TOZO NC9 ANC Earbuds Review - Insane Value for Price!

We’re talking about the TOZO NC9 ANC Earbuds 2022 version. They have been around for over a year and have over 29,000 ratings on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.3. That is impressive for a new brand competing with other major brands in the market.

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What’s In the Box of TOZO NC9 ANC Earbuds

In the box, you’re going to get a TOZO quick guide on how to connect your earbuds, and you’re also going to get all the information you’ll need regarding operating the touch controls. So you want to hang onto that until you get familiar with your earbuds. You’ll also get a USBA to USBC charging cable.

Also, you get six sets of silicone earbud tips. I love it when companies go that extra mile and give you more than you need, so definitely they’re going to find your perfect fit. Next, we will talk about the case. You have the TOZO logo on the top, and it’s a pill-shaped case.

However, it is a little thicker than most, but you have to have a room that will fit the drivers. On the back, you’ll find the USBC charging port, and you’ll have four indicator lights on the front, so when you lift it open and shut it, you’ll be able to see how much is charged for battery life.

TOZO NC9 Design

You’ll immediately notice that one of their upgrades is the right, and the left is imprinted on each bud rather than just plain black, like the older version. We will check the gravity test on these because we do that on all earbuds. That is done by profusely shaking these out to see if they will fly out.

Don’t shake them profusely while the lid opens; they will fly out of the case. If the lid is closed, you are okay. Yes, they may fall out quite easily, but again, you need to be extra careful, especially outside, or you might lose the earbuds.

They definitely are a little thicker and beefier than some. However, I like the fit. They definitely remind me of the Soundpeats H1S. They’re a thicker earbud for the driver’s size, and they still fit very nicely and comfortably, but you will realize something.

They do protrude out of the ear a little bit farther than some. So you’ll probably not be laying your head on a pillow or a flat surface because these would get in the way. But other than that, they feel good if you’re not doing those things. They’ve got a nice snug fit.

They don’t feel like they will fall out of the ears by any means. However, that being said, they will be easier to grab and pull out of your ears and put them in your ears when you have that thicker beefier material to hold onto. It makes it that much more straightforward.

TOZO NC9 Specs

The TOZO NC9 earbuds are hybrid active noise canceling with 9.2-millimeter drivers built in, so that’s incredible. You’re getting ANC and transparency modes and also true wireless. Also, you can definitely use them in either the right ear or the left.

Independently, they’ve got built-in dual noise-canceling microphones for clear calling, and you’ll get 24 hours of playtime on the case and 8 hours on the buds. They are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, not 5.2, which some of the earbuds I’ve done as of late have had the latest and greatest, but 5.0 will be just fine.

Upgrades for TOZO NC9

You’ll have no problems with movies or music and no latency issues. The older version has everything I’ve mentioned, so we’re probably thinking by now. What is the upgrade? Here’s where things are going to change for the better. The older version didn’t even have an IPX rating, but these are stated with an IPX 6 rating.

So you’ll be able to take these outsides in rough or rainy conditions without worrying. You can have water splash, or if you sweat profusely, they’ll be fine. That is one of the most significant upgrades, and I usually save this for last on my pros and cons.

But I will tell you the second most significant thing they added to TOZO NC9. Now, you can charge them on a wireless Qi charge; they did not have that on the older version. A lot of people wish they did. Well, guess what? They’ve been listening because now they do.

Modes of TOZO NC9

For most of you that know me, I like to test out any earbuds that come with ANC or transparency mode or, for this instant, both. You can activate Transparency mode by tapping once on the left earbud.

The mode will bring up the ambiance behind me, and I can hear myself talking. So a perfect scenario is if you’re alone, jogging or walking alone, you want to listen to that ambiance behind you. You’re going to be able to do it with Transparency mode. Once again, pressing and tapping will engage the ANC mode, which has drowned out the ambient sound.

The ANC is working quite well and not bad at all. Yes, there are better out there, but there’s a lot more expense out there for that option. It’s working perfectly. There are three modes for TOZO NC9. If you tap it again, it’ll say ANC off, which makes it a regular pair of earbuds without the Transparency or ANC mode.

Sound Quality of TOZO NC9

Let’s talk about the sound, and really, I can sum up the sound as a very sparkly-sounding pair of earbuds with very tight but still impactful bass. And to sum up, the bass, again, does have plenty of punch, but it is tight enough.

It’s not that subwoofer or sloppy type of bass. It punches, hits, and moves on, and if you’re like me, where you listen to many genres like rock and metal, this makes this stand out, but the treble is very sparkling. That means it’s not overly bright but does have some sibilant sounds to it at times.

So with S’s or the symbols crashing, you’ll hear a hiss depending on how loud you’re listening to them. Some people prefer this; some people may not like this. It gives some life to the symbols and helps elevate the treble when listening to things like metal, where the double bass of the drums may be going quickly. It’s not just drowning out or smothering your treble’s details; the mids are also done exceptionally well. It is pushed forward enough to go from pop or hip-hop to metal or easy listening.

And I always felt like I could hear male and female vocalists very cleanly. I didn’t feel like they were getting drowned out. I didn’t feel like they were falling back into the mix at specific guitar sounds that mids pull out, and this pair does an excellent job. And on top of all that, the sound stage and the sound imaging were also awe-inspiring.

It made me feel like I was in a large room, and did an excellent job of telling where different sounds were coming from. So if I had to rate these based on different genres, I would give this pair an eight if you listen to pop or hip-hop. The only reason I don’t rank this higher is most people that only listen to pop or hip hop usually are more bass heads.

They like to impact the bass slightly more, and TOZO NC9 doesn’t have the looseness that subwoofer sound has on many other pairs. If you listen to rock or metal, TOZO NC9 is excellent for that. I would give it a nine in this category because it’s fast, and you keep up with whatever I am listening to, even if it’s just like high-speed death metal. It’s very impressive what it was able to do and still sound dynamic.

I will drop it down to a seven if you listen to Easy Listening or Country or anything more vocal-driven. And that’s because the mids could be pushed more forward in some of these genres. The sibilance of the treble takes over in these types of genres with more instrumental or vocals. TOZO NC9 pulls a little more of that hissing in the Ss. Again, this is nitpicking on a pair that only comes under $40, but I want to point it out.

If you use these for media, like gaming, movies, or videos, I will give it an eight in this category because Bluetooth 5.3 definitely cuts down on lag. That tight, impactful bass means you can listen to different things but always hear dialogue clearly. So it excelled in that category as well.

So that brings my overall rating on these to a nine, and that’s very high. Still, it goes back to the value that this pair has because although you don’t have app support, which in my opinion, keeps this from being able to be read in a way that you feel like you have that nice control over, you’re still getting great noise canceling, you’re getting incredible battery life, you’re getting Qi wireless charging.

Voice Call Quality

Since these have those four mics built in for the call quality, this is an area where they’re okay. There is a slight improvement over the mics from the original ones, but only a few people will complain on the other end of a phone call while using these.

From the mic test using the TOZO NC9, it does a decent job for the most part. It picks up my voice reasonably well, with a bit of distortion. They sounded much better in a low environment. The mics did tend to drown, and I’m not even going to pretend they drowned it out very well for my voice talking with that loud background.

Overall, they’re not the best I’ve ever tried. I think they need a little more work for sure, but making phone calls, a lot of times, people aren’t trying to make phone calls in that loud environment, but if you are, bear in mind that the people you call might have some problem hearing you well if you are in noisy surroundings.

Pros and Cons of TOZO NC9

Overall, I will give the pro number one to the sound of TOZO NC9. I thought they were terrific. The vocals alone are just on the singer’s voice was by far one of the best I’ve ever heard, and the highs and mids and the punchy bass with those drivers are spot on.

Another pro would be the Qi wireless charge. I love that on earbuds, and it amazes me that I just did a review of the earbuds that are twice the price of TOZO NC9 and don’t have that option whatsoever. It shows that you can definitely put this option at a lower price pair of earbuds.

The last pro is the price. Right now, they retail for $79.99 on Amazon. But they have a 50% discount right off the bat, right next to the price, bringing them down to $39.99. You’re looking at a pair of $40 earbuds with all these features. You don’t have to go with black; look at all the colors they come with. You get blue, brown, red, white, and champagne.

I say so myself, where there are pros, there are always cons, and I only have a few. The number one con is the TOZO NC9 has no app. It’s a bummer, as I like apps to go in and tweak the equalizer and make them sound the way you want them to sound. But I can guarantee these are all set up to be just right. You can tweak them in your phone preferences, but you’ll find out you won’t need to.

And lastly, TOZO NC9 earbuds are a little larger as they will be slightly bigger. So if that bothers you to be able to lay down, if a lot of you like to lie down and listen to your music while laying your head on the side, these are not going to be for you.

My Verdict on TOZO NC9

Would I recommend TOZO NC9? Of course, I would. If you guys have questions on the TOZO NC9 review, earbuds, or any questions, don’t hesitate. Please drop me a comment down below. I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

So this is a pair that is so easy to recommend because of its value. You’re getting a lot of features that you usually get in more expensive pairs, and really, the only thing you’re sacrificing is that app support, which means that you’re getting these earbuds day one is the way that you’re going to have them throughout the time that you have them. No improvements or updates are coming, and you can’t switch around the controls or equalizer, which may be good for some people.

Buy TOZO NC9 on Amazon for ONLY $39.99!

That’s it for now, and thank you so much for checking out this review for TOZO NC9 earbuds.