Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grills

I will run through a few steps for the Traeger Pro 575 Grill. We’re going to go through the stages of how to prime the Auger, get this grill up and running to do your first Cook. So, first things first, make sure you’re plugged into the mains. You have a switch at the back of the machine, which you can click on. A red light will illuminate the button to let you know there is power there. And what we’re going to do is open up the Hopper Chamber, fill it. I’ve got some signature blends here. So basically, there is an Auger inside there, which is almost like a giant drill bit. So it will turn and feed the pellets through into a bit of pot down here.

Bring them in closer so we can have a look. So down in this compartment here in the box, the Auger runs from inside of here where the pellets are right the way through here. And they all start dropping out in here. This tiny probe here is a little burner, so that will get red out, and the pellets will sit on that, and it will basically create the smoke. And as Aubrey keeps pushing the pellets through, it will keep burning them. So when you do come to clean out, once you’ve done your Cook, you’ll take all the insides out. You’ll give that pot a little Hoover and any ash around here, and that’s about it. And then you can just put everything back in. Just make sure your grease line and trays are all clean, et cetera. And as the Auger is pushing the pellets through, there is a fan in here as well that will pulsate from time to time, obviously making sure there’s oxygen in here for the pellets to catch. So now we’ve got the switch on the back that is on. We’re going to press and hold down the knob to illuminate the screen.

And what we can do is we want to prime the Auger, which means put pellets through the whole of that Auger into the fire pot to make sure we’ve got fuel in there. So, what we’re going to do, we’re going to hit menu, we’re going to go down to Auger, click it in, and then we got Prime Auger or clear Auger. If you’re going to put this away, you may want to for a few months. You want to enter your Hopper of all the pellets. And you don’t want any pellets left in the Auger because obviously, the moisture will get to them. They’ll expand, and they could clog up the inside of the feed tube, which is the Auger, which isn’t very good.

So, what we’re going to do is prime the Auger. So, what’s happening now? It’s given us a timer, but it’s priming. We can see some pellets. The pellets are in there, and our screen says, priming complete. We’re going to hit done. Now we’re ready to fire up. So now our pellets and our organ has been primed. We’re going to place everything back in. So, we will start with our shield that goes over the heat pot.

You’ve got our brick tray with brick liner. You’ve got a long and short leg that hooks up, putting this at an angle, which will then drive the grease down to the grease spot on the side. Then we’ve got—our bottom grating.

So, the probe will tell that digital controller the ambient temperature within the Traeger itself. And as we talked about clearing out the Auger, and if you’re going to be storing it away for long periods on the back here, you’ve got a little door with a bit of nut. So, you undo that, make sure you’ve got a bucket underneath there, open up this door, and all the pellets will fall out, clearing the Hopper. So you can adjust this dial and adjust the temperature. So, if we just wanted, I don’t know, 105, set it at that, click it in. That set it up to the 105; you press ignite to start. So it will begin igniting. You can hear the fan run. It’s driving oxygen in there, and the organ will start dropping more pellets into that pot while the heating element will heat, then pellets up and get them ignited. So, we’re going to leave the door open until we can start seeing a little bit of smoke, and then we can shut the door, and we just let it run until it’s preheated and we’re up to temperature.

We’ve got a probe. Here is what we can do. We can insert it into the Chamber if you want to use it. Now, I’ve inserted it into that. It’s given us a probe alarm, “Yes” or “No.” So, if you would like this machine to beep when it hits that temperature you’re after, it will alert you on the device. So, you can have that switch on or off, depending on your preferences. You’ve got a little grommet in there. You can slide the probe in that way, have the probe inside, and it’s not getting jammed up against the door. That’s good thinking, Traeger. We can start seeing some of the smoke that hasn’t taken long to get started. So now what we can do, is shut the door. Now, the controller kicks that fan in, feed the Auger pellets, feeds the firepot the pellets until we literally get up to the 105 degrees where we want it.

Basically, now we’re at the temperature that we set it to. If you want to ghost, turn the dial to what you want. Press it in, and that will set the temperature and increase or decrease the temperature within the Chamber.
There. If you finish cooking, you want to do hold down the button there, and it will say shut down give you a time. Depending on how hot you’ve been cooking, it will just run the Traeger through a cool cycle and then shut itself off automatically.

Here is the comparison for Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 780 34 22, Ironwood 885, Ironwood 650

The white object that goes with the smoke stack is fiberglass, so be careful. You can hurt yourself so make sure you wear gloves during the installation.

All in all, the Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 is ideal for a modest family, with plenty of storage room for whatever you put at it. I highly recommend this grill for anyone looking for great grills in the range of $800 to $900.