you.

Price Logitech Combo Touch vs. Folio Touch

So let’s go ahead with a price comparison. The Combo Touch is $199, and Folio Touch is $159, which will be the regular price. Obviously, Combo Touch is a bit pricier than Folio Touch.

Design Logitech Combo Touch vs. Folio Touch

Let’s compare the design of both keyboards and see what they offer you. Firstly, for Combo Touch, you’ll first notice that this one has a pretty big trackpad right here, just like any Magic keyboard or bridge keyboard. But the only difference with Folio Touch is you can separate the keyboard from the Ipad case.

The magnets seem secure and clasp very quickly to the case. Combo Touch is also lighted, so when you’re typing at night, the keyboard will light up for you. At the back, you can pop the flap to make your iPad stand, and the good thing about this one is you can leave it like that, put your iPad right on the table, and start typing or drawing.

So, one thing to remember when you buy the Combo Touch keyboard case is that the Apple Pencil can fall out like that as it is not covered or secured. The magnet’s pretty good as is, but keep that in mind. If you’re shoving your IPad inside your bag or tossing it somewhere else, the pencil at the top may fall out. So that’s one of the things about this Logitech Combo Touch keyboard case.

That’s it for this Logitech Combo Touch keyboard, and we move on to Logitech Folio Touch. So when you open up the box, same kind of material as Combo Touch, except this one has a little crease right here at the back. So to open the Folio Touch, this one has a clasp at the side where you can secure the Apple pencil. So you can put your Apple pencil in the clasp and close it as is.

Or if you’re traveling and want to make sure your apple pencil is extra secure, there’s a little pouch under the clasp where you can put your apple pencil in. When you’re using this, the flap has a little magnet in the back, so you can leave it like that and use it just like a regular keyboard.

The keyboard layout for Folio Touch is mainly the same as Combo Touch, but the trackpad on Folio Touch is slightly smaller. I didn’t notice that until I compared them side to side. Regarding build materials, everything is solid, and there is no flex.

The keyboard in Folio Touch is also backlighted, so as far as all the features go, it’s almost the same as the Combo Touch, except the keyboard doesn’t come off from the case. The Folio Touch has a little magnetic flap to keep your Apple pencil in, which Combo Touch hasn’t.

The box for Combo Touch and Folio Touch looks almost the same. I got confused when I was buying the keyboards. In the box picture, Combo Touch is a little bit darker, and the Folio Touch is a little bit lighter, but when you open up the two boxes, the color is almost the same.

Regarding weight-wise, when you’re carrying it, the Folio Touch feels a little bit heavier, which is unusual because the keyboard is not attachable. So there’s no extra magnet, but for some reason, it’s a little bit heavier than Combo Touch.

So like I mentioned above, for Folio Touch, you have a flap at the middle side, and it can fit your Apple Pencil. So inside both cases, it is almost the same. Combo Touch and Folio Touch have a little Logitech logo right in the middle, but the Folio Touch has a different keyboard name at the bottom of the case.

As far as this plastic goes, it feels the same. The most significant advantage of Combo Touch over Folio Touch is removing the keyboard, putting it aside, and using it as a tablet stand.

Regarding the angles on the case, it is the same thing. Combo Touch acts almost the same way as the Folio Touch, except it can go further back because it doesn’t have a keyboard, as you can detach the keyboard. If you’re putting the Combo Touch on the stand, you can see it slides down slightly. Same thing with Folio Touch, but at least it depends on what surface you are on.

Next, Logitech Combo Touch versus Folio Touch on how thin they are.

So Combo Touch feels a little bit thinner than Folio Touch. Again, I’m still trying to understand why it’s like that, but maybe because Combo Touch has a detachable keyboard, they use less material on the side versus the Folio Touch.

Keyboard Performance Logitech Combo Touch vs. Folio Touch

The keyboards for Combo Touch versus Folio Touch are almost the same. There’s no difference in how the keypads press down, but remember that the Combo Touch has a bigger touchpad. When you press the touchpad on Combo Touch, it’s easier to press, and it feels more premium because a little bit bigger. In contrast, the touchpad on Folio Touch feels harder to press

So remember that the touchpad on Combo Touch is a little bit better for your case. The Combo Touch case is more like the traditional tablet user since you can detach the keyboard and use it as a regular tablet without having the keyboard around.

So, if you’re at home, you don’t want to use a keyboard, toss it aside and use this one as a regular tablet. And when you want to start being more productive, typing in emails and everything, you can plug the keyboard back in. Then you have a tablet with a keyboard versus the Folio Touch, which keyboard is permanent.

I believe Folio Touch is designed more for people that like to travel, and the reason why I said that is because with the Apple iPad, you have an Apple pencil with it, and Folio Touch will secure your Apple Pencil during the travel. The Apple Pencil may come off with Combo Touch as it does not come with a pouch or secure way to keep the Apple Pencil.

So with the Folio Touch, not only the Apple pencil is secured, but when you close the flap, it also adds extra protection with a sleeve. It won’t fall unless you push it out from the top or bottom, but you have that additional protection when you hit it on the side.

All right, so that’s it for the Logitech Combo Touch versus Folio Touch. Hopefully, this comparison will help you out whether you want to buy the keyboard, that’s the Folio Touch or the Combo Touch. It’s definitely for two different types of people.

Folio Touch is cheaper because of its quality, while Combo Touch is more premium. It’s about $40 more than the Folio Touch as it has many premium features, just like this bigger touchpad and the removable keyboard.

Hopefully, this comparison will help you to buy a gift for someone or if you want to keep it for yourself. These are for two different types of people, uh, and also has two different price tag.

FAQs for Logitech Combo Touch Versus Folio Touch

Does the keyboard deactivate somehow when it is flipped over on the back? Or will holding it that way still cause the keys to press?

Yeah, it will be turned off.

Does this have the ability to rotate?

It can’t rotate. You can, however, detach the keyboard and use your iPad screen directly for drawing, reading, or watching films. Then utilize the kickstand’s 50-degree tilt adjustment to achieve the ideal viewing angle.

Can you use the keyboard separately or away from the iPad to type?

Please be aware that you must connect the iPad to power the keyboard. The keyboard does not have an inbuilt battery.

Can the trackpad on this keyboard be disabled? Although I enjoy using the keyboard, switching screens unintentionally on the trackpad is annoying.

No, it is not possible to disable or turn off the trackpad.

Does the keyboard have the ability to stow fully behind the case like a Folio Touch?

No, it does not fold behind the case. You must first separate the keyboard from the case (at the magnetic hinge), turn around, and reattach. When you flip the keyboard piece away behind the cover, the touchpad and keys are completely shielded, allowing you to set the case down on any surface without worrying about delicate parts becoming scratched.

Is there anything like magnets that helps keep the unit closed, as in securely closed when folded up?

When closed, the keyboard/screen cover grips the iPad firmly. This makes it impossible for the keyboard or screen cover to open independently.

Thank you so much for reading this Logitech Combo Touch versus Folio Touch comparison.