Theragun Mini Honest Review & Comparison to Theragun G3 Pro

I’m going to do a full review of the Theragun Mini and a comparison against the Theragun G3 PRO and give my thoughts about the product.

What Comes in the Box

Straight out of the box, we’ve got the Theragun Mini and the case, the little Therabody Welcome Pack, and the charging cable. Before we go into the machine itself, it is a perfect time to point out that the company is no longer called Theragun but is called Therabody. They’re making health and well-being products, including a vibrating foam roller and some CBD products.

I plan to get my hands on those to do a review in the future, and I like the story because it gives the history of the Theragun and where it came from. I love the product so much because a chiropractor designed the Theragun.

They include instruction manuals, which I won’t need, and you will also get a charging cable. I love my G3 Pro, but it’s big and heavy, and I don’t travel with it. Therabody is selling Theragun Mini as an ultra-portable treat that fits in the palm of your hand.

And then, of course, the first thing that you’ll notice is it’s super tiny and also that it is much lighter than the other Theragun. This comes at around 675 grams, whereas the G3 Pro comes at 1386 grams. So the Theragun Mini is coming in at half the weight and around half the size of the Theragun G3 Pro, but will it deliver the same results?

Features for Theragun Mini

Frequency and Amplitude

The most important things about a percussion therapy device are the frequency and amplitude. Let’s start with the frequency. The Theragun Mini has three frequencies, 1,750 reps per minute, 2,100 reps per minute, and the standard 2,400 reps per minute. This is slightly different from the G3 Pro because the G3 Pro only has two options for frequency, so I’m impressed that this has got three.

But what is essential to consider is that this has 12 mils of amplitude, and the amplitude is the amount of travel that the head moves in and out. You’ve got 16 mils of amplitude on the standard size, so we’ll try that out and let you know my thoughts on the 12 mils.


There’s an inbuilt battery, a lithium battery, which says it’s going to last 150 minutes, so let’s put that to the test. When the device is fully charged, the little green light stays on all the time. I tested on the high setting, and it lasted three hours and 19 minutes. The battery lasted almost 200 minutes, 50 minutes more than it said on the website, so we are getting accurate stats.

Just for the sake of an example, if the battery was to last what it said on the website, which is 150 minutes, if you’re going to use the device for 10 minutes every day, then out of one charge, you are going to get over two weeks worth of use, which I think is fantastic.

Quite Force Technology

The most exciting thing for me is that since the fourth generation, all Theragun models have got Quiet Force Technology, which says it’s 60% quieter than the other Theraguns. Well, my G3 Pro, I use almost every day. But if I use it early in the morning or late at night, I tend to shut my door and window because I don’t want to keep my housemates and neighbors awake. So for me to use this and not worry so much about disturbing people will be great.

The highest setting for me is that I often sit in the other room with my housemates. We’re chatting or watching tv, and I want to use my Theragun. But, if I were to do that, you’d probably tell me to leave the room. I can now sit and chat and use my Theragun Mini. The vibration coming through the machine has a lot of vibration in my hand, which will likely take some getting used to.

On the G3 Pro, I’m not getting any vibration up into my hand, which makes it super comfortable. And if you have any repetitive strain or carpal tunnel, that will not affect it. But I will do a full-body test later in this review.

The Size of the Theragun Mini

What I love about this is the size of the product. I can see myself just chucking it into my bag. If I’m doing an overnighter, heading to the gym, or any sports, it’s just super portable and looks sturdy. I’m happy that even though the Theragun Mini only comes with one head, I can use the attachments from my Theragun G3 Pro and use it on the Theragun Mini because one of my favorite attachments is the wedge that snaps straight on.

I’ve scarily small hands for a woman of my size, but it fits pretty nicely in the palm of my hand.

Performance Test on Theragun Mini

I went straight for the highest setting to test it on my triceps, which often sores after the exercise. That’s not strong enough for me. I’ve been lucky these last few months because I’ve used the G3 Pro with 16 mils of amplitude. However, I don’t usually use the standard attachment. I typically use the thumb or the wedge. It feels not too strong but not as good as the Theragun G3 Pro.

When I first saw Theragun Mini, I got so excited. I instantly wanted it. There probably needs to be more difference between 12 mils and 16 mils. It’s so tiny and lovely. The question on many people’s lips is why you’re reading this review, is the Theragun Mini worth it?

Is Theragun Mini Worth it?

Also, could you buy a Theragun Mini instead of a Prime Elite, or do you want a percussion therapy device? It would be best if you went for one of the bigger models. Suppose you’re going to go for a Prime Elite or a pro, or even if you’re reading this review in the future when they’ve come up with loads of other fancy names. Please remember that the bigger models all pack the same punch in terms of amplitude and their optimal 40 reps per second or 2400 reps per minute.

So if you’re going to buy the lowest model at $275, then you’re going to get that optimum amplitude and frequency. The Mini makes a great companion if you’ve got the extra cash for a bigger model. Would I buy this by itself? It’s a $175 and $100 difference from Theragun G3 Pro.

I compared a Theragun with a $100 massage gun from Amazon. If you’re going to spend $100 on an Amazon massage gun, don’t waste your money; then spend an extra $75 and get a Theragun Mini. But if you want to get deep into that muscle and fill the device working, the bigger model is much better because you’ve got much more amplitude and feel much more going into your muscle.

A good reason to go for the Mini is if you are low on disposable income and want a decent, top-quality percussion therapy device. But also, if you are low on space and the road a lot, you’ll want to avoid lugging around almost two kilos of a machine and all the charging stuff.

So if you’re at the gym a lot or want something super small and quiet, even using something like this on an airplane would be amazing. Then the Theragun Mini would be the device for you. It’s tough to say if you could pick one or the other; I’m not quite getting as much depth with this.

However, having tried cheaper models in the past, Theragun Mini is way better. I need to give this a little bit more credit. I just got back from doing sprints. I sprint every Wednesday morning, and my quads often feel tight when I get back. So I’m going to use this and see how it stacks up.

Get it straight on the highest setting. My left quad is playing up this morning, so this is where the Mini comes into its own. I just got back from sprints, but if I weren’t so close to my home, this would be in my bag, and I would use it straight after.

Usually, I use the Mini all over my body, and I can’t feel that it does as much as the Theragun G3 Pro. However, I can feel that deep in my quad straight after exercise. That changed my view on it. It’s gone up a couple of notches because to throw that in my gym bag, exercise bag, or just wherever I am training at the time, to use that straight after, that’s really where it’s going to come in.

Finally, before the conclusion, I’ll speak about the Therabody App. All of the bigger models do have Bluetooth connectivity, which then connects directly to the app, and then it takes you through a routine analyzing the pressure you’re putting through the device. The Theragun Mini doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity; however, you can still use the two perfectly well.

I don’t use the app because I feel intuitive using the Theragun on my body. However, if you haven’t used a Theragun and are not quite sure what to do, then the app is a great resource. You can pick certain activities, including sleep interval training, running strength work, yoga, etc.

Then you also get to choose certain body parts such as glutes, shoulders, upper back, calves, and feet again; the list goes on. And then, finally, you get to choose a routine or a program based on the ailments you might be suffering from, including plantar fasciitis, cramps, sciatica, carpal tunnel, or shin splints.

So although the Thergun Mini doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity straight to the app, you’ve just got tons of resources within the app to get you started and working perfectly.

My Verdict on Theragun Mini

In conclusion, if you want a device that gives you optimum results, go for a bigger model. If you are low on cash or space, go for the Theragun Mini. But also, the Mini would make a great partner to an existing Theragun you already have. I’d like to see 16 mils of amplitude on this model to pack more punch.

So I hope that you found this helpful article. I plan to make other review articles and videos where I test other fitness and health products and methods. So if there’s anything that you want me to try, please drop me a comment below.