Refrigerator Water Filter Housing P/N WP2186443


My Kenmore COLDSPORT 10652572201 refrigerator was leaking last month, and I called my friend, Anthony, a seasoned electrical appliances technician. He said the issue might be caused by the loose water lines or ageing filter housing located at the bottom part of the refrigerator.

I checked the inlet and outlet water lines, but it seems the connections are okay, so I assumed the filter housing must be the problem considering I changed the filter not long ago. So I took out the filter housing, and it wrote there WP2186443 and quickly searched it on Amazon. It was priced at $49.56 at the time I ordered it. The Refrigerator Water Filter Housing P/N WP2186443 arrived four days later. I changed the WP2186443 filter housing, and it seemed the problem was solved. No more leaking, and the refrigerator is working fine so far.

As you can see in the picture above, the Refrigerator Water Filter Housing P/N WP2186443 consist of one water inlet 1/4” (Grey) and one water outlet 5/16” (Red). The water inlet and outlet are pushed on fitting, and you need to push the ring to take out the water lines during the installation.

Here you can follow my tutorial on how to change the Refrigerator Water Filter Housing P/N WP2186443.

  1. You will need a 1/4" nut driver and a 5/16” nut driver for this repair.
  2. The first thing we’ll need to do is turn off the refrigerator’s water supply before we begin this repair. The kick plate on the bottom will be removed next.
  3. Grab each of the edges and pull them forward.
  4. Two small Arrowhead clips secure it in place. Put that aside for now. After that, we may take off the water filter and cap. There might be a tiny bit of water there, so you’ll need something to soak it up.
  5. We’ll then unscrew a single quarter-inch Hex head screw that holds this retaining Rod in place.
  6. The 5/16" screws that hold the housing to the frame will then be removed.
  7. We can move the entire housing forward so you can get to the water pipes in the inlet.
  8. You must disconnect these water lines. They have a fast-coupling system. Press the ring around the inlet or outlet and pull the tubing out.
  9. You’ll probably get a tiny bit of water out of these tubes, so prepare something to absorb it. This flange on the front of the housing must also be transferred to the new one. So, we’ll take that and place it on an appropriate work surface. We’ll transfer the two pieces of accessories and fix them on the new WP2186443 filter tubing house.
  10. We’ll start with a wire retainer and work our way out of the hole by rotating it. And keep in mind where it went in for orientation. Put that aside for now. After that, we’ll take off the front white plastic cover. The housing is held together by four little locking tabs.
  11. So, if you start with the top two, you’ll be able to pop that out. You should be able to wiggle the bottom ones out with ease. We’ll toss out the old housing.
  12. That’s all I’m going to do with the new one. Snap the lower two hooks into place first, then line up the top two. Just make sure all four clips are in place.
  13. We’ll attach the retaining wire, and then we’ll replace it. We must now rejoin the water lines to install a new one. Because there are two distinct sizes, they can only be worn one way. Make sure they’re both locked in place and give them a slight tug outwards so we can slide it into place, making sure it clears the drain pan’s top.
  14. Reinstall the 5/16" screws after lining everything up.
  15. You should reattach that holding wire.
  16. Place the quarter-inch screw in place.
  17. Replace the kick plate on the water filter.
  18. You may have to open the door to find the receptor for the two Aero head fasteners. When you’re ready to turn on the water supply, replace those, and our repair is complete.

From my research, the Refrigerator Water Filter Housing P/N WP2186443 is compatible with Whirlpool, Kenmore, KitchenAid and Estate refrigerator for most of the models.

I think the root cause of the problem might be caused by the inlet or outlet ring becoming loose over time, so the lock mechanism is not effective. I would suggest changing the filter housing once every five years to avoid the problem in the future.

Good luck with your filter housing replacement, and do let me know if you need any help below.