TIKI Brand 25 Inch Stainless Steel Low Smoke Fire Pit

We’re going to be a review on the Tiki brand patio fire pit. I’ll go over the features and some of the specs on it. I purchased it on Amazon, and It was shipped out of Wisconsin. I can’t remember the town. I’m in Florida. I ordered I think, on a Thursday. It was shipped on Friday. Then, three days later, it came via FedEx.

You might wonder why I decided to go with a $395 fire pit when we have several inexpensive options in Walmart and Home Depot, among other stores. Well, I was looking for a smokeless fire pit. And yeah, you have options with the Brio one and the Solo stove, which are relatively about the same price.

And you can also check on those, which is a really neat feature. But honestly, I wasn’t looking for that type of feature. I just want to put my fire pit out in the yard and use it as a fire pit, a smokeless one. We will see if this is worth the money. It is an expensive one.

You can order it on Amazon or directly from the Tiki brand website. I’ll link this up above for you guys to check out. It will be an affiliate link, so just be aware that it won’t cost you any additional money, but it will give me a little kickback, and that is always appreciated. So, this fire pit is 24" and three-quarters wide by 24" and three-quarters long. And it’s 18" and three-quarters high.

So, it includes one free firewood pack. These are pellets, and I understand these are really expensive, about $36 a bag. Get your instruction manual on the plastic cover, and it shows you everything you need to do. Very easy to read. So that was the essential user guide.

I’m just going to sit there on these tables for now. It’s going to be my temporary setup. The first thing you got to do is take out the ash pad, remove it, set it to the side. Then we’ll actually put the fire pit on top of the foot ring.

All right. One thing that is important to note is that you got to line up the holes on the fire pit with the tabs on the foot ring. There are three of these, so make sure they’re lined up because we’ll screw these in next up. Three screws come with it, and it brings in an Allen wrench. You’ll find this in the packaging of the weather cover, the weather system cover.

So everything is in there.

Come back and tighten them. Just go around and do the other two as well. Put your ashtray back in once you have the screws all in. You’re all set. It’s that easy.

It’s seriously five minutes. Set up, assemble this. I’m just going to slide that in, and you’re good to go. My initial impression; is it’s a lovely fire pit and well-constructed. It is stainless steel and has an excellent powder-coated black paint job. Looks very nice. The inner diameter is 16 inches and has a depth of 16 inches as well.

You could use it with the wood packs that they sell. I won’t be using those as I will use the old firewood logs. And you could use that with this as well. They recommend 16 inches or smaller for the log.

So just keep that in mind. It has that, Centre Cone. That cone is included, and it’s supposed to help distribute the airflow when using the fire packs or the wood packs, I should say. But you could also use it with the actual logs, or you can remove it if you want to get more in there, which is probably what I’m going to do. But we’ll see how it performs.

I got the cover on, threw the wood pack in, and just burned that for the first time. It’s got an excellent snug cover. It’s got some elastic on the bottom.

Just not sure how well it will do if it rains. So I got the cone in here. I’m going to go ahead and put the wood pack on top. I have to light each corner of the wood pack and let it burn. Let’s see how well it does. And this should last about half an hour. So, I’ll time it here shortly.

It’s burning really fast. I’m about two and a half feet, and I can nicely feel the heat from here. The heating radius is 4ft on this. So, I’m sitting here purposely to see if I can feel it, and it feels good, nice, and warm, so we’re about 26 minutes in, and it’s still burning, so that’s about right.

So I added a piece of firewood, and so far, so good—no smoke with the firewood. Next time I’ll add more to see how it does with more firewood in there but still have some pellets burning, and the firewood feels good. No smoke. Good job.

I just wanted to describe to you guys the ashes the day after. Very easy to clean up. You just brush it down through, and then you pull out the tray and dump your ashes. So I kind of wish this came with a cover. I’m using the tin trash can cover. It fits perfectly, and I just left that on overnight just to make sure everything was okay, but yeah, I wish it included something like that.

[Edited after one month]

All right, guys, I’ve used the fire pit a few times already, and it has been great. It’s worked as advertised. I’m happy with it so far, so my initial impressions are good. I don’t have anything bad to say about it except that I wish it did include that cover I mentioned earlier, And I ordered an accessory for its mesh top. I forgot the actual name of it.

It’s expensive, though. It was $150, but I think it’s worth it to use the wood packs. I noticed that the flames are higher when you use the firewood logs. You have more control, depending on how much you put in there. You can control how high the flames come up, but I prefer the firewood logs anyway, so I thought I’d share the review for the Tiki Brand Patio Fire Pit. If you’re interested in one of these, I’ll link it down above as I mentioned earlier, and so far, so good. I will update down in the comments if anything changes my opinion on it.

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