Logitech G502 X Plus Mouse Review

We finally have the brand new Logitech G Pro X Light Speed plus, bringing back one of the fan favorites, the G502 mouse. Yes, believe it or not, G502, despite its heavier weight, is one of the top-selling, most popular gaming mouse ever.

Since the G502 rise, the mouse market has changed a lot, almost at a complete 180 degrees. The gaming mouse has gotten smaller and lighter, but Logitech still needs to refine the G502 series and bring us a brand new iteration into their lineup.

Design for Logitech G502 X Plus Mouse

So at first glance, the Logitech G502 X Plus mouse looks very similar to the G502 in all three previous versions. Some subtle differences include the integrated RGB light strip on the palm rests, which breaks up the shell into three parts. The thumb rests section is still rubberized, although it’s a simple-looking line design versus a tessellated texture right above that.

For the sniper button that’s now removable, kind of like what we saw on the glorious model eye, this sniper button can pop off. It’s kept in place by the two plastic pegs and a little magnet there, and if you don’t want this sniper button, you could swap it out with one of their non-clickable rubberized buttons, which pretty much deletes it.

It is worth noting that the sniper button paddle is reversible, so it can sort of flare toward your thumb or flare out if you have larger hands. You still have that hyper-fast scrolling, but the materials now are lighter and less metal than they used to be. Speaking of which, right above the scroll wheel, it’s now filled in with a piece of plastic, so you have less aggressive, sharp angles on the clicks.

Then lastly, for some of the physical changes, we finally have a USB-C port for charging, and then for the feet underneath, no more of that standard scratchy Teflon. It’s now a hundred percent pure PTFE feet for less friction and a more smooth glide.

Regarding dimensions and design, Logitech G502 X Plus is ergonomic. From the front angled point to the back, it’s 131 millimeters long, 77 millimeters at its widest point from the right hip to the flare out on the thumb rests. That middle grip is around 60 millimeters wide. The top to bottom of the shell is 39 millimeters and approximately 26 and a half millimeters in height from the scroll wheel.

Logitech G502 X Plus weight on my scale at 104 grams. Even though it’s advertised as 106 grams, the G502 X was just around 102 grams, which is announced at. But as you probably noticed on the white G502 X version, there is no RGB light strip on the body. So that’s where that weight difference is coming from.

So for those physical dimensions, it is similar to the original G 502 Light Speed and all previous models. So still lovely and familiar. In 2019 when Light Speed was first released, it was still on the heavier side. That was the rise of the lightweight wireless trend. The next version is lighter, about 14 grams, compared to the first version. At the time, 114 grams was good. We’re still on the heavier side, at 106 grams, but it feels noticeably lighter in hand, partly because the scroll wheel was much more on the beefy side.

G502 X Plus definitely feels lighter. If I had to pinpoint it, it feels more so around the 90-gram region coming from a mouse I use now, which is about 50 grams. G502 X Plus feels over a hundred grams, even though it is now one of the significant changes I noticed right away, comparing it to the 2019 model.

Features of Logitech G502 X Plus Mouse

One of the significant changes I noticed immediately was comparing it to the 2019 model is their brand new hybrid optical switch that is super satisfyingly crisp and tactile. There is this unique crisp that it has that I haven’t felt before. I know very little about this new switch’s internals and all that. I didn’t get specific specs info on these switches like some companies usually do, but I can, hands down, say they feel unique and very different than other switches out there.

We still had that Hero 25K sensor underneath the hood. They are touting new tech inside that, once combined with the 25K sensor and the latest optical switches, performance and response times are 68% faster than the previous Light Speed mouse. Since, on paper, it’s the same sensor and 68% faster is a pretty big claim, but that is one of the benefits of the new Logitech G502 X Plus mouse.

My Verdict on Logitech G502 X Plus Mouse

So I’ve had these in for about two months to pinpoint if there was a significant difference compared to the previous version. But for using it, there is little of a physical feel between the two models.

Honestly, I’m a G502 lover and have been from the beginning. Even though I transitioned back in 2019 once the Viper came out and followed the lightweight trend, I’ve shifted my preferences differently. Still going back to this mouse still feels so good. I told you guys I’d used it for all the early versions since 2013, when I first picked it up. So you must remember, I had six years of muscle memory with this mouse, just like it felt in my hand. So there’s always going to be a part of me that going back and using this feels good.

But like I said, it is way different than what I’m used to now, mainly going back and forth between the brand new Pulsar X2 Mini and the Viper V2 Pro from Razor. Both mouses are much smaller and lightweight than this new Logitech G502 X Plus mouse.

But again, can I tell you that the G502 X Plus negatively impacted my gameplay because of its weight and size? That’s different from how that works. If you’re using a super lightweight mouse that is perfect for your hand, you will get better with repetition and accuracy over time once you build that repetition. The same can be said for any mouse you try, and it’s not about the weight or shape.

So for some people, this shape is going to be king. For others, it might not be. So whenever I see people, you know, clowning on me, cause I’ve said I’d used G502, and I liked it, while they’re using some 20 grand mouse that they claim is the best thing ever. I might disagree with you because it is mainly a personal preference.

I noticed that G502 X Plus was faster than anything I’ve used or the previous version, even though they’re using a new sensor and wireless tech, but I can’t say that is the main reason. The new tactile, hybrid optical switches felt nice.

Are you going to notice the new G502 X Plus is 68% faster like they said, than the last version? No, not unless you’re a robot. As I said, the most significant difference is, hands down, the new switches. And, as I said earlier, I didn’t notice a difference between the two models here, the G502 X Plus and the G502 X.

My Conclusion

I got two main points for you. First up, I’m thrilled as we have a refined, refreshed version of the G502. I loved it this entire time, and I’m happy to see it’s more of the same, but like I said, more modernized and refined for 2022. They didn’t drastically change it up kind Razer did with their iconic Deathadder shape, where they changed it for the last V3 Pro.

Think about it, as many people out there love a small, lightweight mouse, there are just as many people out there who prefer a larger mouse, a heavier mouse for more extensive hands, and are more used to that shape. People can hate on it all they want. There’s a reason why this is a staple in the mouse market and why, since it was released, the whole iteration has been one of the top-selling gaming mouse in the market.

So I am happy to see a new version of the G502 X Plus. Why did they make three versions of this? We have a wired version; as I showed you, we have G502 X and G502 X Plus. The main differences here are that the G502 X Plus has RGB, and it’s 106 grams at $160, whereas the G502 X has no RGB at 102 grams, is four grams lighter, and is priced at $140.

So is that the main difference? Are people going to spend a premium just for RGB when it’s the same mouse, layout, button, internal sensor, and all that, just a $20 price difference for RGB? That’s what’s confusing me. My call to action is to hear your thoughts below.

Which option are you more likely to buy? Are you going to pick up the flagship option for your premium price of $160, or are you okay with shedding RGB and weight and having a heavier wallet?