OneTigris Scaena 2-Person Tent Review

It is time to review the OneTigris Scaena tent, a product I’ve been testing for a very long time. I have spent roughly 15 nights in this tent, which does not include the waterproof testing I’ve done with it.

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I will explain what this tent has gone through with the sort of waterproof testing that I’ve put this tent through. Additionally, there is an instructional explanation regarding how to set the OneTigris Scaena tent in both ways.

1.0 OneTigris Scaena Tent Features

Capacity 2 Person Floor Length 87.5 inches
Season 3 Seasons Outer Fabric 20D Ripstop Nylon
Color Coyote Brown Inner Fabric 40D Nylon Mesh
Weight 5.33 pounds Waterproof Yes
Dimension 82.3x49.2x45.3 inches Tent Mat Dimensions 6.9x4.3 ft
Shape Triangular Tent Mat Material 75D Polyester
Door 2 Doors Pole 7001 Aluminum Alloy

This tent is available in only one colour, coyote brown. However, as far as the materials go, they are top-notch. The fly is a 22 near silicone treated ripstop nylon with a 3000-millimeter hydrostatic head rating. The body is a 40 to near silicone treated ripstop nylon with a 3000 millimeter hydrostatic.

The poles are 7,001 aluminum. You have aluminum steaks and YKK zippers, and the tent includes a groundsheet, five guidelines, 10 tent stakes, three bars, and a storage bag. The price of this tent is $250, and when it comes to the dimensions when stored, it is 15 and a half inches long by eight and a half inches wide.

It is measured 6.8 feet long, 4.1 feet wide, and 3.7 feet tall when it is set up. So the OneTigris Scaena tent weighs 5.3 pounds. It features one vestibule that can be set up in two ways, as we can set up with the fly, and it can also be set up as a hasty hooch sort of quick shelter. And that’s basically just the fly and holes going inside the tent.

It features two large mesh pockets, there’s a hook to hang from in the center, and all of the seams are taped for this tent. As I mentioned, it features one door, and if you go to the other side of the tent, you have the door, and that’s where this tent becomes really unusual.

You have a fly on one side of the tent; it goes over and stops right there. The fly is on the inside of the tent, and it is known as an internal fly. This is very uncommon in the outdoor space. Even though companies have tried this for many years, just about everyone has failed with the inner fly.

You can store the inner fly out of the way if you don’t need it. So, you can allow for good airflow to come into the tent. To the best of your little door, I noticed a storm flap that goes over the zipper and features Velcro to hold it into place. Also, you can roll the vestibule side of the tent back, which gives you access to the inside of the tent and a huge door, which can also be rolled back and tied off.

Going back to the inner fly side, you can see that the panels have been taken down. They are secured by Velcro, which is on the inside of the tent, and that happens in two placements, each on the side of the tent, while the only access point is on the right-hand side.

You have a storm flap that goes over the zipper, which is true up there in the corner. OneTigris Scaena tent has two zippers that come together to secure the door. Before I go over the pros concerning my review of this tent, let’s go over what I’ve done as far as testing goes.

2.0 Real-Life Application Test for OneTigris Scaena Tent

So, I’ve spent roughly 15 nights in this OneTigris Scaena tent. I’ve done countless test nights previously where I’ve gotten this out into the rain to see how well it would perform. I’ve camped innumerable times in the mountains of North Carolina and taken this down to the coast of North Carolina. I’ve used this in hot, warm, wet, and windy conditions. So, it’s fair to say that I know this tent inside and out.

2.1 Unique Design for a Tent

First off, this tent features a very unique design. The overall shape of this tent is fantastic, and the truth is I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. The overall shape of this tent is different on the side with the internal fly; it pulls out in the front, which gives you more space on the inside of the tent.

That by itself is unique. Then you have the internal fly, which is unusual. I’ve never seen a tent with a partial fly before. That’s definitely different. In my opinion, this is a very well-made tent. The seam taping is perfect, and there are no issues with the stitching.

2.2 Tent Size and Ventilation

The size of this tent is impressive. OneTigris Scaena tent is a tent that’s built for two people plus their gear. It’s long, it’s wide, it’s tall, and it offers a lot of space for everyone on the inside of the tent. It features two extensive size mesh; both we’ll hold a lot of gear. Plus, you have the hook at the top, so you can hang a headlamp or whatever you want.

Regarding ventilation, it is outstanding inside of this tent. Condensation can form on the fly and the internal fly, but that’s to be expected. That’s the case with any tent. Luckily with the panels in the tent, you can roll those back. If the conditions warrant, you can also get a little bit of airflow from the vestibule side.

If the conditions warrant, the body is covered in mesh, so airflow is excellent. But, when it comes to the fly itself at the top and bottom or vice versa, whatever you want to say, it pulls away from the body. So, air can come up underneath the fly and go into the tent’s body. So, that is a very nice feature.

That is a feature that a lot of companies skimp on. Many companies don’t think about returning to size for a second. This tent’s overall pack size and weight is not bad, considering this is a two-plus-person tent.

2.3 Tent Material

Talking about how this tent looks, it looks excellent to me. I love the colors, earthy tones coyote. It’s very dark and looks sharp, especially with the black accents. A huge pro for this tent is that the company use top-in-class materials. This OneTigris Scaena tent is made from 20D Ripstop Nylon for the outer tent, silicone coating with 3000mm waterproof rating and 40D Nylon Mesh for inner material, which translates to a lighter and stronger tent.

If this tent were made from an equal strength, polyester, this weight would be about eight pounds. But unfortunately, it takes quite a bit more polyester material to equal the same as nylon.

2.4 OneTigris Scaena Tent Setup Process

The overall setup process and breakdown process of this tent are straightforward. There’re no significant issues, and there’s nothing to stand in your way. You can set this up within five minutes if you know what you’re doing. And with that pro for this tent, let’s move over to the cons because there are a few that you need to consider before you go out and purchase this tent and the most important one, the biggest one, is waterproofness.

2.5 Waterproof Reliability for OneTigris Scaena Tent

This leaking issue is something that we have to talk about in some detail because the answer is not simple. With my testing, I’ve had this out for four nights in the rain, and every single time, this tent did not leak. So I’ve been unable to get this to leak in any of the testings I’ve done; we’re talking about heavy rain downpours in the middle of thunderstorms with strong winds.

I cannot get this tent to leak, but that’s not to say that other people haven’t because they have. I know many individuals, including some friends, who have had it leak. We have discovered what the issue is. As I stated in the preview, I did have this tent that I was worried about this, and that proved to be true.

The tent will not leak from the places that you would expect it to, namely right in the center where there’s a divider, there’s quite a bit of space between the body of the tent and the fly itself, where you would think Marsha would come into, but that doesn’t happen.

The only weak point for this tent is right in the corner with the zipper. That is where the tent could potentially leak. Let’s say that you’re out camping with this OneTigris Scaena tent. You’re staying the night; open the door, get inside and make sure you make the zip shut 100% correctly. It will leak potentially from that corner.

Unfortunately, when you zip it up on the inside, the zipper and the poles don’t always go where you want them to go for this tent. The storm flap needs to be over the zipper, and it needs to be completely flush with the body inside of the flap. The zipper poles need to be pulled down right through there.

I can observe that my fingers come through that, so the water’s coming in makes its way through. That is the biggest issue with this tent. You have to get in it from the festival site. If you get in from the side with the internal fly, there’s a potential for leaking. Then, again, when you’re inside the tent, it isn’t easy to get the zippers and the poles in the right place so, if there’s a chance of rain, go in from the side with the vestibule, after making sure that everything is correct on this.

I need to say this. I love the fact that OneTigris is thinking outside of the box. I do, but I wish they would have a traditional fly for this tent, a full fly. This is something that I’ve requested. I don’t know if they’re going to do it, but if everybody sends an email to OneTigris saying, “Hey, we love this tent with the internal flies. But we want a full fly, make it an optional accessory. I think that would be fantastic”.

2.6 The Benefits of the Internal Fly

A simple fact is this, and I should have mentioned it previously, the internal fly works in ways more than just keeping water out. It also blocks wind and can act as a four-season tent inner in a way.

And there are many ways that you can use that to your benefit. For example, up in the mountains, you can set it up on a mountain top. The winds are coming a certain way so that you can dial in the wind. You could adjust how much wind comes into the tent with those panels. So, imagine having those panels in conjunction with a fly that’s impressive versatility.

2.7 Possibility of Leaking due to Strong Winds

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had new issues regarding this tent leaking in strong winds. But I think in certain situations, wind-driven rain could be blown into those panels, making its way into the tent.

Again, it goes back to needing a full fly for ultimate protection. I haven’t had any issues, but I think in some situations, it could be. But, again, it’s more of a gimmick feature because there’s no full fly with this tent going to the other side of the tent with the vestibule, which is relatively small. You may be able to get your boots or a small backpack in there., but that’s about it. So again, there’s not much space between the fly.

2.8 Additional Cons for OneTigris Scaena Tent

I have some other cons for you all to consider before you buy the OneTigris Scaena tent.

2.8.1 Oversized Grommets

Regarding the setup process, the grommets that surround the tent for the tent poles are slightly oversized compared to the diameter of the pole peg. This is because the poles frequently come out of those grommets when setting up the tent.

All this does is just add to a frustrating setup. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means, but I wanted to let you know about this next up. Regarding the tent stakes, each of the tent stakes features a courted pool. Each of those poles has come off over the last couple of months. I’ve had to go back and review every single one of them.

2.8.2 Unwanted Openings

Another con I have for this tent is somewhat essential, and you need to take note of this one. In addition to the potential leaking issues, there is an issue regarding the best of your side. The body features two zippers, so one zipper comes down from the top, and the other zipper comes across, and they meet right where those zippers meet, and there’s no way to seal that up.

You can, of course, stuffs something in it, but that hole will always be there. So, what does that mean? That means there’s a potential for bugs to crawl inside the tent.

3.0 My Final Thought on OneTigris Scaena Tent

I’m going to summarize and wrap this up. I know this has been a long review. So what I can tell you about this tent is this. I like it a lot for the money, the quality and the size are excellent. It’s easy to set up with my testing. It has been 100% waterproof, but you need to know that some people out there have gotten this thing to leak at that corner, as I have mentioned above.

I appreciate that OneTigris is thinking outside the box, but a full fly would do a lot for this tent. It would add a lot of versatility and protection, especially for those who want it for usage under wet conditions, as I do. I don’t want to give OneTigris a hard time about this, the exciting design aspect, because there are not many companies out there thinking outside the box like they do.

There are not many companies out there that are doing something different. Most companies just copy each other, making minor updates and minor changes. While OneTigris are thinking outside of the box, so we’re getting these weird shape tents. I respect that a lot. So, I hope that OneTigris continues thinking outside the box, making new products, and expanding what you can do with a tent because I believe they are honest.

With a full fly, this would be absolutely top-notch. So hopefully, they will offer one in the near future. So comment below and share your thoughts; what do you all think about the OneTigris Scaena tent.

Thank you for reading my review on the OneTigris Scaena tent. See you on another review soon and click the link below if you want to check it out.

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