Sleepingo Sleeping Pad for Camping Review

Are you looking for an affordable, lightweight and comfortable sleeping pad? I think I found it, The Sleeping sleeping pad. I just got back from a fantastic camping trip from the Adirondacks where I tested this sleeping pad out, and I got to tell you, I was amazed at its performance. I’m really comfortable sleeping with it, and I’m excited to tell you all about it.

My name is Joshua, and we talk about all things outside. I own this Thermarest Trail Lite sleeping pad. I like it; it’s comfortable. It’s warm and not super heavy; it’s 1 pound and 10 oz. But it’s super bulky, and I’m not too fond of that. It’s great for the winter, but in the summer-fall spring, I want to want something a little bit smaller, a little bit thinner. I wanted something to use in my hammock, so I looked around Amazon and didn’t want too much on a new sleeping pad. They can get pretty pricey, and I saw a couple of reviews on YouTube. The sleeping pad that really stuck out for me was from the We Live a Lot channel. The gentleman gave a review when he initially got the Sleepingo. I was pleased with it. Even better, he gave a review one year later and still loved it. He bought multiple for his family, and all of them love them.

This thing costs $40. I figured I’d give it a try. I’d probably be sleeping in a lean-to or in my hammock, so I wouldn’t need something durable, even if it were on the cheaper side. But with a year-long review of it.

I was pretty confident it was a pretty good product. Now you go to Amazon; it’s got like 30,000 reviews, all of the four and a half. Five stars. Everybody loves this product. 30,000 reviews seem a little fishy to me, but maybe it is true after trying it out.

The box shows that some of the included specs are super comfortable: 2 1/2 inch thick, weighs only 0.9 pounds and is made with Heavy-duty material. It says it will never leak. Never say never, right? It’s suitable for camping, backpacking, hiking, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

I’ll talk about the details for the Sleepingo sleeping pad in a little bit. Some pictures of people using it look like they’re having some fun. Let’s dig into more details. It packs down to 8 inches by 3 1/2 inches. It’s about the size of a nail gene. So you can see it’s quite a bit smaller than my Thermarest Trail Lite. This thing is just mammoth.

The actual measurements are 75 by 25 to 23. When I open this, you’ll see that it actually narrows. It’s slightly wider at the top for your shoulders and then narrows down at the bottom for your feet. It has the standard valve that you can pull up to deflate it. And then you push this in when you want to inflate it. So let’s see how many breaths this guy takes to inflate. No, I lost track, but it wasn’t that many. That’s pretty solid. I probably might go one or two more for the night. It’s made up of different chambers, like the climate sleeping pads.

Now it’s supposed to be made of the nylon denier 20 tear-resistant fabric. It’s tear-resistant, however, and it says that it will never leak, but they do give you a little patch kit in with it, so nothing’s forever, but think where I am saying that is. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Suppose you look at all of the comments and questions on the Amazon page. The customer service for Sleepingo is awe-inspiring and helpful. They say you can email Koi, and he will get back to you right away and fix the problem. I really liked this because if you look in the box, there’s a nice message right from Koi thanking you for his business.

With his email and contact information, people have called him to contact them. Nothing’s perfect, obviously. If you hit this with a knife or something sharp, it’s going to leak, but it seems like the Sleepingo company really stands behind their product, and as long as the companies are in business, you’re going to have a new sleeping pad, if yours gets damaged or something.

So I am 6 feet 185 pounds, and it looks like it’s right about my size. My shoulders are on the pad; my feet are just on it. If I had a pillow, this would be almost the perfect size. I’m usually a side sleeper, and leaning to the ground is a lot less forgiving than in a tent or a hammock, at least on the ground. So having extra cushioning is vital, and I find my other sleeping pad; if I sleep on my side, my arms go numb, and I’m just really not really comfortable on my side with this pad. It’s amazing. These different chambers kind of move around with you and make it really comfortable. And I was astounded by how comfortable I was—just sleeping on my side. I can almost fall asleep right here.

Anyways, I am really impressed with the sleeping go sleeping pad. It probably was the most comfortable sleep I had compared to my other sleeping pad. It’s not super thick, but it does support you and, like I said, sleeping on my side. Usually, I have, you know, gets you in the hip, your shoulder. In the morning, you can feel that, and I slept two nights in that and slept comfortably on both sides of my back.

It’s a small company. It seems like it’s got kind of a cult following. The owner definitely seems like he stands by it. I like supporting small guys like that, so I cannot recommend this sleeping pad enough. I needed something cheap to go in my hammock, but using it definitely sold me on its performance and quality.

So, I hope you liked this review for the Sleepingo sleeping pad. If you did, follow me if you want to see other gear reviews for outdoor adventures.