Theragun PRO 4th Generation Massage Gun


This is the Theragun Pro Massage Gun review, and Let’s find out is it worth buying. Theragun is not paying me to say anything about this, but I have been using this for a few months, and I will have a link to where you can buy this in the section above. So Theragun Pro is the top-of-the-line massage gun. The massage gun basically beats on your muscles to send blood to them so that when you get really tense from working out, it helps them relax and recover so that you prevent a lot of injuries.

Athletes all over the place are going crazy about these massage guns because you don’t have to pay for misuse or spend a lot of time, like preparing an ice bath or something, you can just turn them on and start sending blood to those muscles, relaxing it, and it only picks a few seconds.

It saves a lot of time to prevent a lot of injuries. Okay. So that’s the main reason you would want a massage gun; you’ll also perform better, you recover well, and your muscles are adequately treated. This is the top of line one, and it costs $600. So, if you are not in the budget for $600, there are many other options.

My first massage gun was like a tiny little massage gun. I recommend you start with that. Before you jump into a big one like this Theragun Pro, unless you know you’re going to take your body seriously, you’re a lifelong athlete or something, then the investment may be worth it here.

So we’ll help you figure that out right now. Let’s see what’s in the box. the box is very nice, and you’ll see a nice travel case for the Theragun. Inside the case is the Theragun Pro itself, and then you’ll see two swappable batteries, which are really lovely and a charger for the batteries.

Also, you get a bunch of swappable head sports; the heads help with specific areas of your body. Once you get it, you’ll have an empty Theragun Pro 4th Generation Slide with one of the batteries in, and it should have some juice in it. So, you can start right away. If not, simply put the battery in the little charging stand and plug that in. Each battery can hold 150 minutes if you’re only using this for two to five minutes at a time.

You get 300 minutes of total battery time, and you can swap out the other one whenever you need to. I use this for about two to five minutes before I start training. And then two to five minutes after a train, that seems to be how this is recommended to use. Please do whatever you have to do, and then use it for a few minutes when you cool down and recover right.

It’s got three grips, which are very helpful for reaching different areas of your body. The quality is very excellent. There’s a nice rubberized matte quality here. There’s nice little, very quality sturdy plastic on it. The handle back here, this part is kind of light. So the center of gravity is like down here towards this end. And it’s like very ergonomic, and it’s really lovely to hold, and it’s just a joy to use it. It also has the ability to change the head of this changes the direction. So if you push the button up, it’ll snap into four different positions, which can help you reach areas of your body more efficiently, or if you’re using this on another person, it makes it easier to hold. This is the only feature offered by the Pro in the Theragun lineup between the Mini, Prime, Elite and Pro.

You can get these in different colors. There’s a red and gold; even the main difference between the Theragun and other massage guns is this three-piece design, but generally a bit more premium. And there’s that. Some branding that you’re paying for here. I think the overall experience is excellent. The Theragun pro is also more powerful than the other models. It has 60 pounds of max force. It can hit deeper in your muscles instead of the Mini, Prime or Elite and most other massage guns, which makes treating your muscles more effectively.

How do you use this thing to turn it on? You just hold the centre. That goes to the highest setting, which is 2,400 percussions per minute. And you can go down and change the speed down to 1750. And how do you know which speed to use? Well, that’s all guided through. And the app is very good. Okay. I thought the Theragun would be gimmicky, but I really understand why they have it, and it works flawlessly.

So the app has all sorts of sections. It’s got some featured ones. They have activity, warmup activity, recovery, sports, warmups, sports, healing, etc. So they’ve got you covered on seriously, whatever exercise you have. I did this thing called tricking, which is like flips and marks. They don’t have tricking on here, but they do have soccer. And since tricking is heavy on the legs, I can just use the soccer routine, or I can just try, and if you hit the muscles you’re using, recover and perform better. Theragun Pro will connect to the app, and once you pick one, it’ll guide you through exactly the force you need to put on it, which I thought was really cool. The range of speed that you should be using and the aid to be where to start, where to finish, just kind of sweep over where it shows on the diagram and the app. you can control your Theragun through the app, and it will let you know when you need to switch as well.

And I think it’s really straightforward. It definitely helps beginners take advantage of such a high-quality device. But once you get the hang of the Theragun, you know what to do. You just turn it on and go over the muscles you need. It also tells you what had you should be using most of the time. I just keep this default one on; I think it’s really great for most cases.

And I thought that the little heads, I wouldn’t really use them that much, but I understand why they exist there to make sure that you cover your entire body. So, they’re like not skipping anything on your budget. For example, if you need to do the back of your ankle, the normal dampener will be too hard on that weak area of your body.

They include a foam dampener to hit it with the right amount of frequency and force safely. And then, for smaller areas, you have things like the thumb and the cone. There’s also a wedge and another dampener.

It shows me precisely A to B, where to move it, how much force I need and the range of speed I should have on it. It also has a little menu for ease of use. However, I thought it was easiest to hold the button, turn it on and set it to the speed I needed. Most of the time, what I’ll do is I’ll just pull it from my charging stands.

For charging, it’s basically the charging accessory that you can stick the Thergun in and just leave it there. You can just keep your Thergun in the stands, and it’ll charge continuously. I think it’s super nice.

So it’s fully charged; go over areas of my body with the Thergun. Here are some areas you can see of me using that Thergun on different muscles. I do flips and tricks, so I mostly do my legs. If I’m on the go, I’ll just hold the power button and go over the needed muscles.

So it’s still pretty loud, but considering the power and everything, I think they did an excellent job with the technology in this. So should you buy this Thergun Pro if you want all the bells and whistles and want that maximum performance and recovery boost with the 60 pounds that this thing has.

I think this is an excellent option. This thing is a joy to use new, want to invest in your recovery. A bunch of sports teams use them, a bunch of athletes swear by their bodies, and this is their top of the line.

So, if you have the money, I don’t think you can go wrong with this. Again, I’ll have a link to where you can buy them. This is $600, but this will last you a decade. If you don’t have the money, there are many other good options. I haven’t gotten to try different massage guns yet, but I’ve heard great things about other brands like the hyper bowl.

Thank you. I hope this Theragun Pro review helps you decide whether this will be the right fit for you. See you again in the following review. Check out the Theragun Pro here on Amazon.