Teton Sports Celsius XL 0 F Sleeping Bag


We will talk and review the Teton Sports Celsius XL sleeping bag. We’ll talk about a sleeping bag that I’ve had for a while—been testing it out over the winter. This is the Teton Sports Celsius XL (-18 Celcius 0r 0 Fahrenheit) sleeping bag.

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And right off the bat, as you may be able to tell, it’s called the XL because it is extensive and lengthy. You’re looking at 90 inches long, so 7 feet long by 39 inches wide, a little over 3 feet wide. And the reason I got this bag is I was looking for a sleeping bag to be more comfortable because I’m a bigger person. I like to be comfortable, especially when I’m sleeping at night and out in the wild; you really need to be comfortable.

You really need a good night’s sleep. So, I was looking around, and I actually got this late last summer and tried it out throughout the winter. No, I didn’t have the opportunity to try it out near as much as I wanted to because it just didn’t get that cold this winter for whatever reason. I didn’t get out quite as much as I wanted. Nevertheless, I’ve got about five nights outside in this thing, and the lowest I’ve got in it was right around 28 to 29 degrees, so nowhere near the zero-degree mark.

As it says, it’s rated at zero degrees, but it generally doesn’t get zero degrees here in the southeast United States; very rarely does it do that. It’ll sometimes get down into the tens or low tens, but it didn’t get very cold at all, which I was really disappointed, but I’ve had this bag for a while, and I’ve tested it out long enough both inside and out to give you a good impression of it and what I think of it.

This bag is so big that it’s not something you’re going to backpack with. This sleeping bag weighs 7 pounds, and it’s incredibly bulky. You’re looking at packed; it’s like 17 inches by 12 1/2 inches by 12 1/2 inches, so it’s pretty hefty even when it’s packed down.

So again, it’s not something you’re going to backpack with, but if you’re car camping or have a little camp, or you have a means of conveyance to get to your camp, and if you’re hunting, then it probably definitely something to check out. I love my military modular sleep system, and I’ve used it for years in cold weather. I love it. It’s a great system, but again, I wanted something that I’m I can be more comfortable with. Something broader and will take me down just a little bit lower temperature. So, this bag has a lot of excellent features about it. The first feature you’ll see, not only is it a rectangular bag, but at the top, it’s kind of a hoop shape, so kind of like a semi-rectangular or semi-circle up top, which is really lovely. I found that to be really nice, primarily because many bags, especially rectangular ones, don’t have the space, so your head sticks out a lot. So, with this design, you can get your head up in there, and you can cinch it down. So, you have drawstring cinches on the draft collar and another one right on the top, so you can really cinch this down around your head. So, that’s a nice feature in the cold weather. Again, keep that head in. Keep the heat from escaping through your head, which brings us to another feature. It’s kind of hard to tell in writing, but it has a draft collar right around your neck, and the draft collar goes the entire length of the bag. Again, you only see that journal on higher-end sleeping bags.

The inside material is made of like a brushed flannel, so it’s very soft. The outer fabric is like a nylon taffeta type in the Super Loft Elite 4 Channel Hollow fiberfill, which is not quite sure what that is.

Another cool feature is that it has a little pocket right, so if you want to put your cell phone or your wallet or a little flashlight. So, when you know zip this thing up, you know you have your cell phone or flashlight there, so that’s a cool little nice little added feature to it as well.

Another nice feature is the draft collars. They do Velcro together, so it’ll keep the wind out there, and again when you have this all the way zipped up, you have a little Dark Crow piece right there that snugs it up. The attention to detail, I think, is admirable. You generally won’t see that again on bags of this caliber. You see typically this on the higher-end bags.

They’re not YKK zippers. I’m not sure what kind of zippers these are. But they are very nice. You can zip it up from the outside or the inside and on many bags. What happens with the zippers? Are the zippers generally will get caught on the material of the sleeping bag? With this particular bag, they’ve put an extra piece of material on both sides of the zipper. I think that’s there to keep the zippers from getting caught on your bag, which is very nice. You can unzip and zips up very quickly. In addition, you can put two of these bags together, so if you have a spouse or something like that, can put two of these bags together. The bag only zips down to the end, and it’s not zip across, so you can’t open it up and use it as a blanket, or you know, something like that. However, there’s a tiny little zipper right at the bottom if you want to air out your feet.

So again, very comfortable bag, in my opinion. Will Teton Sports Celsius XL sleeping bag go down to zero degrees Fahrenheit? I generally say at about 10 to 15 degrees to the bag rating. So if I do that, I’m looking at a 10-degree or 15-degree bag, but even then, again down here in the South, that’s going to be perfect for what I need. And also, when I sleep in a sleeping bag, I generally don’t sleep in thermals and clothes. I typically sleep without underwear, boxer shorts, or maybe a T-shirt and socks. I don’t put on a lot of clothes when I go to bed at night; I change my clothes and put on clean clothes. And you know, clean underwear, clean socks, maybe a T-shirt and I go to bed like that. I tested this Teton Sports Celsius XL sleeping bag out, which was extremely comfortable.

Take that for what it’s worth. You may be a person that sleeps in with all your clothes. That’s up to you. The compression sack does come with a pretty lovely compression sack. The only thing is that these are the buckles here it comes with. They’re kind of cheap buckles that may break over time. But for the most part, it is a very functional compression sack.
Overall, so far, I love it. I mean, I really, I love this bag. I can’t harp on you this enough. It’s not a bag you’re going to backpack with. It’s a car camping bag or a hunting camp bag. So, if you’re in the market for an affordable bag, a cold-weather affordable sleeping bag, then I would definitely look into this one, especially if you’re a bigger person like I am or just want comfort.

It comes in different colors too. It comes in a green, a Gray, and a black. Obviously, I got green because green is my favorite color, and it also comes in a left-hand zipper and a right-hand zipper. I got a left-hand zipper cause I’m left-handed so. Another cool feature of it is that it has little tabs on the bottom, so you can hang it up if you’re able to. I’m fortunate enough to have a basement in my current house, so I hang up all my bags downstairs in the basement. So not only will they give him time to air out and dry out, but it also allows the fill not to be compressed.

Check this sleeping bag out if you’re in the market for an extra-size sleeping bag. Prepare and exercise and always make sure you have the necessary skills to survive. Thanks for reading my review of the Teton Sports Celsius XL sleeping bag.