Logitech G Pro X Wireless Review - Is It Worth It in 2022?

Logitech G Pro X is considered one of the best wireless gaming headsets on the market, and it’s probably one of the most expensive ones as well. But is Logitech G Pro X worth it, and should you even consider buying it in 2022? Or you should think of something else. So without further ado, let’s find out, and as you guest from a title, we will be reviewing the Logitech G PRO X Wireless, the headset with a very long name.

Does Logitech G Pro X Worth it in 2022?

I will give you the answer immediately, whether this thing is worth buying. So here it is. Logitech G Pro X is probably one of the best gaming headsets I have ever used. It is fantastic for gaming, but average for everything else, and Logitech G Pro X might not be worth its price of $230. I would pay more than $150 for it or closer to its usual sales price of $170 if I desperately needed a wireless headset. But why, though? So let’s discuss that now.

Disclaimers for this Logitech G Pro X Review

I will be honest here and give you the complete disclaimers. I did not buy this headset. This headset was sent to me by Streamlabs on Logitech absolutely free of charge because I requested this specific headset. They did not pay me to do an article about this, and they didn’t even ask me to do an article about this, and they had no idea that I was making this article and no one would review it except myself before I uploaded it.

Features of Logitech G Pro X

Let’s go through the good and bad things interchangeably and start with a good one. And the best one is its looks; this headset looks fantastic because even though it’s a gaming headset, it does not give off this gaming vibe. It looks like a premium headset.

Everything is made of either very premium plastic or metal. Part of the headset is metal, and some parts are excellent plastic. It shouldn’t be genuine leather, but you have your leatherette cushions for the pads. You have the coiled cables and can easily change the headset size.

The headset feels heavy but not very heavy on your hand, and it feels incredible to wear. You have all your controls on your left side. You have the mute and volume button nicely located and easily accessible. The volume control is not stabbed, so it is accessible and can move freely.

You have your power button, the charger is a USB-C, and the turn-on and off indicator, and you can easily see it’s on or off. And that’s basically all there is. By the way, the entire headset comes with a pouch, which is very soft, and a very high-quality pouch, which is fantastic.

The charging cable is long, and you have your detachable microphone on the side, which you can bend to whatever shapes you want for the size and fit.

What I don’t Like about Logitech G Pro X

This will be my first downside, but it’s personal because I have a giant head like I’m wearing the size XL helmet. So, I have a large hat, and on its maximum size, it fits me right there, barely on the point that I can see it gives me like a pretty massive dent in my hair, and thankfully the pressure is not that big, and thankfully the cushion on the top is pretty good.

If you have a giant head like I do if you wear size XL helmets or something like that, Logitech G Pro X might barely fit you, and for anyone smaller than that, it’ll fit you perfectly. And as you can see my head, my giant head, the smallest size, barely even covers my ears.

The question you will have about the battery time is how long the battery lasts on Logitech G Pro X. I never had any problems with this headset. I’ve been using this for three months now, and to be fair, I’ve charged it only a handful of times. I didn’t measure the exact number or an exact number of hours. Logitech G Pro X will last, but I play for around four to five hours daily, and the headset is constantly on for at least four or five hours.

I’m charging it once from three to five days. It lasts well, and it charges fast as well. So I am delighted with the Logitech G Pro X battery. Everything sounds great but let me tell you about the awful thing about this headset.

It’s the microphone. Installing the microphone is easy, and your microphone slot is at the side. You are going to slot it like that, and that’s it. Your microphone is connected, and you can shape it however you want, but it sounds awful. I have not used a microphone that sounds that bad.

I’m curious why Logitech made a microphone this bad. It has software features like Blue Voice and things like that, but it does not work. I could not get this microphone quality close to what I consider even remotely good or average.

So I will never use the microphone for me, and thankfully, I have a high-end microphone, and I was surprised to find out about the sound quality of the Logitech G Pro X’s microphone. It is just so wrong. The quality of the microphone lowered the volume as it sounded pretty loud. Nonetheless, I’m not going to use that for my gaming.

Another thing that I could have enjoyed more is its regular sound outside of games, like how it sounds on, for example, when you’re listening to music. It could sound better, and I did not enjoy the music much. It sounds very gamey like you’re listening to the game soundtrack, and it’s not very loud. The sound is not that rich, and I did not enjoy it, but I’m comparing it to the Studio Monitor headsets even though they can be much cheaper than Logitech G Pro X but sound better.

So if you are an avid music listener and want to use this one for the music, Logitech G Pro X is not the best, especially if you are a music producer. Logitech G Pro X is not for music listening; this is purely a gaming headset. And another thing that may be bad for some but not for me, but I will still highlight it. This wireless headset requires a separate dongle, which is a large USB stick to connect to your computer.

The dongle is enormous, and I don’t love its size. The dongle allows you very low latency and wide-speed connection. Literally, it sounds like a regular wide microphone latency-wise, but you should know that it just has it, and it’s a big one.

What I like about Logitech G Pro X

How does Logitech G Pro X sound in games? This headset sounds absolutely fantastic for gaming. The surround sound on this thing is insane. I owned surround sound Logitech headsets in the past, like years ago or maybe ten years ago, and it was insane. But this thing blows—everything out of the water.

The spatial awareness that you can get with this one is insane. If you can hear something happening around you, you can insanely, accurately pinpoint everything, which is terrific. I played a lot of games with this one that requires situational awareness, and a lot of times, it helped me to hear the danger way before I could see it, which is insanely good.

Is Logitech G Pro X Worth the Price in 2022?

I love Logitech G Pro X for gaming, and it is simply fantastic. But the question is, is it worth it? Logitech G Pro X costs $230 base price, and it can go on a discount of $170 to $150. Is it actually worth it for those prices?

For me, $230 for Logitech G Pro X will probably not happen. Even though it looks fantastic and the build quality could be better. However, the functionality of this is worth less than $230. If it had a tremendous microphone, it might be worth it if you are not going to use the microphone a lot but as just headphones.

The main reason why this is not worth the total price is because of its wired version. The wired headset is precisely the same thing as this one, except that it is wired and has a base price of $130, and it is constantly on sale for below a hundred dollars.

The wired version will cost half of the wireless Logitech G Pro X version, and it sounds and feels almost the same, except that the wireless version is a bit lighter than a wired one. Is the wireless functionality worth the double price?

Well, unless you need to go fully wireless, no if this was Bluetooth or through Wi-Fi or any other means except for its proprietary dongle. It’s worth it because I could connect to multiple devices, but it requires a dongle nonetheless.

It still requires a connection to the computer, a physical connection to the computer, and you need to charge it constantly. So I’m sitting in front of my computer right here; why is this thing worth more than the wired version? I cannot think of anything because there is no reason.

The only thing is that I don’t want to touch anything right here, and maybe I want to stand up and go right there for some reason or just go right there for some reason. And I don’t want my cables tangled up, but I don’t care about this. I always had a wired headset before. I was gaming on a wide headset before this, and I had no problems with the wire.

So why would this be a problem right now? Why would this one, so why would this one be worth double the price compared to the wired one? I don’t have any reason, and please don’t get me wrong. Logitech G Pro X is absolutely amazing. But if you are tight on a budget and want the best value for your money, go for the wired Logitech G Pro X.

One, you can get it for $90, or maybe even cheaper than that, and get the wired version, which will be much better for you. The wireless version costs way too much. If the base price of the wild wireless version was 150 and it would go to the sales of 120 bucks or 110 bucks, then absolutely go for the wireless one.

Because the additional cost is only $20 to $30, It may be worth going for the wireless unless you don’t need the wireless one back for the double price. For $230, I would not go for the Logitech G Pro X. Despite the high cost, I love it and will be using it for the foreseeable future because I’m not planning to buy anything else. After all, this is so great.