MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Today’s review will be for the much-anticipated Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0. I’ll be comparing the Lawnmower 4.0 to the 3.0, and we’ll be putting it through its paces and testing out all of its functions.
Lawnmower 4.0 has a skin-safe function and a replacement blade. It’s sanitary, and it prevents nicks, snags, and tugging. Simply remove and replace the shaver head. And you’re ready to go. And, if you’re worried, I’ve got my 3.0 in my luggage. Since the product’s release, I haven’t replaced the blade, which has been over a year. It’s been nice and crisp.

It contains a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides up to 90 minutes of cordless trimming per full charge. It brings back the led spotlight on Lawnmower 4.0, which is terrific, plus it has a power status light indicator.

Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 is waterproof IP 67 rated so that you can trim in the shower, and it has a new feature called the travel lock, which I used to put off the 3.0 accidentally in my travel bag. And that function is extremely fantastic because putting it in your vacation bag or overnight bag and then putting it in your suitcase crusher may cause it to go off.

So the 4.0 has a safety function, which I am pretty excited about. The trimmer appears to be Dark Knight Batman’s grooming equipment. That is fantastic. When I initially saw the trimmer image on the package, I thought, “This looks like an alien gaming PC.” Take a look at how it’s gloss black matte black—nice new logo on the back manscape logo. You can see the push button, battery indication light, led light, and, like the 3.0, the head flips up. You can wash it right there. The head pops back on and latches back into place.

Let’s take a look at the bottom, and this is how it will slot into your charging holster. What do we get in the box? We have the fast start guide, the user handbook, and yes, it suggests charging it thoroughly before using it.

That is a wireless charger, and you just put the trimmer in the charger to start charging. We have a brush instrument to clean it. We have our wall plug, which is fantastic. I’m delighted they still supply these because many companies believe you have a plethora of these sitting about, but most of the time, they’re utilised by your cell phone, and we have a braided charging cable. That’s quite cool. They come with a type C cable and a three-foot chord.

So the type C cable is plugged into the charging dock’s rear. We do have comfortable padding on the bottom. Put that on your counter. As a result, it slides in similarly to this wireless charging. When you’re ready to go, take it up, start grooming, and then plug it back in to charge again.

Finally, let’s bring out the attachments. We’ll have two distinct attachments. The first is 3 to 6 millimetres long, while the second is 10 to 13 millimetres long. And you simply slip it over the top one. Simply slide it up to remove it, and you’re ready to go with some quick pruning there.

And you’re thinking why I’d need attachments if you’re only grooming really short. Some people, however, prefer to groom their leg hair. That is precisely what I do. As a result, you have a little better option. You don’t want excessive and unpleasant arm hair.

So, with a 4.0, you get two blades, and of course, they’ve upgraded the design as well. It’s totally wireless charging, whereas 3.0 has a charging connector on the bottom as well. The Lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 600 milliamps.

We’re fully charged and ready to go. I’ve grown my arm hair to compare the performance of the new 4.0 to the 3.0. Obviously, I like to keep my arm hair under control. Also, I’m not a fan of the curly cues that pop up or swarm over there. Not to mention any upper neck patch hair that prefers to grow right and any lower back hair, so we’ll need to trim it all again.

So, compare using a razor in the shower to using this Lawnmower 4.0. It’s much faster than hopping in the shower with a razor blade. It will take me around 60 to 7 seconds to complete my entire arm as it works its way down. I get all these pimples when using the razor, and I’m already skinny. That’s why my veins seem all over the place. So, I’m approximately a minute and 15 seconds in and stopping, talking, and marvelling at how fast this is moving.

Then, of course, let’s go ahead and get the chest. It trims my chest hair smoothly and leaves no nicks. So, we’re not going down south with you guys on camera. Get in the cracks, and nobody likes dingleberries, so I won’t use actual words, but you know what I’m talking about. The Grand Canyon to the south must be approached with caution. Do you get what I’m saying? So it took me less than 5 minutes to complete it, and it looks great.

The battery indicator is located below the power button, and it also has a travel proof function. When you’re finished, clock it back there, go ahead and drop whatever hairs are in there, and put it back in place.

Clip it back down. You’re all set. You can definitely rinse that down here, through the top that shoots up and gets all filthy. I’m not a hairy guy, but I like to maintain it nice and trim. I really should acquire a tan. I know that, but I tried to stay out of the sun, did too much sunning, and we white males termed it basal cell cancer.

I acquired some scars from using the 3.0, so be cautious. So, once again, a quick way to trim while keeping it nice and crispy. Let’s go to six millimetres on the legs, and it does a terrific job of pulling the hair off. And, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t say I like lengthy leg hair. It just doesn’t look good.

Again, I recommend beginning your trimming session from north to south. Save yourself some cleaning and cross-contamination with the varied hairs.

The new Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 passes my test and performs better than the previous 3.0 version. I adore the cute charging holder and the ease of wireless charging. In addition, this gadget resembles Batman’s body groomer, which I love. It performed admirably on the items and has a fantastic battery. I would strongly recommend the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 to anyone who wants to keep the sensitive area and entire body grooming.