Ozark Trail Hammock Camping Lawn Chair

We’re going to be looking at the hammock chair by Ozark Trail I picked up at Walmart for $39.88. We’re going to talk about some of the things that I like about it and some of the things that I dislike about it, and I will also be comparing this chair to others.

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You’ll notice by looking at the box. It is similar to your typical lawn chair with a straight back, and It’s built out of an aluminum frame that folds up. It’s lightweight and durable construction. What’s really nice is it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Six or seven months ago, I reviewed lawn chairs from Ozark Trail, and they were just a little bit too small for my frame.

I felt had I continued to use those chairs, I would have eventually broken one of them. This chair, on the other hand, I’m happy to see that it has a 300-pound weight capacity. After all, Ozark Trail only makes one model of the hammock chair, which is this one, for $39.88. Therefore, as I said, I am happy to see that it can accommodate up to 300 pounds, which should pretty much cover the range of people who will sit in this chair. Now I think from the front of the box, you can tell that it is a lawn or camping chair, but it is a bit of a different style. Ozark Trail Hammock chair is definitely more casual and laid back than your typical lawn or camping chair that you might find at a soccer game or maybe a baseball game. For example, I can see it being used at an outdoor barbecue—just something to kick back and relax. It will be a bit of a takeback with this because it doesn’t include cup holders.

Here is the fact that this can accommodate up to 300 pounds. It’s built out of that same aluminum, lightweight, durable construction you’re used to seeing on typical lawn chairs. This is competitively priced, and it’s a bit of a different take on your ordinary camping chair.

It’s also really comfortable! Five different color options are available for this hammock chair: green, orange, blue, purple, and black. Each one comes with its carrying bag, making it easy to carry around when hiking or biking through the woods.

The nylon fabric is made from 100% polyester material which means that it won’t tear or rip easily even if you’re rough with it when setting up your gear for the night. You can also leave this outside without worrying about water damage because it’s waterproofed! If there are any tears in your fabric, contact the manufacturer directly so they can send out replacement parts right away!

Ozark Trail Hammock features:

  • A sturdy frame with maximum support
  • Waterproof nylon ripstop fabric with breathable mesh backing
  • Comfortable, contoured seat design with storage pocket for essentials like keys and phone
  • The adjustable backrest has four positions, including flat for sleeping or lumbar support for sitting upright.

You don’t slip it down into a carrying case. You actually have to wrap this up like a burrito so that it will require some technical gravitas. You’ll notice that the items to assemble this chair come disassembled in two pieces. You get the frame itself folded up, and last but not least, you get the pad to slip over the chair. Assembling this and setting it up to use it should take five minutes. First and foremost, you’ll notice that it’s this Navy blue Gray triangular color scheme. You actually get some excellent foam padding on it.

At the bottom half of the seat cushion, it’s actually just empty nylon, so I would say the first half is empty nylon and then beginning with the second upper portion of the seat cushion is foam padding. Another thing you’ll notice is some triangular metal rings. I think the build quality here is so far, so good. Pretty modern looking, it’s exciting, and it should turn out to be pretty comfortable and protect against stains and things of that nature. Anything you might confront using this at the beach or spilling something in it if you’re at a barbecue. It’s higher quality than some of the other products by Ozark Trail, and it should be able to accommodate up to 300 pounds.

You’ll notice that all the pieces used are rubber and aluminum or metal. I don’t see any plastic parts, Velcro, nylon, or anything of that nature. The chair will pretty much fold and lock into place. And, if we flip the frame on its opposite side, you’ll see that you do get a couple of lock buttons to keep its form when transporting it. You’ll also notice a couple of hooks, and then you can see that the frame itself folds inside out. The feet of the chair are more towards the middle of the frame, but the primary support comes from is actually at the bottom. So the primary support will fold up and in underneath the seat and then—sort of like a bucket truck. You might see changing a power line or.

The unfolded frame looks like It actually is very similar to a lunar landing module. It has four rubber feet, but you’ll notice that they pivot around a ball joint. This is advantageous if you’re sitting outside on your lawn or outdoor and there are underlying undulations that may cause the chair to sit unevenly. What’s nice is that upon putting this chair down, it should adjust to those undulations, making it more supportive. So really cool and interesting feature is that the feet pivot around the ball joint. That is something not seen before on a lawn or camping chair.
And another note, this frame locks into one position only. You could be under the impression here that because this is a locking mechanism, you could adjust it at any height, but it only locks down into one place. If you have the frame adjusted any higher, the feet are technically off the ground, and as you’ll notice, just by looking at the structure itself, there are no latch points for the lock.

Quality of the Ozark Trail Hammock Chair

Ozark Trail Hammock Chair is easy to assemble and disassemble. It does come with a user manual, but there is a snag, and we will talk about that momentarily. I’m about 6" and 215 pounds. This chair can accommodate up to 300 pounds, so I’m well within limits, and it is exceptionally comfortable. I can get in and out of the chair as I please effortlessly. I don’t have to worry about this chair tipping over, and it does creep and round it a little bit, but that gives them a swing back and forth. It’s very sturdy. Suppose you do swing a little too violently. You can get the chair to come off the ground, but I think it’s safe for the most part. It’s durable, and it’s well structured.

One thing it is missing is cup holders. I would really like to see something like that, or maybe some pouch that hangs off the side for you to put things in. But otherwise, it’s a great chair. It’s comfortable, and it was only $40.

Setup and Installation for Ozark Trail Hammock Chair

It’s pretty heavy. I would say it’s about 15 pounds, and the carrying case that it comes with is specially designed to accommodate this heavy, sturdy frame, and you can see it does have locks when you pretty much open this frame. To sit in the chair, it looks directly into place. Another thing you’ll notice is the hooks on top of the frame. That is where you attach the metal ring. The metal ring is sewn into the seat cushion, so it is pretty straightforward. All you need to do to install Ozark Trail Hammock Chair is to hang the seat cushion of the frame of the chair pretty much like any other hammock chair, but there is, like I said, a caveat. You do need to have some inside information to get this chair running. It’s not comfortable if you set it up wrong.

The back cushion is a narrow foam piece, and the seat cushion is a large foam piece. But one thing I want to point out here is that it might be just a bit confusing installing it the first time. As you can see, there’s a lot of space down there, and it’s pretty tempting to sit in that empty netting, just like a hammock is. And you’ll find that it’s not comfortable at all. You’ll also see that the back support is giving out, too, if the bottom seat cushion isn’t folded in, so if we take the seat cushion correctly and fold it in, you can see that it’s much fuller space. You don’t have all that empty fabric down there that you want to sit in. It is much more supportive that way and much more comfortable, and I think you can also see that you get some more back support once you do that. If you have the cushions folded out, you’ll fall back into the chair, and it will not be comfortable. It’s not going to have any back support otherwise.

The user manual doesn’t discuss how to install the cushion at all. All it goes over is how to lock the frame and the place so that you can do it correctly. This is fine, but I would have liked to have seen more detailed information about the seat cushion.

What I like about Ozark Trail Hammock Chair

I hope it gave you some valuable information about how to use this chair and what other chairs are on the market in this price range. Is this a good option? First and foremost, I would say that it’s built well. I like the idea that it’s secured up to 300 pounds, so lovely to see this premium option here suited for all types of shapes and sizes up to 300 pounds.

Another thing I am really pleased to see is the attention to detail, such as with the carrying case. I was talking about how it looks like a burrito when you carry this around, but it’s actually for a reason; the frame is pretty heavy. It’s like 15 or 20 pounds; it’s solid, durable, and shouldn’t break or fall out from under you.

Ozark Trail Hammock chair is meant to hold up to 300 pounds because the structure is so heavy and solid it does need a particular carrying case. So even though that is a little bit of a pickle, maybe getting this in the car after using it at the beach or a cookout, perhaps that will be just a little bit cumbersome, but for the most part, it will be beneficial to you in the long run.

My Final Verdict on Ozark Trail Hammock Camping Chair

Overall, happy to see the build quality. I was a little bit disappointed that there weren’t instructions on installing the seat cushion. I think you could have easily gotten frustrated with that and maybe assumed it worked one way when it was supposed to work another way. As you remember, I had to fold the seat cushion back in for it to be comfortable. Otherwise, you would fall right back into the chair. There would be no back support, and it would be highly uncomfortable.

Another thing about comfortability here is that this chair does not come with a carrying pouch or cup holder to hold your drink. You’ll have to put your stuff on the floor or keep them in your lap, so there is a little bit left to be desired here because it lacks features like a cup holder or carrying pouch.

They don’t sell this chair in any other size, just one size only, but again, because Ozark Trail Hammock Chair can accommodate up to 300 pounds, you shouldn’t have to worry about who can fit in this chair and who cannot.

I do appreciate you reading this review. I hope this review cleared some things up for you about this chair. I like the build quality. I think it’s comfortable. I think there’s a little bit left to be desired in terms of features, but then again, it’s only $39.88, and last but not least, I would have liked to have seen a more detailed user manual.