The Tinkle Belle Female Urination Device

Today we’re going to talk about standing to pee, that’s right. This is for ladies and ladies only. I have had such a horrible time on the hiking trails. My husband and I have decided that we will camp our butts off until we can afford an RV.

And every time I go hiking, we like to leave early, because otherwise, it gets hot. In the morning, I pee so much like every half an hour. I pee. It doesn’t matter how much I drink, how little or whatever. I always have to pee, and I happen to be watching YouTube many moons ago. At the beginning of this year, I saw a lady doing a review on female urinary devices, and she had a different one. She was going to try this new one because it was supposed to be a little bit better and longer and what have you so? People really like it. I ended up getting the Tinkle bell, and it’s on Amazon, and I just tried it out for the first time. I just got it today, and I really love it. Like, Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. I had to Crouch to pee twice on a trail holding a dog on a leash, and she’s pulling. I need to pee like a man.

I like this Tinker Belle company because it’s made in the USA. All of the Tinkle Bell itself and the packaging and stuff are recyclable. They also donate 100% of their profits to orphanages that they build in second, and Third World countries through the God Forgives Foundation, so I didn’t realize that when I bought it. I’m a God-lover, a children lover, and I’m glad that they’re doing this.

I would hope it doesn’t say that it’s a recyclable plot, like what number of plastic it is, but I wish it would come in a different package that was maybe more sustainable. Whatever this is, what you get in the package, you get the Tinker Belle, so I will put my hand up to see how long this is.

It comes unfolded in the package because storing for long term use, you should leave it like that, but when you go on trips, this actually folds back and then it comes with instructions on what to do and a bit of their foundation on the back. And there’s kind of, you know, all of these instructions, and then it. I didn’t get the other one because it didn’t come with a pouch.

This one comes with a bit of canvas type of pouch, and on the inside, It’s not the really waterproof type of thing, but it’s definitely coated with something. So the pouch is pretty big, and basically, you just shove this in, then zip it up and then it comes with this carabiner, and it hooks to your backpack.

So, nobody knows what this is until you need to go to the bathroom and whip it out. So that’s what I liked about it. It was the exact cost of buying the other one, plus a bag.

So I did try this out. I have Jean shorts on and did not pull them down at all. I just unbuttoned and unzipped. I moved my underwear to the side and then slipped this in. Now it says on here that the very back has a liner that it’s soft. It’s not like hard plastic. The plastic lines this whole thing, and it kind of tips inward, so you’re supposed to line this up with your vajayjay. And then pee and lean forward just a slightly, and it’ll run out. When you’re done, if you pull this forward, this lip actually sits up a little bit where you can wipe yourself.

People have suggested in the comments to carry baby wipes a few, like maybe in a zip lock bag or a couple of zip lock bags with one with baby wipes and one an empty one. When you use the baby wipe to wipe this out, I mean urine sterile, but I mean, let’s be honest, I’m not going to put a wet one of these in this bag like that’s gross.

So, they suggest carrying baby wipes in like a little bag and then like we’re in your pack, and then you can wipe this out. Wipe yourself, and then put it in a zip lock bag and pack it out as you go.
If you’re camping, obviously fold it backwards. The problem that I was having is that you can see it doesn’t fold flatly when I folded it sideway just for the shortest amount of time. So, when I undid it, it was kind of crooked. Well, you don’t want to pee on your shoe.

So I mean, I guess you could kind of hold it that way, but you’re already like holding things, so these are where you put your thumbs basically to hold on to that, and that should be outside of your pants, which mine was just slight cause I was worried. I put it in just slightly, but it wasn’t like, you know, crammed in this wasn’t back to my high knee. Before going to the bathroom, I did do one of these things first just to give it more space. And I might store it with something in the middle so that it holds it a little wider, but some people said it’s tough to stand and pee, but it wasn’t. I had to pee really badly, and I waited until the last minute. I almost peed my pants, trying to wait to do this.

I stood kind of like half in and half out of the shower. The only thing I found was. I guess I’m just not a guy, and this is why there’s pee all over the bathroom with guys because there’s splash, and I guess I wasn’t prepared as I stepped barefoot into the shower to be splashed on with my urine. No. Yeah, just be ready for that, I guess.

My advice, if you’re on a trail, pee on a tree, because if you pee on that, it’s going to hit the tree and run down. I don’t think there will be as much splash as if you were to go straight down to the ground, which I was doing. Yeah, it was just a lot of splashes on my feet, and I kept telling myself urine is sterile and Oh my gosh, but this thing I think is going to save my life. I think it will because of these hikes; I just have to pee so much. I hate we were on a hectic trail down in Brown County, and I had to pee and like I had to like the time my pee so that people weren’t looking back, I squatted and then you have that like stage fright where you can’t go because you’re worried someone is going to come. And then I was just like Oh my gosh, someone’s going to go, so I had like hurry up and finish.

Then, like wiggle and maneuver things up, but I had like stripped down, and I think this will be so much better because honestly, you can do just like a guy you could tuck yourself behind a tree where no one would even really see anything. And really, the only open thing would be where your zipper area is.

So. watch your shirts, ladies; that’s another thing too to concern. My shirt is long and goes down to like halfway down my hips, so I held it up with my teeth. But if you’re wearing like a regular shirt, you could easily like not to expose anything because your hand is there holding this once you slip this in like you’re holding it, so nothing is showing, and I think it’s just going to be so much of a lifesaver for me and these hikes.

So, if you’re planning a long hiking trip and whatnot, I’ve been watching many of these, like Appalachian trails. Most trails and all of that kind of stuff that I’ll probably never even get into ever, even though it would be really cool to hike the Appalachian Trail. It would be good even for that, but you know you’re carrying weight and people just Crouch and go. But I mean, if you are a hiking buff, you are full-time RVing and can’t be with your RV all the time. This is where it’s at.

I love it. It’s long enough that I don’t feel like I’m going to pee on myself. I would either pee against something that would prevent the splash or stand with my feet a little farther apart. But yeah. There you go, ladies—new fountain weirdness. People would be like, Oh my gosh, what’s that? But you know what? Be weird. Embrace the weirdness because you know what. Sometimes you just need to pee like a man.

I wanted to update you on the Tinkle Bell, so we went camping at a friend’s mom’s house and didn’t have a bathroom. So, most of the time, we were, we could come home. We had animals to feed and whatnot, so I pooped at home, but obviously, I had to pee a lot when I was over there. And that was what I used exclusively was the Tinkle Bell, and let me just tell you, it was freaking awesome. I loved that I could pee anywhere.

I didn’t have to hide too much. You would go behind a tree or what have you because who just stands in the middle of the yard except for a kid because they did. But they had an old outhouse there, and we decided that we would put a bucket for the kids with some sawdust, and you know they would poop in there and then, you know, fill that backup and then pee. We kind of went behind the outhouse, so. The best way to use the Tinkle bell is to straddle a tree to face it. Straddle the tree and lean forward with your head like touching the tree, leaning forward on the tree. Then pee that way because you’re tipped forward automatically then, and you can kind of, I guess, relax if you want to call it that, and then the pee obviously would go mainly towards the end of the tree. And if you’re straddling the tree, you’re usually wide enough that you don’t get any splashback. The only problem that I had, I mean, I loved the thing and what I did was the pack. I wish they would make the package wider. It won’t hold very many baby wipes in the package itself.

We have a screen area of our tent, and I kept the washtub there most of the time except for when I was doing dishes, so I just like it. I kept that there with the baby wipes so I would grab two baby wipes. Set 1 down on the wash container. Do my business with the one baby wipe I would. I don’t. You don’t have to wipe yourself like it; it will wipe you good enough if you pull it forward.

I wiped it all out with a baby wipe, and then I came back, and I just tossed it into the pouch. Then I used another wipe to wipe my hands to ensure that I didn’t have any urine on there, and I was good to go.

Yeah, it is so worth the purchase. Like, even if you have to pee a few extra times on the trail, it’s worth it not to strip down, and you don’t have to strip anything. You can’t see anything. Nobody else can see anything. All they see is this thing sticking out and you just peeing.

So, I used it for, I think, 2 1/2 days straight. That was my only source of weighing of peeing. I was using that outside, and I absolutely loved it. As I said, I’m still having a minor issue with feeling if I’m empty or not. I’ve never really stood and peed, so that’s my update.

I really love it. I think it’s worth the purchase for anybody looking to camp or hike or anything like that because you can’t always get to the bathroom. It would even be easy to use for little kids. I would say down to like 7-8 ish size, but. Worth it. So glad I bought it and highly recommended it.